Inside Jesse Tyler Ferguson And Justin Mikita's Stunning New York Home

When Jesse Tyler Ferguson stepped onto our screens as Mitchell Pritchett in "Modern Family" in 2009, he pretty much stole every heart in the world. And by the time he said goodbye to the show in 2020, he was as much part of our families too. But off-screen, Ferguson was busy creating a family of his very own. He married lawyer and Broadway producer Justin Mikita in 2013, and several years later, the couple welcomed their first son Beckett into the world. Ferguson is every inch the doting dad, but he's also refreshingly real about parenting, saying "there are moments where you're like, 'this is the greatest thing I've ever done,' and then there are moments where you're like, 'I'm so tired, what have I done to my life?' And it happens within five minutes," on The Fertile Life Podcast.

And to provide a space for little Beckett to grow, Ferguson and Mikita needed to create a perfect sanctuary. So it was only fitting that when Ferguson wrapped on "Modern Family," they made a nest in the city both of them knew better than anywhere else, and the place they got married: New York City. According to the New York Post, the couple purchased a stunning 1,402-square-foot apartment in Chelsea for $3.05 million in 2018 and quickly set about making it their dream home. And we've gotta admit, it is pretty dreamy. Let's take a look at this stunning celeb-owned N.Y.C apartment.

1. For Ferguson and Mikita, NYC was a natural fit

As a mainstay on T.V. for over a decade, it's little wonder that Ferguson spent a lot of time in L.A., but when it came to where he wanted to settle down, New York was the place to be. For Mikita, too, New York made a lot of sense, given his burgeoning second career. After training as a lawyer, Mikita found a passion for producing Broadway theater and, to date, has worked as a producer on shows like "Torch Song," "Oklahoma!," and the smash-hit "The Inheritance." But the Chelsea apartment wasn't their first. According to New York Post, the couple first had a one-bedroom apartment in Gramercy Park before moving into the two-bedroom Chelsea condo in 2018.

They decided to move into a bigger space because they planned to start a family. Ferguson and Mikita had son Beckett in July 2020, which was a few years after buying the property, as revealed on "The Late Late Show With James Corden." But the comparatively roomy square footage (by N.Y.C. standards, anyway) was undoubtedly helpful for any new parents looking for a moment of calm. And it only makes sense for them to bring up their son in the city they feel most at home.

2. It was a new-build for the pair

When it comes to New York property, it's easy to daydream about the perfect historical Brownstone, but for Ferguson and Mikita, it was very much a "been there, done that" scenario. Instead, they craved what a new build could give them. "We knew we wanted to be in a new building because we had previously been in a prewar and [now] we wanted things like central air conditioning," Mikita told Architectural Digest in an interview after their home tour. Hey, we don't blame him. Clearly, this is someone who knows how brutal summer in New York can be.

Ferguson agreed with his husband's tastes, and also approached things from a style perspective. "I like the idea of a clean look: You can't really see where the refrigerator is because it's all integrated. That was very appealing to me," he stated, and the new build Chelsea property had just what they were looking for. However, that doesn't mean that they didn't have some changes to make before it truly felt like home. Having found the property with friend, realtor, and fellow Broadway alum Sarah Saltzberg, there were still things they had to add pretty quickly. "There was actually, strangely, no drawer for silverware in the kitchen, so we had to figure that out and add it," Mikita said. To be fair, we'd say that's pretty key, so great addition, folks.

3. The couple enlisted the help of designer Peter Gurski to bring their vision to life

Once the couple found the perfect building and the perfect property, it was time to put their stamp on it. But to do that, they needed a little help. That's when they gave their old friend, interior designer Peter Gurski, a call. Gurski was the perfect person to help the showbiz-ensconced pair, thanks to his background in film and TV helping him approach design from a storytelling perspective. In fact, according to the Set Decorators Society of America, he was the set decorator of "Will & Grace" and previously helped to decorate Ferguson and Mikita's Los Angeles home.

