Things You Should Be Buying At Home Depot

When it comes to shopping at Home Depot, the options are limitless. There are selections galore for DIY shoppers, including the serious furniture flipper, gardening maestro, and expert contractor. According to Money Inc, the mega-chain store was co-founded in 1978 by Bernard Marcus, Pat Farrah, Ron Brill, and Arthur Blank. It was made with two principal goals in mind. The first goal was simple — build a superstore larger than the competition in the home improvement realm. The second goal was to provide competitive pricing based on bulk purchases. Well, it worked! And this is why the prices are so hard to beat.

Home Depot has become one of the largest retailers in the world and has surpassed its original goals. It now is regularly listed on the Forbes 500 list of the largest United States companies. Because of its reasonable prices and reliable customer service, it has surpassed stores such as Target, Walmart, and Best Buy in revenue. Because Home Depot is so popular, we figured we should narrow down some of its top item selections for serious shoppers. Next time you're headed to the home improvement store, grab this list and be sure to give these items a second glance. You will pick up a primo item that will surely come in handy for years to come.

1. Shop a wide selection of wood flooring

Since this is one of the nation's largest home improvement retailers, it is no surprise that DIYers flock to Home Depot's doors. Or should we say floors? According to Fox Business, engineered wood floors are among the most popular items pinned on Home Depot's Pinterest, which has over 1.7 million followers. For example, there's the trendy Timber Wolf Hickory by Lifeproof. It's waterproof hardwood flooring that comes in various colors with lots of potential for years of traction. In today's craze for wood floors, it's a home improvement shopper's dream to peruse storerooms full of floor samples.

Engineered hardwood is perfect for the bedroom, living room, dining room, or even the kitchen. Let's be honest, if you're concerned with modern decor, the days of carpeted bedrooms and living rooms are numbered. Wooden floors give a home a contemporary feel, and you can find some of the best deals on high-quality flooring in Home Depot. 

2. Shop trendy plants in its garden center

Many people consider Home Depot their personal nursery, and for a good reason. When it comes to plants, the garden center at Home Depot seemingly carries them all. There are indoor and outdoor plants, succulents, air plants, bonnie plants, and even fake plants. A bonnie plant is a home garden herb or vegetable — think lemon, thyme, or mint. The hardware store is also a great place to buy trending plants for a steal, says Vox. While a Pilea peperomioides can cost upwards of $40 in an independent nursery, it typically costs around $23 in Home Depot. According to Hunker, the hardware store has 10 top-selling plants you can typically find at any location. This includes palms, snake plants, and cane plants.

Another fan-favorite is the beautiful Bird of Paradise. Especially notable for folks who haven't quite earned a green thumb, this plant is relatively low maintenance and even grows in indirect sunlight. Yes, this plant that is often admired outdoors for its bird-like blooms will also grow indoors.

3. 'Oops paint' offers super low prices for DIY projects

Sometimes Home Depot makes mistakes with its paint, and the colors get sold to customers at discounted prices. According to Hunker, when Home Depot mistints a requested color, that bucket gets called "oops paint." Rather than throwing it out, the store sells it to customers for a lower price, protecting the environment and the brand's overhead.

It seems like we're constantly in a state of rehabbing our homes with projects and small DIYs. Whether you're repainting a wall or flipping an old piece of furniture, you'll eventually find yourself in need of some paint. If you're not overly picky about the color, save yourself some money by requesting to see the oops paints and picking out a hue for an incredible rate. Home Depot usually dedicates a shelf to these paints, so don't be shy about asking someone in that orange apron to help you find its location.

4. Get everything you need for painting at Home Depot

There are literally hundreds of options of paint colors at Home Depot for every part of the home. Seemingly every color is available, as is every kind of stain and finish. The options are endless. There's traditional interior paint, spray paint, concrete paint, primers, exterior paint, interior wood stains, and even arts and crafts paints! The selection is dizzying. And so are the dollars associated with the growth of Home Depot's paint department. According to Interiors N More, Home Depot raked in $7 billion in 2013 and reached $10 billion in revenue by 2020. Talk about profits!

