Everything We Know About Why Aaron Rodgers Sold His California Mansion

As prices of properties double, triple, and quadruple more than ever recorded, the housing inventory of many metropolitan markets is drying out at a great speed. And, as we have more buyers entering the marketplace, it's getting harder to buy a home in 2022

Among some of the hotter buys, we have Jeff Franklin's $6.3 million Charles Manson murder mansion (now up for sale at $85 million), according to NME. Also, there was Aaron Rodgers' $2.055 million mansion (purchased in 2009) which he sold for double the price at $5.13 million in November of 2021, Dirt writes. While the former has taken us back to the mysteries surrounding the Sharon Tate murder, many folks (especially the Green Bay Parkers star's fans) are asking why Rodgers sold his luxurious San Diego mansion and how long it took to find a buyer.

Below, let's find out the possible reasons and other info bits about why the 38-year-old football star let go of an enviable 5, 770 square feet Mediterranean-style luxury residence.

Why did Aaron Rodgers sell the property?

FYI, Aaron Rodgers has two other homes in Wisconsin and Malibu, which he acquired at the price of $442,500 and $28 million respectively, according to Techno Trenz. He probably let the San-Diego mansion go because, well, why not when he has two other houses to live in? However, it is also noteworthy that Bleacher Report says the footballer was and is currently actively consolidating his real estate portfolio and may sell or buy more houses before the end of 2022. Similarly, as seen on the Daily Mail, the A-list quarterback is soon to be transferred to the Denver Broncos amidst his refusal to get vaccinated (you know ... better sell what you're leaving behind). 

In conclusion, those are three possible reasons Mr. Rodgers sold the San Diego mansion. Anyway, if you care to know, it took Rodgers less than a month to sell the home, which was listed by agent Lauren Fields at Berkshire Hathaway Homeservice on October 13, 2021, and sold on November 19, 2021 (via Yahoo! Life). We also discovered on Dirt that the home previously belonged to the singer Robin Williams before it was acquired by Rodgers in 2009.