Our Favorite Ways To Creatively Display House Numbers

House numbers are often treated as an after-thought, but their importance can't be overstated. After all, how else will the mailing company deliver your packages? Or the 911 emergency services reach your house in time? Or first-time guests find your home? Besides being incredibly functional, you might also be required to display them clearly per the law. However, the numbers need not look boring. In fact, the more interesting the display, the more eyeballs they'll grab and make it easier for people to identify your residence.

You just need to ensure the numbers displayed are correct, are legible from the street, and complement your house's exterior. To ensure this, consider the number's placement, height, color, style, and material. For instance, you want to situate the numbers at eye level or above to enhance their visibility. Choose the best spot for your house number for maximum curb appeal. Moreover, there must be a ½ inch of space between the numbers. You don't want to space them too closely together such that they're practically tumbling into one another. Similarly, increased intervals will make the eye work overtime. Plus, the numbers should be large enough to be read without squinting the eye. A good rule of thumb is to opt for 4-inch numbers (at a minimum). Additionally, your address numbers should be in sharp contrast to their background. This means coordinating shades is a no-go. Finally, pick weather-resistant and durable materials. That being said, here are our favorite ways to creatively display house numbers.

1. Display the numbers on the fence

Is your house a little away from the main street? Or maybe it's not clearly visible due to overgrown foliage? Under such circumstances, assist the mail carriers, visitors, and emergency responders by tacking on your address number in a visible location, such as the fence enclosure. Install a plaque on top of the wooden posts or add numbers directly on top. Ensure the chosen fence side is clearly visible for the street and the numbers are readable. While you might be tempted to match the house numbers to the fence, select contrasting tones to improve their visibility.

2. Use your front door well

Are you a fan of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's infamous detective, Sherlock Holmes? Then, why not display your house number front and center on your door? This way, all the paparazzi, well-meaning friends, interesting foes, and John Watson (aka your partner-in-crime) will have no trouble locating your house. Or maybe draw inspiration from real-life Number 10 (Downing Street) to make your address number stand out. You don't need to stick to center placement, either. The top and side are good options, too. Just ensure the numbers are big enough to be read clearly from the street.

3. Showcase the numbers on your mailbox

Are you tired of your mail being delivered to the wrong address? Instead of waiting on your porch with bated breath for the mail to be delivered, add your house numbers on the box to ensure you receive it on time. There's just one thing you need to take care of: The numbers should face the road and be easy to read from a distance or all your efforts will be for naught. For a personalized touch, simply paint it like Ellie and Carl Fredricksen did in "UP."

4. Opt for a customized plaque

Displaying house numbers on a plaque is a classic choice since it'll seamlessly fit in with your design scheme. For instance, if your home is sporting a historical look, weathered plaques can relate the hardships they've endured over the years. If you need something minimal and solely functional, plaques will nail this role, too. Alternatively, if you're going for the contemporary look and want a striking house number display, bespoke plaques are the way to go. Otherwise, consider this simple house number woodworking DIY that will add to your curb appeal. Optimal placement and number size are vital when choosing a house address plaque.

5. Arrange the numbers vertically

Bored of the same 'ol horizontal house numbers? Arrange the numbers vertically to add visual interest. Plus, when you encourage visitors to read the numbers twice (or more), they'll be less likely to make a mistake and ring the neighboring home's bell. Better yet, the minimalist look will help you maximize the limited space and bring some life to your boring columns or posts. Order a bespoke installation or purchase each number separately to arrange them as you like. In case the space is really narrow, don't opt for smaller numbers. Instead, be a little asymmetrical.

6. DIY a house number planter

Looking to revamp your house number display? Roll up your sleeves, don your safety gear, and get ready to DIY a flower box to beautifully display house numbers while adding curb appeal. Break out your measuring tape to determine the size of the planter. Now, all you need is a wooden crate (or good quality boards), stain, glue, sealant, and a saw to build a personalized house number planter. Once you're done, stick on or drill the numbers and insert the planters in the allocated slot. Don't forget to drill holes in the planter for drainage.

7. Don't be afraid to go horizontal

Horizontal number signs are timeless. They're simple, easy on the eyes, and comply with the government's regulations or recommendations (if any). In case you already have house numbers displayed horizontally, shake things up by upgrading the sign and experimenting with different materials, including wood, plastic, and metal. For instance, stainless steel, aluminum, cast iron, or bronze address numbers will look charming against a solid backdrop if you have your heart set on metallic designs. Otherwise, personalized acrylic house numbers or beautiful wooden designs will get the job done.