Then there are the painting tools needed to actually put that brush to the wall (or whatever you're painting). There's paint brushes, tarps, paint tape, paint buckets, paint rollers, paint sprayers, and so much more. The whole world of paint is all encompassing at Home Depot. It's no wonder the industry is booming!

5. Fulfill all your bookshelf needs

Bookcases are being purchased in droves at Home Depot. It seems even though we've mostly switched to a digital age, bookcases still have a place front and center in our modern world. There are still plenty of people who love a hard copy and collect books galore. Then there are the magazines, CDs, DVDs (yes, those were once a thing), records and hey, even tapes! How about those old VHS tapes?

The bookcase is also where knickknacks are stored, along with memorable photos of friends and family. In fact, according to Fox Business, the bookcase is in the top five of Home Depot's bestsellers, and among the most frequently pinned items on Pinterest. There are bookcases of seemingly every make and model at the store. And the options of bookcases are just as ample. There are ladder bookcases, standard bookcases with adjustable shelves, open back bookcases, solid wood bookcases, and even bookcases with glass doors. Home Depot seems to carry them all.

6. Light up your home the Home Depot way

Lights are selling at a rapid pace at Home Depot, especially LED lights. According to Ben's Bargains, the multipacks have the best prices. And who doesn't need lights? We need them for our homes, cars, and offices. Examples of today's popular lighting include tube lights that often light up an office area of a commercial space, track lights for residential and commercial uses, and recessed lights usually found inside homes. Of course, there's also outdoor lighting. Think of a string of lights elegantly placed around a gazebo. Lights can make all the difference when decorating.  

And then there is the variety of light bulbs available — the number is endless. There are standard light bulbs, can light bulbs, globe light bulbs, candle light bulbs, and even vintage ones. And the prices are fantastic. For example, you can get a candle light bulb pack of 12 for only $17.62, which translates to $1.47 a bulb. And that's a bargain. "There is no beating the selection of lightbulbs Home Depot offers and keeps on hand," Brian Garcia, an owner of the design firm D & G Interiors + Design in New Jersey, told Insider. "Not only are you bound to find the type of bulb you're looking for, but their pricing is always sharp and lower than the hardware store."

7. A green thumb saves at Home Depot when it comes to mulch

Gardening at Home Depot is big business. According to Ben's Bargains, Home Depot is usually generous with its garden center sales, allowing customers to find staples like bags of mulch for as low as $2. For those who don't know, mulch is decomposed plants and other organic materials, reports The Spruce. It's beneficial because it adds nutrients to the soil, making vegetation grow. According to Contra Costa Water District, mulching is especially beneficial for areas that regularly experience droughts. Mulch helps reduce water evaporation, allowing the soil to remain moist for longer periods of time. 

In addition to mulch, Home Depot also carried all the gardening items that one needs if they're to develop a serious green thumb. For example, serious gardeners invest in gardening tools, shears, gloves, seats, and even knee pads. And yes, all of this is found at Home Depot. Another perk of the home improvement store? It offers a price-match guarantee. This definitely keeps many shoppers coming back for more.

8. Get access to quality ceramic floors and tiles

If you're looking to remodel and need ceramic tiles, head to Home Depot. Lismore gray glazed ceramic floor and wall tiles are another popular purchase at Home Depot, according to a list of "buys and skips" by Insider. Naturally, gray ceramic floors and tiles are getting a lot of love these days. Like wooden floors, they are part of a modern aesthetic that favors clean and simple finishes. From backsplashes to countertops to floors, these tiles will enhance many different parts of the home. Nicole Pomije, the owner of a rapidly-growing bakery, The Cookie Cups, told Insider that the Lismore tile selection, in particular, is high-quality and affordable. Pomije also says that the ceramic floors will stand the test of time and work for residential or commercial projects. 

Plus, they are durable and boast stain and water resistance properties. A win for big families! We're sure the founders of Home Depot didn't have any idea their store would take off with such incredible success. Sure, they dreamed it would benefit DIYers, but it has far surpassed that. It has become like a second home for renovators and contractors.

