The Big Downside To Drawer Microwaves You Never Thought Of

A lot of homeowners swear by drawer microwaves, but there is one big downside to these chic below-the-counter appliances. This new kitchen appliance is becoming the new standard for many homes and is considered one of the best upgrades you can make to your kitchen. The bulky countertop microwave will soon feel as outdated as a wooden television set or a big PC computer, and it's easy to see why people love the drawer microwave. It opens up counter space, gives your kitchen a cleaner look, and it's always nice to have the latest technology around the house, right? Plus, a bulky traditional microwave can ruin the aesthetic of your kitchen, especially if you have a more modern design.

The Kitchn also points out that drawer microwaves are kid-proof, easier to clean, and more efficient. But, while the drawer microwave definitely has its pluses, it also has a big downside that you should consider before installing one in your own kitchen.

The biggest downside of drawer microwaves

While there are plenty of pros to drawer microwaves, informed buyers also want to know what the cons are. While it can be tough for people to bend down and access the controls, it appears that one of the biggest concerns about drawer microwaves is that they require a dedicated cabinet that fits their exact size — which means that, if the microwave breaks, it could be difficult to replace.

This was a worry brought up multiple times in a Houzz thread dedicated to the pros and cons of drawer microwaves. "I don't have one nor would I," Houzz user Miacometlady said. "Anything too integrated is a pain to replace. It's hard enough finding a fridge that will fit into the space made for the last one!" You can always try to repurchase the same make and model if it stops working, but that can be a challenge if the microwave breaks five or 10 years down the line and is no longer availalbe. "My issue with this is sizing. Microwaves are not consistent in size and so if it breaks, good luck," Houzz user Darla Scheuerman shared. "If it fits in a standard cupboard space, I would be sure to order the cupboard door, just in case it needs to be a cupboard again."

Seeing how a drawer microwave costs upward of $1,000, limiting yourself to a specific size can also stop you from bargain hunting since you're constricted to very specific dimensions. 

It's another big downside to drawer microwaves, and, in the end, you might be better off with a conventional countertop appliance.