8. Put the numbers above the garage door

Not a big fan of displaying address numbers on the front door but have limited options? Utilize the bare space above your garage door to showcase the numbers horizontally. Go with floating numbers, a singular plaque, painted designs, or multiple plaques to display the numbers. However, if you don't have the space empty, get creative and use the sides of the garage door. Opt for a horizontal or vertical placement based on the amount of space available. You can even use the door as your backdrop but the numbers will only be visible when it's closed.

9. Light up the numbers with exterior light sources

If the house numbers are placed optimally, are big enough to be read comfortably, and are in sharp contrast to their background, visitors won't have any issues finding your house during the day. But what happens when the sun goes down? How will the corner deli send over pizzas at midnight? Make it easier for your visitors to locate your home after dusk by positioning a light source above (or near) the numbers to light them up. Keep the numbers and hard-to-reach outdoor light fixtures clean to maintain their dashing looks.

10. ... Or go with LED house numbers

In case you can't have a dedicated external light source to illuminate your house numbers after the sun goes down, get LED ones. These numbers have LED strips attached to their backs that provide ample illumination when required. Moreover, if you choose bright lights over their warm counterparts, the numbers will light the way at night, simplifying navigation. Regarding their installation, it's recommended you get a professional electrician since you don't want to connect the lights directly to the mains, or the increased pressure might rupture the LEDs.

11. Get creative with carved stencils

Do you have a striking front lawn or have you been practicing a few low-maintenance ways to create an eye-catching front lawn without grass? Showcase your pride and joy with carved stencils. Simply nestle them among the thick foliage or eye-catching flowers and watch the magic unfold. You must take a few precautions, though. One, the stencil material should be incredibly durable to withstand the vagaries of nature. Two, the plants shouldn't cover up the numbers or it'll defeat the entire purpose of putting up signage. If this seems like too much of a hassle, get peel-and-stick stencil film to display the number on other surfaces.

12. Undertake a paint project

The simplest and most budget-friendly way to upgrade your house numbers is to paint them on the exterior of your house. The door, its frame, siding, or curb are all good options. Grab your paint and brush (or a can of spray paint), don your painting gear, and clean the surface you want to paint the numbers on. Try choosing a shade that's present in your exterior (like the color of your door) or go with a contrasting tone to ensure your house numbers are legible. Moreover, maintain a steady hand to paint the numbers in a straight line.

13. Spell out your house numbers

Spelling out your address number is an easy way to make a statement and spellbind the viewers. These signs are 100% customizable and you can choose the font, the font size, and the color you want. Pick something modern for a contemporary touch, go old-school, or draw inspiration from architectural marvels around the world. Just try to keep the writing easy to understand so people don't have to spend more time than necessary to decode your house numbers. To ease confusion, install Arabic numerals close to the street while reserving the spelled out lettering for surfaces around your front door.

14. Embrace biophilia with style

Embrace biophilia and display your house numbers with panache using turf. You don't need to worry about the maintenance since artificial turf works as well as real. Simply cut the turf per your house numbers, stick them on top with exterior-friendly glue, position the turf on top of the numerals and press it down. Alternatively, nestle turf in a wooden box, adhere it to the surface with multi-purpose adhesive, and screw in the numerals using a drill before hanging the box. Add a few pots or plants near the address numbers to complete the look.

15. Make your house numbers give off modern rustic vibes

Create a modern rustic house number sign combining natural elements like wood with chic materials like metal. Simply put, affix your favored metallic numerals to distressed wood to make a modern, rustic statement. The process is quite simple and won't take up much of your time. Order eye-catching metallic numbers and hunt for distressed wood for the base. Weathered wood from old boxes (or crates) fits the bill, provided it's in solid shape and can withstand the natural elements. DIY the wooden base and hammer in the numbers prior to hanging up your rustic chic masterpiece.

16. Create a mosaic masterpiece

Breathe new life into your chipped ceramics, glass, or tiles by turning them into a mosaic house number masterpiece. The first step is to flesh out the style and size of the numbers. It can be as simple as something hand-drawn or as refined as a computer design. Now, trace the outline of the numbers (and other design elements) onto the base and wear your safety gear. Follow this up by cutting the tile (or another material) with a dedicated nipper or hammering it. Finally, glue the pieces down per the design and apply grout over the finished sign.

