20 Paint Colors That Go Well With Purple

There are almost as many ways to combine colors as there are colors to be combined. Canva shares a great collection of ways to incorporate colors and offers up a look at how each of them complement one another. If you have purple furniture, purple cupboards, purple bedding, or purple décor that you want to integrate well with the color of your walls in each room, this list of colors will help you find what you're looking for.

Verywell Mind looks at the psychology of the color purple. If you're on the fence about integrating purple into any room of your home, consider the fact that it is a royal color, which is empowering. It's the color of bravery — consider the Purple Heart, after all. It's also a spiritual color, as it's paired with the crown chakra. Finally, purple is considered a unique color, making it perfect for rooms you want to stand out and be noticed when guests stop by. To that end, here are 20 paint colors that go well with purple.

1. Black and mystical

Black may not be an obvious choice for most living spaces, but if you like truly dark tones, this is a great paint color to pair with purple furniture and décor. If black seems too dark, pair it with a purple accent wall.

2. Pink with purple

Pink and purple may seem like a pairing suited more for a child's room than any other space in your home, but it works. The colors together have a bit of a Victorian feel to them.

3. Liven up grays

Gray paired with purple adds a brighter aspect to any room. In this purple and gray bathroom, the color combination gives a relaxing atmosphere for comforting baths and easy mornings.

4. Pale blues

The right shades of blue and purple paint colors can complement each other well. With the hints of yellow on the pillows and nightstands, this room has the air of a peaceful place of slumber and a refreshing place to wake up in the morning.

5. Splashes of turquoise

You can tell just by looking at this beautiful bouquet of flowers that purple and turquoise make an excellent paint color pairing. Whether you want to put in an accent wall of purple or decorate with purple furnishings, you'll surely have a bright and beautiful room.

6. Yellow as the sun

From the yellow light to the yellow art on the wall, you can see that yellow and purple paint colors look amazing together. This would look even brighter and more lively with yellow walls and purple accents.

7. Combine shades of purple

Here's proof that purple goes well with purple. All three of these paint colors look wonderful together and give the room a fun, modern design.

8. Ravishing reds

The red accents in this purple room look exceptionally vivid and bright. These two paint colors combined have a royal feeling to them. Either shade of purple would like good with a full accent wall in red.

9. Mustard yellow

Amazingly enough, darker yellow paint colors like this one also look magnificent with purple. This couch is a purplish-blue, but even a richer or lighter purple piece would go well in this mustard room.

10. Coral combinations

The combination of coral tones with a bright pale purple gives this bathroom a fun and whimsical look. It'll be easy to start your day refreshed here.

11. Bright blues

The bright blue shade of this room is absolutely cheerful. The purple chair goes well, nearly blending with and absorbing the blue paint color.

12. Luscious green

Bright green with a deep, rich purple is divine. While this image is of the outside of the house, it's easy to imagine an accent wall in this paint color with a beautiful throne of a purple chair in front.

13. Yummy orange

This shade of orange paint looks like a fresh lemon peel and combines beautifully with both shades of lilacs. Whether you're looking to decorate the room in purple furnishings or add an accent wall, orange paint is a great partner.

14. Seafoam greens

We've delved into turquoise already, but this paint color borders on a glorious seafoam green that makes the pale purple of these purple orchids pop.

15. Simple creamy tones

You don't have to pick bright and flashy colors to go with your purple accents. This creamy off-white paint color looks great with the purple flower on the table.

16. A dash of denim

If you really want your purple décor to stand out, pair them with a denim blue. The deep blue paint color makes the dark lavender really stand out, but would work great with any shade of purple paint. 

17. Evergreen hues

This medium green paint color is gorgeous on its own, but mixed with the purple accents in this bathroom it looks even more stunning.

18. Rich royal blues

While this blue is a combination of a few shades, the rich color of it looks absolutely royal with the red curtain and purple-hued chair. This is a great combo for a room you want to feel powerful in.

19. Earthy browns

The earthy brown wall in this room looks beautiful against the purple vase. If you want your purple décor, furniture, and other accents to really stand out, think earthy tones.

20. A hint of turquoise

Sometimes you want a nice faint color, and this very pale turquoise is a wonderful accent to the woodwork in this room. The lilacs offer solid proof that purple goes well in this setting.