Use This Popular IKEA Item To Add Some Privacy To Your Outdoor Shower This Summer

If you've been researching outdoor showers that you'll want to add to your yard, then you're aware of one glaring issue: a lack of privacy. While it's convenient to rinse clean after a refreshing dip in the pool, you might not want the neighbors watching you do so. Luckily, IKEA has an affordable solution: the NÄMMARÖ privacy screen. It comes in an earthy light brown color, perfect for any backyard decor, and is only $95. Even better, it's freestanding, so you don't need to attach it to anything — simply assemble this privacy screen, set it up, and you're good to go! 

If you want to up the ante and add some greenery to your outdoor space, you can use the NÄMMARÖ for climbing plants. You can also transition it to your indoor space and use it as a stylish room divider. Although it comes in an attractive color, you can always alter it to meet your specific home decor needs. For example, a quick coat of chalk paint can transform this privacy screen in no time. This paint works on a variety of surfaces with little to no prep work, so consider this as a way of putting your own twist on the NÄMMARÖ. Should you need more reasons to purchase this privacy screen from the Swedish retailer, consider the reviews. One person said, "Don't hesitate: Such a great purchase. East to assemble." 

Secure your NÄMMARÖ in place

One issue with a standalone privacy screen for your outdoor shower is that it might blow over during strong winds or inclement weather. You can bring it indoors during storms or attach it to your home, depending on where your outdoor shower is located. But how do you install a privacy screen? To secure your NÄMMARÖ in place, you can sink your privacy screen's posts into the soil, just like you were installing a fence. You can also fill large planters with concrete, working as a movable anchor for your NÄMMARÖ. If your outdoor shower is close to your deck, consider securing your privacy screen to it with bungee cords. 

Since the NÄMMARÖ is reasonably priced and has excellent reviews, you might not mind making a few modifications to keep it from blowing away. For example, one satisfied  customer said the NÄMMARÖ is, "Simple and unique — and much cheaper than anything comparable I found online." Another customer said that "This privacy screen is awesome. Easy to put together, perfect amount of privacy, and very nice to look at. Love it!" If you need more than one privacy screen but love a homespun project, you can always DIY a backyard wood trellis screen for privacy, adding it to your backyard oasis while complementing your NÄMMARÖ.