How Love It Or List It's Hilary Farr Turns An Empty Attic Into A Value-Boosting Feature

If you want to add significant value to your home, consider turning your attic into a stunning master bathroom. Hilary Farr is known for designing ingenious floor plans, and Season 12, Episode 3, of "Love It or List It" is no exception. As one of the best "Love It or List It" bathroom makeovers of the series, this clever renovation should be studied. Although her whole budget for the home renovation was only $85,000, she was able to add an entire master bathroom by converting an unused attic space.

Hilary's renovation is proof that utilizing every inch of space is key for a reliable return on investment. A home without a spacious master bathroom will always have trouble selling for a high price tag. HGTV reports that a quality master bathroom with an investment of around $78,840 can offer an average return of 45%, whereas a mid-range bathroom remodel of about $25,250 will recoup nearly 74% of the costs. However, these numbers can go up depending on what your home had before. While the clients in the episode decided to list the property post-renovation, fans in the YouTube comments were shocked. @lesliecruguet4136 wrote, "First time I've ever strongly disagreed with listing it...theey [sic] got everything they asked for and then some and it was gorgeous." However, the value increase of the clients' home was an estimated $105,000 — so, it's hard to blame them for listing it!

Convert unused space into an extra bathroom

While attics have historically been used to control indoor temperatures and store miscellaneous items, you can opt to add insulation in other ways and make better use of the space under your roof. For example, DIY enthusiasts have chosen to add insulation with fiberglass blankets. If you choose this method, be aware and take proper precautions against the dangers of touching and inhaling fiberglass. For example, always wear gloves, head coverings, eye goggles, loose clothing or a protective suit, and a dust mask or respirator. There are endless creative ways to renovate your attic, but a master bathroom is an excellent use of space.

If you have purchased a home with a small — or non-existent — master bathroom, there are ways to alter your floor plan and make your bathroom feel luxurious. Consider borrowing space from the room or closet adjacent to your bathroom for a slight expansion. Even a few feet of extra space can make a difference. If you're not able to knock down walls or convert your attic, make upgrades to your existing master bathroom, including a walk-in shower with high-quality finishes.

Even a half bathroom can add significant value

While Farr was able to transform an attic into a brand-new bathroom, we know that not everyone has the extra space to create an entire master bath. If you don't have the space to spare, consider turning a smaller storage area into a compact guest bathroom. For example, the area under the stairs is a great space to sneak in a half-bath. While walk-in closets are nice, your first floor may benefit from a bathroom over a large storage space. If you happen to have a large closet or pantry on the ground floor of your home, replacing the space with a half bathroom is worth considering.

There are many ways to get creative with storage space, but for prospective buyers, adding a bathroom is much more daunting. However, the ROI depends on how many bathrooms your house currently has, and how much your new bathroom will cost to install. estimates that the addition of a small half-bathroom to your home can raise the overall value between 5% and 10%. Always compare the quote for your bathroom remodel to your potential gains in order to determine whether it is worth the investment.