Rock Stars' Homes You Need To See To Believe

Rock stars have never done things half-heartedly. Some of the world's most-loved rock entertainers have made their careers on outlandish performances, world tours playing stadium-sized choruses, and enough hairspray to fill a swimming pool. And for many of them, it's been a career that's earned them a pretty penny: Jon Bon Jovi no longer needs to live on a prayer with a $410 million net worth (per Celebrity Net Worth), while Elton John's still standing to earn a little more than his £375 million fortune, earning him a place on The Times Rich List.

And where better for rock stars' extravagance and their endless reserves of cash to meet than in their homes? So many of the iconic rock stars of our lifetimes live in truly wild homes; but in all the glitz and glamor of the performances, we can sometimes forget to think about how they actually live from day to day. Well, forget no more: We've got the low-down on rock stars' homes that you seriously won't believe.

Jon Bon Jovi's Palm Beach mansion has a Mediterranean feel

With a fortune built on some of the biggest songs of the 20th century, Jon Bon Jovi's gone equally as big in his Palm Beach mansion, bought for an eye-watering $43 million, according to Taste of Country. The Bon Jovi frontman's home stretches over 10,232 square feet, with seven bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, three powder rooms, and a three-car garage. The home, designed by renowned architect Thomas Kirchhoff, has a Mediterranean feel to its exterior, with a cabana, a courtyard pool, and two oceanfront loggias.

Once you're able to tear yourself away from the ocean view and head inside, marble and hardwood floors run through the entire property. A large black piano takes pride of place in one of the living spaces, on which Bon Jovi no doubt gets his practice. Interestingly, despite the endless square footage the property offers, inside the rooms are cozy and tasteful, decorated in muted tones, with many of them looking as though they'd be at home in a house a tenth of this size. This is rock star living with an eye for comfort.

Lindsey Buckingham's La Quinta home is in a golfing community

Lindsey Buckingham sure knows how to live in style. The former Fleetwood Mac songwriter dropped a cool $3.725 million on a home in the Hideway gated golf club community, set over 600 acres with two 18-hole golf courses in La Quinta, California, says the Los Angeles Times. The home is a 5,500-square-foot affair, with four bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms, two covered patios, a swimming pool, and a guest casita.

But this, if you can believe it, is a small fry compared to Buckingham's last home. His longtime residence in Brentwood, California, was originally listed by Buckingham's wife, musician Kristen Messner, for $29.5 million, states Architectural Digest. The house, which sits on 1.3 acres of land, is a veritable palace, with a French Normandy-inspired exterior and traditional, sprawling interiors decked out with hardwood floors. Exposed beams and chandeliers gave the home a timeless aesthetic, with the master suite featuring its own dressing room, sitting room, walk-in closets, and fireplace. Truly, this is the stuff "Dreams" are made of! (Sorry, we couldn't resist.)

Debbie Harry's 18th-century Connecticut property feels like it's from another time

When we think of the typical rock star home, we picture central Los Angeles locations, stuffed animals, and hot tubs playing host to wild parties (well, we do, at least). But Blondie singer Debbie Harry, never one to play by the books, has taken a different approach with her purchase of an 18th-century home in the small town of Roxbury, Connecticut, per Realtor. The rural idyll, set on three and a half acres of land, is the perfect getaway for Harry, with the 1795 property lovingly restored and offering four bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms.

The outside of the house is all vintage charm, and the inside follows that aesthetic, with charming hardwood floors and original beams preserving the character of the building. A full chef's kitchen with Cararra marble countertops, a farmhouse basin sink, modern appliances, and cream cabinets sits close to the large great room, as seen in Cottages & Gardens. Outside, there's a large patio that wraps around the property, and which leads on to the extensive outdoor space and greenery surrounding the house, where Harry can breathe in the country air.

Chris Martin's home in Malibu is a peaceful paradise

Chris Martin, with his band Coldplay, has dominated the music scene for decades, so it may be little surprising that in his downtime he likes peace and serenity. And that's certainly what he's created with his home in Malibu, a $12.5 million, six-bedroom property in a modern Cape Cod style, says Homes & Gardens. The house, which Martin shared with "Fifty Shades of Grey" star Dakota Johnson, offers serene ocean views from its location on Point Dume, with a tranquil pool and spa, and a separate two-story guest house (maybe for when his bandmates come to stay).

Inside Martin's home, the modern farmhouse aesthetic is breathtaking: Designed by Saffron Case Homes, bright whites contrast with dark, industrial-style touches to create a feeling of calm. In the living room, wooden furniture and floor-to-ceiling nooks that hold logs for the fireplace accentuate the rustic feel. We're all about that master bathroom though: One of nine bathrooms on the property, the light grey tiling leads up to a freestanding tub, enclosed in a window nook — the perfect place to find a moment of quiet from the adoring crowds.

