25 Small Bathroom Shelf Ideas That Will Maximize Your Space

While living with a small bathroom may be a reality for you, it doesn't have to mean living with minimal storage space. Towels, skincare, rolls of toilet paper, and even décor pieces such as candles and plants can all have their place in the bathroom. One of the simplest and most efficient ways to create the room to store them is by utilizing your empty walls.

According to Apartment Therapy, using the wall for storage isn't always apparent at first. Many of us rely on traditional furniture pieces such as the vanity or medicine cabinet to organize our essentials. Whether you have the luxury of having either in your small bathroom or not, usually additional space is necessary to hold everything you need. Fortunately, the shelving ideas you'll find ahead will open up the possibilities of maximizing your space no matter what size or layout bathroom you're working with.

1. A trendy round shelf

Round shelves are having a moment and it's no wonder why. They're stylish while also providing great storage. Hang one that matches your bathroom aesthetic and use it to store Q-tips or cotton balls alongside succulents.

2. A simple floating shelf

If you're really pressed for space, choose a small floating shelf to store your everyday necessities such as makeup brushes and a toothbrush. This gets them off of the countertop while taking up minimal room elsewhere.

3. A series of floating shelves

Need more storage space than just a single floating shelf? Go with a series of matching floating shelves. Follow the rule of three which, in the interior design world, simply means that objects look best in groups of three.

4. A metal accent shelf

Infusing some metal into your bathroom via an accent shelf can give your bathroom a cool, industrial feel. Hang one above the toilet and place extra toilet paper, tissues, room spray or a candle for guests to feel comfortable.

5. A crafty crate

If you're in the mood for a DIY project, you can easily find an unfinished crate at your local craft store. Refinish it the way you want and hang it on the wall by using brackets or D ring hooks. Roll up and store some towels or washcloths in it for easy access.

6. An aesthetically matching shelf

Cohesiveness can help a room look and feel more put together and potentially larger than it is. Opt for a shelf that matches any finishes such as the faucet and hardware to achieve this look and feel while also providing necessary storage.

7. A mirror with attached ledge

When choosing a mirror for your small bathroom, look into ones that have a small shelf attached at the bottom. A cup with your toothbrush, favorite facial cleanser, and a washcloth can all be placed on it for easy reach.

8. A recessed mirror

If you're in the market for a new mirror and need some extra storage, look into buying a recessed one. It will give you a little extra space on the bottom ledge to place a few items and even room on the top ledge for décor.

9. A shelf between sinks

If you're fortunate enough to have double sinks in a small bathroom, consider hanging a shelf between the mirrors. Store the things that everyone uses such as toothpaste on it to make for a seamless morning or night routine.

10. A wall mounted cabinet

This can be open shelving or behind closed or glass doors. Coordinating it with or matching it to your vanity can help keep the bathroom looking cohesive and give you that extra needed space.

11. A built-in

Built-in shelves are an excellent way to maximize space in a small bathroom. It saves square footage while also lending ample storage for linens and backstock supplies. Be sure to use baskets or bins to hide the visual clutter since they are open shelves.

12. A backsplash ledge

Perhaps you're looking to renovate the bathroom soon and want to include this or you already have it and aren't utilizing it. A ledge on your backsplash can serve as excellent additional storage for things such as perfume and a jewelry dish.

13. A corner shelf

Have corner shelves? Be sure to use them to store round items to maximize the space the most. If not but you have an open corner, consider installing small shelves and doing the same.

14. A cabinet with cubbies

If you're renovating your small bathroom, consider having a wall cabinet installed. A cubby specifically designed for rolled towels can be added to give you simple storage and access.

15. A shower shelf

A small shower can pose problems, especially when multiple people use it and store multiple products in it. Shelves are an aesthetic upgrade from suction cup baskets and will provide ample storage. Hanging a shelf into tile isn't as straightforward as hanging one on drywall, so either consult with a contractor or do research before you DIY.

16. A shower niche shelf

Similar to installing a shower shelf, a niche shelf requires some DIY handiwork or hiring a professional to install. The difference, however, is that this type of shelf will save even more space, especially in a small shower as it is carved into the wall rather than jutting out.

17. A standalone shelf

Rather than installing a shelf, consider investing in a standalone piece of furniture. As long as you have the floor space, it can be as tall as you want and hold everything from towels to toiletries.

18. A rolling cart

Again, if you have the space on the floor to place a piece of furniture with shelving, consider a three-tier rolling cart. The shelves can hold makeup, hair tools, or even bath salts and be rolled anywhere you need it.

19. A ladder shelf

A third option if you have just a little floor space is a ladder shelf. Not only are they trendy, but they add a unique element in a small bathroom and much needed storage space.

20. A vanity with a shelf

Even if there isn't space in a small bathroom to add a large vanity with a variety of drawers and cabinets, you can still find one with storage. Look for a sink and vanity combination with an open shelf at the bottom, which will allow you to grab what you need in an instant.

21. A small cabinet

A small cabinet can add essential storage in a small bathroom, but don't forget that the top of it can double as a shelf. Add décor or essentials and keep it minimal to avoid a cluttered look.

22. A windowsill

If your windowsills are wide enough to store things, it's a good idea to use them. Plants are excellent to place there so that they get sunlight and don't take up space anywhere else in a small bathroom.

23. A bath tray

Your favorite soaps or bath salts can find their place right where you need them if you place them on a bathtub tray. Rather than cluttering up a cabinet or taking up space under the sink, they can stay out as décor on your standalone tub.

24. A bench

One overlooked shelving option is not a shelf at all, but rather, a bench. A small and simple bench can provide storage just like a shelf does for your spa essentials.

25. A stool

Similar to a bench, a stool in a small bathroom can give that extra storage space while also adding to the overall design. Place one at the foot of the tub for a Pinterest pretty image.