40 Small Cabin Designs You Can Build Yourself

There's no doubt that mansions are impressive. However, not everyone wants — or can afford — such a gigantic home. Instead, you might prefer tiny houses, or may be drawn to residences like shipping container homes or even amazing treehouses. You might also be interested in building a small cabin.

There are certainly benefits to opting for a wilderness crash pad that isn't massive. Life Hack points out that it doesn't take as much energy to power a smaller home, which can help save you money. Additionally, cabins can be made with recycled or sustainable materials, which can help save the environment. Beyond that, they can also be cheaper to furnish and easier to keep clean. Conestoga Log Cabins & Homes also notes that smaller cabins can be less complicated to build, which is definitely something to consider as you check out the following small cabin designs — which might include the perfect choice for you!

1. Vertical wood panels

At first glance, this may seem like a pretty typical — if totally sweet — small cabin. However, the vertical wood panels are a subtle touch that gives this design a unique look. Although it might also make construction a little tricker, it's absolutely worth the effort.

2. Gorgeous grey

Not all cabins leave wood untouched and sometimes that's a good thing. With a sleek coat of grey on the outside of this mini-cabin, it might lean towards the chic side. However, cute details and a wrap-around garden add cottage-like hints here and there.

3. Small contemporary cabin

Combine your love of the outdoors and your appreciation of modern style with this contemporary design. With rectangular windows lining the top that match the shape of the cabin and wood exterior featuring a finish that gives it a naturally rich look, this minimalist option is big on appeal.

4. Camp-style cabin

Did you ever spend a summer at camp when you were a kid? Then this adorable cabin might remind you of those days thanks to its simple construction. However, it's been given a bit of an upgrade with large windows, a stylish door, and a spacious deck.

5. Mobile cabin

You can take your small cabin with you on the road when it's mobile! Along with wheels that allow this cabin to travel with you, this design also features a bright interior, big windows to allow you to enjoy the views wherever you are, and solar panels to provide you with plenty of power.

6. Little lake cabin

If you own property that's beside water, then you should definitely consider building a small lake cabin like this one. With red vertical paneling and white details, it's just as pretty as its surroundings. The deck also offers room for a BBQ and lounging around while being fitted with a slide and stairs down into the water

7. Green roof cabin

This tiny cabin couldn't be cuter thanks to the pops of coordinated color and floral accents. However, this design also features an awesome eco-friendly green roof that's covered with moss and other plants.

8. Country cabin charm

This small cabin design will give your tiny getaway home the kind of country charm that makes you smile every time you see it. Each detail subtly works together to create an appealing vibe, including the light grey-blue paneling and white decorative trim, as well as a front garden filled with ornamental grass.

9. Cozy chic cabin

Your home in the city or suburbs doesn't have to be the only one that's super chic. Give your small cabin that same aesthetic by opting for sleekly dark paneling, larger (and therefore fewer) roof tiles, and simple windows.

10. Uniquely shaped cabin

This uniquely shaped small cabin is like a nature-based dream come true! The pleasing horizontal log design in a natural wood shade is just one reason to love it. There's also the gorgeous shingled roof and an attractive chimney top as well as incredible woodwork around the door and windows.

11. Pretty in pink

If you agree that pretty much everything is prettier in pink, then you might be seeing heart-eye emojis over this tiny pink cabin. Using a beautiful blush shade on the paneling, roof trim, railing, door, window frames (and added diamond-shaped details on the panes), the only thing that's not pink is the roof and the green setting.

12. Wonderfully weird mini cabin

Another design that might take some extra planning before building, this tiny cabin looks like somewhere magical elves might live. The curvy shape, metal pipe chimney, large shingled and wonderfully peaked roof, and layered rough wood paneling make this the perfect place to pretend like you've escaped into a fantasy world.

13. It's all in the details

This cabin might have been rather plain if it wasn't for the little details that make a big impact. Along with brightly colored wood, a red roof, and a surprisingly spacious deck, it also features lovely railings that bring a little something special to this tiny cabin.

14. Amazingly angular little cabin

While this small cabin seems to offer just enough space inside to keep you comfortable, you can't miss it thanks to its amazing angles. Even the window above the door features the same kind of dramatic angle that sets this cabin apart.

15. Blue-framed windows

This small cabin is attractive enough thanks to its log construction, little back porch, and slanted roof which is surely incredibly practical. However, it's the bright blue-framed windows that catch your eye. You could opt for any lively color that suits your style and it would likely look just as good!

16. Shades of Sweden

This small cabin may use traditional Swedish shades, but it would suit pretty much any natural setting. The deep almost crimson red color with white accents works so well with this classic design that also offers a small porch and shuttered windows, as well as an almost sharply slanted roof that can hold up against snowy conditions.

17. Small rustic cabin with upper window

A rustic design doesn't necessarily mean ditching the details. This small cabin proves that with different colors of wood that almost create a striped pattern as well as a pleasing tin roof. But what tops it off is the tiny upper window that could give you the perfect view from a cozy nook inside.

18. Light wood-paneled small cabin

The straightforward design of this light wood-paneled small cabin — which may win you over with its simple shape and practical aspects — might make it rather easy to build. However, it's almost like a blank canvas, meaning that any additions would personalize it in ways that would make it a place that's truly yours.

