The Best Sofa Beds For Your Living Room

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From accommodating guests on a long weekend to giving you the option to have a luxurious movie night in your living room, sofa beds enhance your space with convenience and comfort. In addition to saving space, buying a sofa bed basically means that you get two pieces of furniture for the price of one, helping you save money without compromising your needs, per Club Furniture. Regarding style, sleeper sofas have come a long way, and the upholstery options can range from traditional to modern.

Regardless of whether your priority is style or comfort, buying a sofa bed is a major investment that will probably be far more useful than you may expect. Why buy a cheap air mattress that will result in aching backs when you can get a plush sleeper sofa? That being said, keep reading to see which are the best sofa beds for your living room!

The plush Monroe Sleeper Sofa includes a bed frame for added support

According to Shovlin Mattress Factory, bed frames are essential for having proper support and a restful night of sleep. That's why the Monroe Sleeper Sofa from Pottery Barn Teen is at the top of our list when it comes to high-quality sofa beds. Available in seven colors ranging from dusty rose to storm blue, this two-seater sofa pulls out into a full-sized bed with total ease. The expanded polystyrene frame provides ample support, while the polyurethane foam inside the couch is firm enough so that you don't sink, yet soft enough for a comfy cushion.

In addition to choosing your desired color, you can also select your sofa's fabric. With three options that include plain weave, velvet, and suede, you are sure to find the perfect material for your space. While sitting down with New York Magazine, interior designer Annie Mueller explained that the Monroe Sleeper Sofa is perfect for smaller spaces yet still manages to provide spacious sleeping accommodation.

Purchase the Monroe Sleeper Sofa from Pottery Barn Teen starting at $499.

This teal velvet sofa easily converts into a firm yet comfy sleeping option

According to Ashley HomeStore, reclining furniture has a wide range of benefits that include everything from stress relief to improved blood circulation. If you want to reduce your back pain and easily convert your trendy sofa into a solid place to snooze, check out the CosmoLiving Adley Coil Futon. This dark teal futon is chic and modern, yet the velvet upholstery prevents it from appearing cold or uninviting. Simply sit back, recline, and relax during your favorite television show or movie.

If you find yourself wanting to lie down completely flat, fold the back of the couch all the way back and lounge on the firm yet supportive base. Though it is on the firmer side, the coils inside give you proper support so that you avoid sinking and having back pain. Despite being pretty affordable for the quality, this futon maintains a very elegant and expensive look that will set the tone for your living room. Between the color and velvet material, this futon definitely counts as a statement piece.

Purchase the CosmoLiving Adley Coil Futon from Walmart starting at $599.99.

Add the Birch Lane queen-sized sleeper sofa to your living room for an elegant touch

According to Hammers and Heels, sinuous springs run across the entire frame of a sofa or bed and have an s-like shape to them. In addition to being one of the easiest springs to install and replace, sinuous springs offer a comfortable seat that is firm yet flexible. They are also very durable, meaning that your furniture has a better chance of lasting through the years when sinuous springs are used. These springs provide the solid foundation for the popular Birch Lane Centerton Sofa Bed.

One of the best parts of this couch is definitely the size. Though it appears to be only a two-seat, the sofa is surprisingly wide and can open up into a queen-sized bed when needed. The Birch Lane Centerton Sofa is also available in more than 50 colors, meaning you'll be able to match this couch perfectly to the rest of your living room.

Purchase the Birch Lane Centerton Sofa Bed from Wayfair starting at $1,645.

Create a clean look with this expandable sleeper sofa from Crate & Barrel

Rather than having a typical fold-up sofa bed, the Bedford Queen Trundle Sleeper Sofa allows you to simply pull on a rail at the base of the couch to reveal a queen-sized mattress. Per The Spruce, this sofa from Crate & Barrel is one of the best trundle options in existence due to its simple design and easy functionality. If you aren't into the navy blue coloring, you can customize this sleeper sofa with lighter or more neutral upholstery.

When it comes to comfort, the high-density mattress ensures that you can get comfortable while still protecting your back from a sinking surface. In fact, the denser a mattress is, the better chance it has of lasting (via Top Natural Mattress). In addition to accommodating overnight guests, the pull-out trundle can also be used as a footrest or simply provide extra space for those looking to get comfortable on the couch.