In a 2018 tour of the couple's Los Feliz home, Architectural Digest showcased how Gurski added quirky accents throughout the space, such as hanging massive playing cards on the library walls and decorating with prayer candles adorned with images of Barbra Streisand and Britney Spears. There's even a bust of Liza Minnelli! Gurski made sure to bring that same quirky personality to the couple's Chelsea home.

4. Upon entering, their home is full of personal touches

Take one step in Ferguson and Mikita's house, and you'll quickly see that this is isn't some clinical showhome where nothing is ever used or loved. No, this is a house that is truly a home. From the moment they open the door to the camera, you can already see the art, posters, and accolades from Ferguson and Mikita's respective careers adorning the entrance hall. On one wall, tasteful hand-drawn prints line what appears to be a greige fabric-effect wallpaper, each framed in light wood. These sit opposite a shelving space that houses unique postcards and Mikita's own Tony award, which he received for producing "Oklahoma!" on Broadway. Does it feel random for a Tony to be sitting in an entryway? Apparently, stars get creative over where they display their awards. Rachel Brosnahan told People she keeps her Emmy on the toilet since there isn't a lot of storage space in her New York apartment. 

Mikita and Ferguson have put a lot of thought into the practicality of the space, too. There are several tasteful hangers in the entryway to store coats, which sit above a little bench where their guests can perch to take their shoes off. "It's nice to have a shoe-free apartment," Ferguson says in the video before turning to the cameraman and instructing him to take his shoes off, too. The house rules are firmly in place.

5. Ferguson and Mikita have their very own elevator

You don't spend a decade on one of the world's most-loved TV shows without having a few perks to show for it. For Ferguson and his husband Mikita, one of these perks comes in the form of a private elevator. While this seems like the lap of luxury to non-Hollywood-folk, it's pretty standard for A-listers. In fact, Nicole Kidman went a step beyond and installed a car elevator in her Chelsea apartment, which brings her car from the garage directly to her door, per Insider. Ferguson and Mikita's elevator features a sleek, slim, black door, fitting seamlessly into the decor of the apartment.

The elevator space also showcases an ingenious use of space in the home. "Storage is really tight in New York," says Ferguson, as he takes the viewers through a quick tour of the built-in drawer and shoe space next to the elevator. Rest assured, though, you don't have to be a TV star to achieve the same effect in your home. The Ikea Mackapär shoe cabinet is a brilliant substitute. "This Ikea shoe cabinet is great for a small space and perfect to keep in a hallway by the front door. If you have the height, you can stack one cabinet on top of the other and store less frequently used shoes and other accessories up top," states Jeni Aron, of Clutter Cowgirl, to Curbed.

6. Their living and dining space is a pop of tasteful colors

As you move through Ferguson and Mikita's hallway and enter into their combined dining/living space, it's difficult not to draw breath at the sheer beauty of it. Their living space is a vision in tasteful neutrals and muted blues, with dark blue curtains, a navy sofa, and blue wall art creating a calm and cozy effect. It's safe to say Ferguson loves the color blue, especially since his Los Angeles home had a library painted dark blue, per Rethinking the Future.

The open floor plan combines the cooking and living spaces and is adorned with Mikita and Ferguson's personal touches, some of which are pretty unique. It's hard not to be distracted by the miniature sculptural model of a sheep sitting next to a table, which Mikita revealed they named Timothee Chalamet. And –- if we do say so ourselves –- he gets a little sheepish (that's honestly the best pun we've got) when he reveals the sculpture's placement and naming. "I just like to say good morning to him," he says to Ferguson. The sheep sculpture sits under a custom woolen piece designed by California-based artist Meghan Shimek, with the wool of young Mr. Chalamet's fleece matching Shimek's chosen medium.

7. The living room gets a lot of sunlight

It's easy for apartments, particularly those in New York, to become dark and dreary. A combination of lack of floor and window space and inconsistent access to natural light creates frequent problems. However, in Ferguson and Mikita's home, they have no such issues. Their cheerful design choices perfectly complement the flood of natural light, creating a bright space offset by moody blues. Not only is the spacy sunny, but it's also comfortable. "One of the things we really wanted — and we had the space for it for the first time in New York — was a really nice, big couch. So, we got the cloud from Restoration Hardware, which I think a lot of people own. And they do because it's such a great couch," Ferguson said in the video. They're not the only A-listers to own the cloud couch. According to Architectural Digest's vertical Clever, everyone from Kendall Jenner to Nina Dobrev to Kerry Washington has one.