9. Get your smart appliances here to make your life easier

Who doesn't love to come home to a warm house? Being outside in the cold makes one look forward to the comforts of home and the relaxation of a warm, shall we say, "nest." According to Insider, the Nest — a smart-learning, WiFi programmable, thermostat — is another hit at Home Depot. In fact, the smart thermostat is blowing up in new homes across the nation.

But are they worth the price? According to Just Energy, the answer is "absolutely." It reports that the convenience of a smart thermostat will change your life since it's so easy to adjust the temperature straight from your phone. Using a smart thermostat will also help you make energy-efficient choices, and even remind you it's time to change that air filter! This is important since half of an American's household electricity bill comes from cooling and heating alone. This means that climate control is the most relevant contributor to a home's total energy usage. 

10. Make appliance-shopping easier by shopping at Home Depot

Another great thing to buy from Home Depot is appliances. Not only does the home improvement store pride itself on having a wide selection both in-store and online, but its knowledgeable staff can help answer questions if you shop in-person. For those looking to lessen the financial sting of buying a large appliance, Appliance Analysts notes that you can buy a fridge, stove, or whathaveyou on the Home Depot credit card, which allows you to pay off the purchase in increments interest-free over six months. The only caveat is that the purchase must be at least $299 to qualify for this perk.

Another perk of buying an appliance at Home Depot specifically is the ability to visualize how it will look in your space. The Home Depot app has an augmented reality feature, which lets you project the appliance into your kitchen via your camera, allowing you to see if it looks nice with your current aesthetic.

11. Get quality and safe patio furniture

Nowadays, high-quality patio furniture can be challenging to find at a manageable and affordable price point. That is, until Home Depot stepped in. The brand has really taken a look at how the outdoors play a part in our lives, and came out with tons of decorative patio furniture selections. And according to Reader's Digest, patio furniture is among the top items people should be buying at this mega-chain store. And for a good reason — Home Depot is heavily invested in the safety of its products.

The brand partnered with the global safety science leader UL to create the UL 4041, a certification process that evaluates whether patio furniture is safe and high-quality (via UL). This new safety program gives brands a new standard to aspire to, and lets consumers know that the rattan couch or glass table they're about to buy is safe and will last them years. This is important because nearly three million patio furniture products were recalled between 2016 and 2018, showing a massive problem in the industry. Home Depot made sure guidelines were enforced to protect all future customers, whether or not they bought patio furniture in its locations.

12. Get an astonishing amount of home goods at the hardware store

At Home Depot? Ceramic food canisters? Indeed. Yes. Absolutely. As serious as a cookie. Grab 'em before they go because not only are screwdrivers and mulch popular at the megastore, but home decor items such as canisters also create quite the buzz. And according to Reader's Digest, they are another top seller! You may have noticed that the Home Depot has become quite the store for decorating and home improvement. In fact, people are flocking to its doors to find that perfect decoration! 

According to USA Today, HD Home, launched in 2020, has tons of online items from wine glasses to furniture to linens. While Home Depot has always sold a small selection of home goods, HD Home has expanded its line considerably. Even lifestyle bloggers have tapped into its curated selection, with popular Instagram designers like Dabito remodeling entire rooms using its decor items and homewares. The point is you can trust Home Depot with providing choices for your decorating needs and your power drills.

13. Employ headache-free installation services

Are you itching to remodel your bathroom or kitchen but aren't handy with DIYs? Do you want to retile the floors and walls, but know it will cause a headache if you try to do it yourself? And if you have come to terms with that, are you nervous about hiring a contractor who could stretch out the project to last several weeks? If you want a guaranteed good job done, then employ Home Depot's installation services. 

The Home Depot Home Services team can install, repair, and remodel whatever you need. According to Home Depot's website, there are over 400 services to choose from, spanning from window installation to independent living services to painting and patching. They even offer cleaning services and smart home installations! Interior designer Dabito recently employed Home Depot to retile his entire bathroom with pink Zellige tiles and install shower doors, to beautiful results.