This Cool Painting Hack Will Make A Small Space Seem Bigger

As any design enthusiast will know, there's nothing that can transform a space as quickly and easily as a simple coat of paint. Not to mention, it manages to do so in an incredibly budget-friendly way, especially if you tackle the chore of painting yourself. The only issue is deciding what color you want to go with. With hundreds or even thousands of options available at your nearest paint store, deciding which shade to buy can be daunting.

If you're looking to paint a small space, you might assume that you have to steer clear of any bold or dark hues, and instead opt for light, airy colors like shades of white, gray, or pale versions of your preferred color. However, as interior designers Jaclyn Journey and Amanda Jacobs revealed to Apartment Therapy, that isn't the case. When you're trying to make a smaller space seem visually larger, you should instead consider what you're painting rather than avoiding certain hues. Is it the walls, the baseboard, the ceiling? Or is it everything? Read ahead to see why this matters.

Supersize your space with this easy trick

As with any painting job, you'll want to start by picking out a shade you love. Then, rather than just painting the walls, take Apartment Therapy's recommendation and splash that color on every inch of the room. Okay, perhaps leave your gorgeous hardwood floors alone, and don't try to stipple the hue onto your carpeting. However, after you're done painting the walls with your selected shade, keep on going and paint the ceiling, baseboards, trim, and just about any other area in the room that can be painted. An added tip — go for a glossier finish like eggshell or satin, as these finishes will reflect light and make the space seem bigger as well, per Paintzen.

This hack works by essentially eliminating the number of different lines that catch your eye and segment the space, making you less aware of the smaller scale of the room. The simple act of painting everything the same hue also reduces visual clutter, and as The Spruce explains, clutter can make an already small space feel even more cramped. You can even apply this trick to furniture pieces if you're feeling so inclined. For example, as Architectural Digest suggests, you might consider painting your bookcases the same color as the walls, which in turn, can make them look like built-ins. A uniform color all around the room will give your small space a sense of cohesiveness.