Can This Glue Hack Add Privacy Without Damaging Your Windows? Here's What We Know

If you're looking for privacy at home, then curtains are usually the first thing that comes to mind. Unfortunately, they can be pricey, and you have to launder them on occasion, removing grime as it accumulates. You might also have a difficult time finding curtains that are the exact length you need, especially if you have baseboard heating and need window dressings that hang at least several inches from your heaters. Luckily, TikTok has a solution that's inexpensive and a fun DIY project for you to complete: Use Elmer's glue to create the look of frosted windows. According to @jayyy__1724_0, you just need some painter's tape, Elmer's glue, and painting supplies for incredible privacy windows in no time. 

Elmer's glue is great for these types of projects, as it's considered to be non-toxic. However, keep in mind that it's still an adhesive, and you don't want to inhale it. It's best to open whatever windows you can, completing this project in stages so your room can air out. Seeing as it can take upwards of 24 hours for glue to dry thoroughly, you might want to take a few windows a day. Additionally, remember to check out our guide for the best ways to clean your windows for a streak-free finish before carrying out this hack. It would help to remove dirt, dust, and debris, helping your glue to adhere. 

Apply Elmer's glue using a paint roller

You might be familiar with the trick of creating DIY stained glass windows using glue. With some Elmer's glue, acrylic paint, and painter's tape, you can produce an array of beautiful patterns on your windows, creating a stained glass window effect. This trick is similar sans the paint. If you want to create a mosaic tile effect or simply add fun geometric shapes to your windows, this is where the painter's tape comes in handy. Use it to create patterns on your windows, painting over them with Elmer's glue. You may want to buy Elmer's glue in bulk and apply it with a paint roller for a faster and even application. Target sells a gallon of Elmer's glue for $13. 

If you like the concept of stained glass windows, you can always tint your Elmer's glue using acrylic paint. This gives your windows a nice subtle shade that complements your home décor without being too overwhelming. If you don't like the way this project looks, you can use water and a rag to remove any dried glue. If this isn't strong enough, vinegar should help to remove the adhesive. The great thing about this DIY project is that it offers renter-friendly windows with a brilliant view for anyone looking for privacy. And since you're not hanging bulky curtains, you'll still benefit from some natural light, especially if you use painter's tape to protect a portion of your windows from the glue.