17. Go big for your home

Although house numbers have become a part of the exterior design, their purpose is to be legible and allow visitors to easily locate the address they're looking for. But why choose one over the other? Get large address numbers to make a statement and improve their readability. This means you can confidently select 8-inch or bigger numerals if you want. However, before following through, ensure the chosen surface is roomy enough to house the numbers. Besides accounting for the length and width of the numerals, consider the space between the numbers to be 100 percent sure.

18. Float the house numbers

While house numbers usually become one with the surface they're installed on, that's not the only way you can display them. Get floating house numbers for a 3-D effect. Such numbers are affixed to a surface via studs and spacers to make it look like they're floating in space. The shadows beneath the numbers complete the job of convincing onlookers of their mid-air status. Moreover, these address numbers complement most home designs, including modern and traditional. To get the look, order a customized design and follow the enclosed instructions to a T.

19. Say it with concrete

If you have some concrete lying around from one of your DIY projects, don't chuck it out yet. Get to work on concrete house numbers. Print out the numbers you want, place them on a rubber gasket, and cut out the digits. Now, lay them down in your chosen mould and pour concrete around the digits. Once it's set, take out the hardened concrete from the mould and remove the rubber backing with an awl. Paint and seal the numerals per your choice. Outline the numbers with a solar strip LED to render them visible at night.

20. Pay homage to the Victorian era with stained glass

Have a set of stained-glass windows atop the transom of your entryway door? Use them to display your house numbers. Determine the colors you want the numerals to exhibit for a truly mesmerizing display. However, if you don't have a stained-glass window above the door but still have a few clear panels, you can DIY renter-friendly stained-glass windows for a brilliant view. Alternatively, purchase personalized stained-glass house number stickers. Remember, the numbers can be as colorful as you like, but the surrounding panels should be clear or frosted.

21. Unleash your resin art obsession

Looking for ways to incorporate resin art in your home? Don't look further than your house numbers. The first step is to gather a solid surface (like wood) to adhere the numbers. If you're going with wood, stain or paint it before gluing your address numerals on top. Follow this up by combining the hardener and resin in a 1:1 ratio in a sturdy plastic cup. Finally, pour the mixture on top and use a brush to spread it around. Feel free to add tints or glitter to the resin mixture for a unique look.

22. Proudly display your spirit animal

Wanting to be subtle while making a lasting impression with your address numbers can often feel like a double-edged sword — impossible to balance. But that's not always the case. Incorporating your spirit animal into your house number display will add a dash of fun and steal the show. National animals, birds, auspicious mammals, and symbolic creatures will improve your exterior's aesthetic. If you want to truly stand apart and turn heads, don't shy away from adding whimsical characters to the mix or embracing your inner Gollum.

23. Switch to classy metal house numbers

Homeowners searching for long-lasting and low-maintenance house numbers will have their demands met by classy metal numerals. While there are various types to choose from, stainless steel, brass, aluminum, and bronze are the most popular. But before you buy tailored metal house numbers, ensure the material can withstand the rigors of your climatic conditions. For instance, if you reside near the coast, experience heavy rainfall for the better part of the year, or live in incredibly humid locations, rust-resistant metals like aluminum, bronze, and brass will give you a higher ROI (return on investment).

24. Put ceramic tiles to use

What do you do when you have a few tiles leftover from your luxe bathroom makeover? You banish them to a life of cobwebs and no sunlight. Instead, save a few from their dreary existence and turn them into breathtaking house numbers. You don't have to do much; just stick a printed-out version of your address numerals with outdoor Mod Podge and apply a coating (or two!) of glue to ensure the numbers don't come off a while later. Seal the tiles to keep them safe from sunlight and moisture prior to hanging (or sticking) them.

25. Underscore the house number

Do people keep missing your house number even though it's clearly visible? If you're tired of accepting your neighbor's packages or directing the mail carriers to their home, make it easier for them to recognize your home address with underscored house numbers. It's exactly like it sounds: house numerals with a line beneath them to make a statement. If the confusion is really bad, don't stop at underlining the numerals. Add the street name beneath the underscore to avoid being disturbed by strangers for no reason, and binge your favorite show's new season in peace.