Purchase the Bedford Queen Trundle Sleeper Sofa from Crate & Barrel starting at $3,199.

Check out West Elms' Henry Sleeper Sofa for a more legitimate bed option

The Henry Sleeper Sofa by West Elm is the real deal due to its nice size and classic shape. According to Apartment Therapy, the Henry Sleeper Sofa is perfect for taking a long nap since the fabric is ridiculously soft. Though it might not be the chicest sofa bed, it does a great job retaining its shape even after being broken in. It is also available in either a twin or queen size, depending on how much space you have to work with.

Since the Henry Sleeper Sofa has a full frame, sleeping on it will feel just as supported and sturdy as sleeping on an actual bed. While some people might not understand the importance of a solid bed frame, this structure can prevent annoying squeaks and creaks that might disturb you throughout the night. It also assists your mattress in providing you with the best support possible so that you can wake up feeling refreshed and recharged, even after crashing on the couch (via Shovlin Mattress Factory).

Purchase the Henry Sleeper Sofa from West Elm starting at $1,499.

If you have a smaller space, take a look at the Buchanan Roll Arm Leather Sleeper Sofa

While leather might not be the first material you think of when picturing the perfect sofa bed, the Buchanan Roll Arm Leather Sleeper Sofa from Pottery Barn lets you adorn your living room with a chic and cozy piece. Though most leather chairs that have a similar style and quality tend to be on the larger side, this sofa, in particular, can fit in smaller spaces and is a great option for a studio apartment.

If you're not entirely sold on the leather aspect of the Buchanan Roll Arm Leather Sleeper Sofa, there are several benefits to this more refined material. Per United Leather, "leather products are renowned for their durability and longevity." They are also far easier to clean and keep looking fresh. Since pretty much no one likes to overheat while sleeping, it is important to note that leather is also more breathable, ensuring that you stay cool and comfortable.

Purchase the Buchanan Roll Arm Leather Sleeper Sofa from Pottery Barn starting at $4,299.

Enjoy the memory foam mattress on this Bladen Full Sofa Sleeper from Ashley Furniture

Another leather option, the Bladen Full Sofa Sleeper has a warm look that makes a space feel more traditional and nostalgic. Plus, with a full-size pull-out mattress, this sofa bed gives you the best of both worlds when wanting to lounge on the couch or make up the bed for a living room slumber party. While some might prefer a more vibrant or trendy sofa bed, this is a classic that never goes out of style.

Thanks to the sturdy wooden frame, you'll feel supported while sitting or sleeping. Plus, the soft memory foam mattress will absorb any movement made while trying to get a good night's sleep, making it easy to share with another person if necessary (via Healthline). Keep in mind that this sofa bed is only available in a few colors, all of which are on the darker side. While dark brown couches are definitely traditional, they might clash with a brighter or more modern space.

Purchase the Bladen Full Sofa Sleeper from Ashley Furniture starting at $799.99.

Use the sleep kit on this couch from Nomad while having overnight guests

According to Forbes, the Nomad Sleeper get five stars for its unique concept and success. Rather than using traditional pull-out or folding methods, Nomad includes a "sleep kit" with its sleeper sofas so that you can create the perfect setting for overnight guests. The sleep kit includes everything from a memory foam topper to a custom sheet set for the ultimate level of comfort. It even comes with an eye mask!

Basically, this sleep kit makes it super easy to get guests ready for bed without the hassle of lifting heavy furniture or moving things around. Plus, the memory foam topper makes it feel as though you're sleeping on a blanket of clouds. Per Healthline, memory foam can mold itself around your body, hugging you in all the right places so that you can rest comfortably. However, once you are out of bed, the memory foam returns to its natural shape so that different guests can enjoy it. Though the memory foam provides extra padding and softness, the firm cushions of the Nomad Sleeper ensure that you'll feel supported during your sleep.

Purchase the Arch Nomad Sleeper from Burrow starting at $1,790.

This plush sofa is totally customizable for those in need of something more unique for their space

The Sloan Sleeper is the perfect sofa for those who need specific customizations. From the color to the fabric to the optional left chaise, the Sloan Sleeper has a timeless style that can fit in various interiors. From coral to auburn, this sofa is available in pretty much any color that you can think of. According to Apartment Therapy, the Sloan Sleeper is very firm, meaning those who hate the feeling of a sinking couch will appreciate this. However, if you prefer a softer and plusher seat, this one might not be for you.