Lenny Kravitz's Brazilian farm compound is jaw-dropping

Okay, so we can't get enough of this one. Riding up on a horse in the opening seconds of an Architectural Digest video tour of his home, Lenny Kravitz declares, "welcome to my Fazenda," and the rest is history. Kravitz' Brazilian working farm compound, situated outside Rio de Janeiro, sprawls over 1,000 acres of land, per Condé Nast Traveller, and delivers "farm-to-table" produce, according to the rocker, for his guests. As you might expect, the home is almost impossibly cool: Inside the entryway of the home, there's a Kawai piano, made of plexiglass, that formerly belonged to Ingrid Bergman. On the walls is art from Kravitz' godson Noah Becker, adding to the artistic mood of the home, a space where the musician desires people to come and be creative.

In the master bedroom, a suite combining a living room and a bedroom, there's a vintage bed from the late '60s adorned entirely in patterned fabric, sitting next to a freestanding copper tub made specifically for the space. As you might expect, the home is scattered with guitars, amps, and musical spaces. "I always want to be able to pick up an instrument and play," says Kravitz, while stacks of books are placed casually throughout. And outside, there's a frankly idyllic pool and patio space for Kravitz to unwind.

Sheryl Crow's Nashville home is a Southern haven

As you might expect from a country-rock superstar, Sheryl Crow's home is all about that Southern charm. Her Nashville, Tennessee estate (where else would Crow end up but the home of country music?) is spread across 50 acres of land, and comes equipped with its very own chapel, states Country Living. Stepping inside, you immediately get a sense of the rustic, cozy vibe the singer-songwriter is creating: Exposed wooden beams frame the den, which is the place that she and her family "spend most of [their] time," containing French-country furnishings and giving off a family feel (per a video tour from Architectural Digest).

Elsewhere, Crow's estate contains a multi-purpose barn, functioning both as a home for her horses and as a home for her work, with a recording studio upstairs. And naturally, every barn needs to have a saloon, with "Guinness on tap" and featuring some, ahem, unique decoration choices in the form of ... death masks. It's all about the outdoor space with this property, though: The home pretty much comes equipped with its own forest, with groves of trees stretching out into the Tennessee countryside.

Phil Collins' $40 million Miami home has direct bay access

Phil Collins sold his astonishing Miami home for a cool $40 million, according to Homes & Gardens; but frankly, the house is too extraordinary not to include here. And we're willing to bet that even though it's not in his possession, Collins would kill for "Another Day in Paradise" in the six-bedroom, nine-bathroom home, built in 1929, that stretches over 10,700 square feet of space and comes with a boat dock directly onto Biscayne Bay. Situated on 1.5 acres of land, the exterior of the home is in an Old World Spanish style, with palm trees framing the huge swimming pool and lush greenery snaking its way around the koi pond.

Inside the home, a chef's kitchen (as well as a summer kitchen placed outside) and wine cellar are connected by a lift to the rest of the house, with the master suite coming with its very own walk-in closet. There's also a two-story foyer where Collins can receive his guests. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Collins wasn't the first megastar to own the property: It was formerly owned by none other than J-Lo.

Gwen Stefani's Encino mansion is a happily ever after

We love a happy ending. In 2020, No Doubt star Gwen Stefani's romance with fellow music colossus Blake Shelton culminated in the purchase of their own happily ever after, a $13.2 million estate in Encino, California, according to Variety. And as you might expect, there's space for them both: 13,000 square feet over three stories, in fact, with a four-car garage, 1.6 acres of land, and an enormous pool with an equally enormous cabana (with a wet bar).

Designed by Evan Gaskin for Gaskin Design and Development, the interior of the home is predictably sizable: An open floor plan contains a large kitchen equipped with all the mod cons, with an island and an interior living room, to go with the additional exterior living space, says She Knows. And to keep the kids occupied, there's a very L.A. home movie theater, with lounge chairs and couches throughout, and a bar (hopefully with a popcorn machine, because come on). The best part is, despite the property's huge size, it's completely invisible from the street and tucked behind two gates, creating serious privacy for the musical pair.

Steven Tyler's Maui pad is the stuff dreams are made of

Come on, Steven. We thought you couldn't get any cooler. But one look at Steven Tyler's Maui, Hawaii bungalow has confirmed that it is indeed possible, with one of the most jaw-dropping rock star homes we've ever seen. This property, bought for $4.9 million, is pretty small by rock star standards, at just 3,000 square feet and with only two bedrooms, per Trulia. However, the views make it worth it, with the house displaying unreal coastal views and outdoor deck space.

It's hard to talk about the "inside" of the property too, because the whole thing is so connected to nature. Tree-house-like in fashion, the main living spaces (like the master suite) connect to the outside seamlessly, with floor-to-ceiling windows strategically placed to protect from the elements. The home is primarily built of wood and stone, with sitting spaces adjacent to a full-length aquarium. Finally, to complete the picture, there's an infinity-edge saltwater pool looking over the sea. Get us there now.