19. Tiny tropical cabin

Cabins aren't always in the middle of a forest. If you live somewhere warm, then this tiny tropical-style cabin design — with a thinner roof and plenty of open window-like areas to let air flow through as well as lovely light wood — is all you need when it comes to a place to rest and cool off.

20. Small Spanish-tiled cabin

The bright Spanish-tiled roof on this small cabin definitely stands out on its own. However, the dark blue wood paneling, as well as the white (and occasional light blue) accents, make the color of the roof pop even more.

21. Colorful row cabin

Opting for a cozy row cabin can be a great way to make sure that friends and family stay close while also giving everyone their own space. You can individualize each small residence while making sure that they all match by choosing a single design and painting them various complementary colors.

22. Barn doors

A simple small cabin design doesn't have to be boring! Install barn doors on your mini abode and paint them a bold color to give your little residence a trendy upgrade.

23. Small A-frame cabin

An A-frame building is one that pretty much looks exactly like its name implies. With a roof that stretches from the peak down to the ground at a sharp A-like angle, it slopes dramatically and gives the home its signature look. However, this small A-frame cabin design uses beautiful vertical wood panels to give it its own style.

24. Sleekly square small cabin

What's not to love about this small cabin design? The almost marble-looking wood? So gorgeous. The slightly sloped roof? So sleek. The charcoal grey accents? So sharp. And despite the fact that it has a lot of style, it would be relatively straightforward to build thanks to its simple square structure.

25. Window-filled A-frame

This A-frame cabin uses cedar wood shingles to create an eye-catching exterior. While that's certainly stylish enough, this design also embraces what windows can do for a small cabin — both inside and out — by filling almost the entire front wall with glass.

26. Tiny high-end cabin

If you want a small place to stay in the wilderness but aren't exactly into roughing it, then this might be the best option for you. This tiny yet high-end cabin design boasts exquisite details like columns on the porch along with a fan to cool down the space and a gorgeous green door.

27. Studio cabin with full-length porch

This stylish studio cabin offers a small but cozy space inside. However, outside, the full-length porch is massive and is just the right thing if you like to sit around chatting with your friends and family while enjoying nature. It also gives the impression that the cabin is much bigger than it really is.

28. Two sets of stairs

This small white cabin design is perfect if you're building something that's in the center of your property. The simple white abode is lovely enough, but the two sets of stairs off the front porch will let you easily run out into nature and sprint back to the cabin when it's time to turn in.

29. Small French country-style cabin

You'll surely fall in love with the stone walls and grey shingled roof that are a part of this small French country-style cabin design. Beyond that, the roof windows add some extra charm and extra light to the interior.

30. Small Scandinavian cabin

If Scandinavian aesthetic sensibilities are more your style, then this small cabin design could make it to the top of your list. A simple rectangular structure seems minimalist at first, but the thin wood paneling and roof beams that are exposed at the ends give it an almost unexpected yet fabulous flourish.

31. Mid-century modern

Fans of relatively contemporary designs might not be able to resist building a mini mid-century modern cabin like this one. Wood paneling and stone sections on the exterior — which both use natural materials — are combined with a partially-angled roof that matches one of the front windows, resulting in a perfect example of a modern outdoorsy getaway home.

32. Cedar-shingled cabin

This small modern cabin uses a vintage style to create an idyllic home in the forest. By choosing to make it a cedar-shingled cabin, you can build a tiny home that looks like it fits right in among the stunning trees.

33. Wall of windows

Just because you have a small cabin doesn't mean that you can't enjoy plenty of windows. In fact, this cabin may not be large, but it boasts an entire wall of windows that you'd surely enjoy.

34. Two-level roof

This small contemporary cabin keeps things compact by only offering residents and potential guests a single story inside. However, it makes that area as spacious as possible while also adding some additional style to the home with an angled, two-level roof.

35. Barn wood cabin

Repurposing old barn wood and turning it into furniture or other décor items is always a great (and usually affordable) idea. That's why it makes sense to also use it to create a fabulous (and, again, affordable) barn wood cabin.

36. Outdoor stone chimney

Another cabin that boasts a porch that's nearly as large as the small seasonal home itself, this design has one big feature: That would be a beautiful yet massive outdoor chimney that is made up of stacked round rocks.

37. Modern mini loft cabin

Barns are known for being big and spacious. This modern mini loft cabin uses the same idea, only shrinks it down into a chic and compact design.

38. Log cabin with green accents

This small cabin uses rather large logs to create a space that's both cozy and secure. It also has sweet green accents on the end of each log, as well as on the doorframe and window frames, that give it the perfect touch of color.

39. Classic and contemporary cabin combination

When you first take a look at this small cabin, you might notice the contemporary details, such as the smooth finished wood and sleek windows. But look again and you'll see that the design mixes those modern elements with a structure that is more like a classic cabin.

40. Small log cabin with little balcony

The stunning colors of the wood used in this small cabin are almost luscious, and the large sloped roof that stretches around half the height of the tiny home make it an attractive option on its own. Beyond that, the carved railings and little balcony make the design simply delightful.