The firmness of the Sloan Sleeper is due in part to the layered foam cushions. While there is memory foam for some cushions, the layered and dense foam below maintains proper support and causes the sofa to be very structured and upright. Though it has a sleek look, this sofa bed remains elegant and inviting.

Purchase the Sloan Sleeper from Interior Define starting at $3,095.

The Eliot Twin Sleeper is perfect for small spaces

According to MyDomaine, the Eliot Twin Sleeper by Joybird is one of the best sofa beds for small spaces. Able to fit in narrow corridors, the Eliot Twin Sleeper goes from being a plush and adorable chair to a cozy twin-sized bed within the blink of an eye. Made from hypoallergenic fabric, this tiny sleeper sofa is available in 18 different colors, ranging from a deep teal to a light blush. If you love the Eliot Twin Sleeper but need something larger to make use of your living room space, Joybird also offers a larger option that can seat three to four people comfortably.

Though the mattress itself has a high density, it is topped with a memory foam topper for the ultimate level of comfort. According to Bear Mattress, sleeping on memory foam can result in improved posture and alignment of the spine, leading to a reduction in back pain. Some other benefits of memory foam include lasting longer, improving allergies, and better support for your joints and muscles.

Purchase the Eliot Twin Sleeper from Joybird starting at $1,459.

If you want a simple futon that will match the rest of your furniture, take a look at this option from Amazon

Per Don't Waste Your Money, the DHP Emily Futon is an affordable option that doesn't skimp on quality. In addition to being easy to assemble, this standard futon is very versatile in terms of function and style. Whether you're looking to sit, recline, or lay flat, the Emily Futon by DHP does it all. While black is a very traditional color, you can switch things up and add some flair by choosing one of the other seven colors that this futon comes in.

While sofa beds might be more comfortable, futons offer you a much wider range of versatility. No matter how small your space is, chances are that it will be easier to fit a futon than a couch (via Comfort Zone Shop). Futons are also easier to adjust and move around than a bulky sofa, making them perfect for those who prefer to rearrange and renovate often. Lastly, suppose you're on a tight budget. In that case, futons are the cheaper option for adding living room furniture that can convert into a bed when necessary.

Purchase the DHP Emily Futon from Amazon starting at $265.

The Novogratz Brittany Sleeper is available in a twin or queen-size option

Available in more than 10 trendy colors, the Novogratz Brittany Sleeper has a vintage silhouette that will add an elegant touch to your living room. Whether you're looking to kick back during a movie night or you're setting up sleeping accommodations for a guest, the Novogratz is a reliable option that looks just as nice as it feels. Since the Novogratz Brittany Sleeper folds out into a queen-sized mattress, this is a solid option for people who want something more spacious and can fit more than one overnight guest at a time.

Though the mattress has a medium firmness, the top is covered with three plush inches of memory foam. According to Mattress World Northwest, memory foam is one of the best materials to sleep on regardless of the position in which you slumber. Despite being better for your posture in the long run, sleeping on unyielding surfaces can cause pain when you lay on your side or back. However, the soft cushion contours to your body with memory foam, relieving pressure and resistance.

Purchase the Novogratz Brittany Sleeper from Amazon starting at $1,199.

This daybed from Pottery Barn is a more unique and stylish option when compared to a traditional sofa bed

While it is technically not a sofa bed, this gorgeous daybed from Pottery Barn is a wonderful spot to curl up with a great book or take a cozy nap. During an interview with The Strategist, designer Ted Roberts recommended this daybed due to its unbeatable construction and design. From the heavy-duty fabric options to the clever structure that allows you to take this twin-sized daybed and make it nearly as wide as a king, the Luna Upholstered Daybed Sleeper is an exceptional piece of furniture.

Though it has great functionality, this daybed also has a certain charm that can elevate the style of any living room. In fact, it appears so upscale that Roberts told The Strategist, "It's very slick, I almost can't believe that it's Pottery Barn." To achieve a firmer and more supported feel, the cushions are wrapped in polyester, and elastic webbing is used throughout the interior of the daybed.

Purchase the Luna Upholstered Daybed Sleeper from Pottery Barn starting at $1,299.