Erin Napier's Home Town Bathroom Upgrade Features A New Trend We Can't Get Enough Of

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Erin Napier is known for her warm, Southern style, featuring just enough vintage charm to draw you in. When tackling bathroom makeovers on her show "Home Town," the HGTV star often leans toward a mix of timeless and modern details — think marble countertops, hardwood floors, neutral palettes, and walk-in showers. However, that's not to say she can't pull off a playful look when her clients ask for it. In Season 7, Episode 18, Napier took the whimsical route when designing an island couple's bathroom and embraced this latest trend in true Napier style.

If you aren't already familiar with whimsical design, picture a room brimming with life and happiness. Inside that room, fun colors, patterns, and eccentric décor sing out. The minute you step in, a wave of light-heartedness washes over you. That feeling alone explains why the whimsical decorating trend has captured the hearts of many designers and homeowners alike. Napier is no exception, sprinkling whimsical accents throughout her clients' home, especially in the bathroom.

How to use whimsical decor in your bathroom

One of the key design elements Napier added to her clients', Jack and Iris's, bathroom was a tropical shower wall. Reflecting the couples' past island-living adventures, the leafy mural instantly brings a splash of personality to the purely functional space. If you're planning a bathroom remodel, you can get the same tiles for around $30 per square foot from Tile Bar. In keeping with the whimsy theme, Napier also included a freestanding clawfoot bathtub for an even dreamier atmosphere.

If you're working with a rental bathroom, don't despair! You can spruce up your bathroom walls with peel-and-stick nature-inspired wallpaper (trees, florals, and animal motifs all pack a whimsical punch). Painting the walls is another option if your lease allows it. Unconventional bathroom colors, like sky blue, muted pink, and deep green, fit well with this aesthetic. And if you really can't do anything to your walls, start small with whimsical bath accessories. This could be anything from a checkered shower curtain — like the Birch Lane Plaid Shower Curtain, selling for $81 on Wayfair — or a quirky bath mat — like the $21 FROZZUR Cherry Mat on Amazon. Remember to have fun with colorful towels, storage jars, and vases to add a bit of whimsy to your space without making drastic changes. The best part is that you don't have to go overboard with this trend since it marries well with both modern and traditional design styles.