David Coverdale's Lake Tahoe home is true rock star opulence

Okay, so you want a rock star house? This is what we're talking about. Whitesnake frontman David Coverdale truly lives up to his rocker status with his four bedroom, six and a half bathroom 9,000 square foot property in Lake Tahoe, as seen on Realtor. Throughout the house, grand, vintage-inspired furniture sits adjacent to outlandish art, such as in the dining room, where classical candelabras nestle next to a cheetah sculpture. Elsewhere, in a sitting/reading room, the sofa is adorned with animal print.

In fact, animal print is everywhere in Coverdale's home. Check out the room dedicated to his band Whitesnake, which contains zebra print everything, a disco ball lighting fixture, and records mounted on the walls. And naturally, for a rock star, the master suite has a hot tub adjoining it — well, one of the master suites, anyway, as there's one on every floor of the house. Ever the showman, Coverdale also understands the power of a good view: The home overlooks the lake and can be enjoyed from the two-level decking. After trying to shift the property for a while (although we can't fathom why), Coverdale finally closed on a sale for a sweet $6.8 million in 2021, according to Zillow.

Tommy Lee's Brentwood house is all tranquility

When it comes to Mötley Crüe star Tommy Lee and his legendary rock star escapades, you know you're going to get something pretty out there with his house — and this is the case with his Brentwood home, though not in the way you might expect. Purchased in 2021 for $4.15 million, the home is Japanese modernity-inspired, and is a tranquil and tasteful haven, as shown in Homes & Gardens. The 4,266-square-foot property has calm running throughout, with light wooden flooring, skylights creating airy and spacious-feeling spaces, and a Japanese-inspired kitchen that adjoins to the peaceful living area.

There's also a quiet interior garden courtyard in the home with plenty of greenery, and the exterior contains a pool with a calming waterfall. That's not all, though: The garden also has a space to grow herbs, and an authentic Japanese teahouse. Looks like this home is the perfect antidote to Lee's former extravagances, which can be seen in his old Calabasas compound, with a show-stopping pool and trees lit up with string lights hanging over the compulsory-for-a-rock-star hot tub (via Realtor).

Annie Lennox's home in the Hollywood Hills is a masterpiece of high-modernist architecture

Annie Lennox has always been one of the coolest figures in rock, and it stands to reason that her house is equally as chic. Her stunning Nichols Canyon home, bought for over $4.3 million, may not be the biggest of the pack at just 2,700 square feet. However, it's the architecture, seen via Variety, that partly justifies the price point. Designed by Conrad Buff and Donald Hensman, the high-modernist architecture is all clean lines inside and out, with a minimalist aesthetic that highlights the bones of the property.

In Lennox's home, the light wooden floors are contrasted by the white walls and ceilings, with the ultra-modern kitchen adding splashes of dark brown to create visual dynamism. And the outdoor space, with wrap-around decking, is simply gorgeous, with an infinity pool that looks out over the endless views of Los Angeles. Lennox likes the neighborhood so much that she wasn't content with just one property there; she also bought the home next door, a 1950s bungalow for $1.6 million, with two bedrooms, one bathroom, and those same beautiful views, as seen on Variety.

Slash's house in Encino is close to his bandmates

Slash has always had an instinct for eye-catching design (this is the guy who's rarely seen without a top hat, after all), and he's used it to snag an Encino mansion that's to die for. Laying down $6.25 million for well over 9,000 square feet of space, six bedrooms, and ten (yes, ten) bathrooms, this home has everything a rock legend needs, according to Dirt. The kitchen features two Calcutta marble-topped islands with a fridge as big as a Cadillac, and the master suite comes equipped with a balcony and walk-in closet. To keep the Guns n' Roses star entertained, there's a home theater and a games room. And if he gets bored at home, Slash can always head over to his bandmate Duff McKagan's house, just a few miles away in Sherman Oaks.

Slash's previous home came with a 90210 area code — which begs the question, who do entertainment stars sell their multi-million dollar homes to? The answer: other entertainment stars. Slash's former home was bought by none other than rapper Big Sean, who gives viewers a home tour of the awesome property via the Architectural Digest YouTube channel.

Elton John's Beverly Hills estate will blow your mind

Elton, Elton, Elton. Where do we start with this one? For a rock star famed for his extravagance, it's not surprising that Elton John's house is reflective of his persona. Bought for $33 million by John and his husband, David Furnish, in 2015, according to Variety, this Beverly Hills estate will leave your jaw on the floor. The home has a square footage of 24,260 feet (no biggie) and — wait for it — 22 bathrooms, as well as seven bedrooms and an 11-car subterranean garage. The home sits on almost 20 acres of land, and the English country house-like grounds boast unforgettable views of the Los Angeles skyline.

Outside and within, the house has a castle-like feel, with winding staircases, cavernous living spaces, and a dining room that has almost Tudor-esque hanging candelabras. There's also a commercial-grade kitchen, a screening room, a gym, and an elevator that'll take you between the abode's three stories. For a further bit of activity, head over to the swimming pool (or hang out in the pool house) or play a couple of matches on the lighted tennis court. Afterward, you can chill by one of the nine fireplaces. Elton, can we come and stay, please?