Mikita and Ferguson's apartment is an absolute masterclass in how to accentuate the light in a space, and if you're seeking to do the same, there are plenty of ways to maximize your light potential. One nifty little light hack is to choose furniture, particularly a sofa, that has space underneath it. "It will allow light to pass and therefore illuminate more of the room," interior designer Marissa Bero told MyDomaine.

8. In the kitchen, clever use of storage maximizes space

Every apartment-dweller's ultimate battle is trying to conjure additional space where space isn't available. Ferguson and Mikita were no different, but their choices with storage maximized every inch of available space in their N.Y.C. apartment without things feeling cluttered. A great example of this is in their kitchen, where the couple has opted for open shelving, using slim, industrial-effect shelves to display their bowls, glasses, and kitchenware, shown in New York Design Agenda. The effect of this is twofold. Not only does it utilize otherwise-empty wall space, but it also creates a point of focus and a display area for their unique kitchen items.

Open shelving is an evergreen favorite, and works with any kitchen aesthetic (via Elle Decor). So don't be scared to try it out in your own home. It's clear that the kitchen is a pretty special place for Ferguson. When the multi-talented actor isn't lighting up the silver screen, he is working on his chef skills. Cooking was a talent that he discovered later in life when he –- wait for it -– was cooking for Martha Stewart herself, according to an interview with Variety. Now, he's so into cooking that he's released his very own cookbook, a collaboration with co-author Julie Tanous.

9. The powder room is an homage to New York

When making big design choices, it's easy to neglect the smaller areas in our home. Ferguson and Mikita knew that this could be the case, and took action against it, turning their snug powder room into a place that positively pops. And in an homage to their chosen city of residence, the pair have gone all-out, using a custom printed wallpaper designed by John Robertson. The wallpaper displays treasured New York images and vistas, according to People. The black and gold effect of the wallpaper gives the powder room an elegant feel, and the room is finished off with a picture of their dog, drawn by hand.

Printed wallpapers are easy to shy away from, but as Ferguson and Mikita have shown, they can be used in even the smallest spaces. There's no need to limit them to tucked-away corners, though. Printed wallpapers work stunningly in all home spaces, and are particularly effective when used as a feature wall. Interior designer Jennifer Chused of Chused & Co. pointed out to Refinery29 that creating a statement wall is not only impactful design-wise, but can also save you money since you need less paper.

10. Their guest room doubles as a workspace

In any apartment, there's a need to combine your uses of space. After all, what use is a guest bedroom when you rarely have guests? Luckily, Ferguson and Mikita understand this philosophy very well and put their additional spaces to excellent use, creating a guest room that doubles as a working space. While it might seem strange for A-listers to use their guest bedrooms as offices — especially when considering sprawling Los Angeles compounds — it's what celebs in New York need to do. According to Apartment Therapy, Tavi Gevinson has a one-bedroom Brooklyn apartment with her office wedged in her living room.

In contrast to the rest of the apartment's blue-focused aesthetic, this space favors darker wood tones. Despite the darker palette, the room doesn't feel closed in or moody since the natural light pouring in from the windows is picked up by the neutral carpet. With multiple drawers and stacked shelving, the clever use of storage never comes at the expense of style. Once again, Ferguson and Mikita have decked the space out with personal touches, including a record player and a gorgeous photo of the two of them. Jesse and Justin, we would happily come for a visit if this was where we were staying.

11. Ferguson & Mikita's primary bathroom is made homely by some personal touches

In such an elegantly put-together home, you might not think that any of the design aspects were a sticking point, but Ferguson and Mikita's main bathroom was arguably the most challenging space for them to get right. With white marble and touches of darker accents throughout, the bathroom took a little time for the pair to perfect. "One of the challenges in this space is that it was sort of a big marble box," Ferguson said during the home tour, highlighting the issues with the built-in aspects of the space. "It felt like a hotel bathroom," Mikita confirmed.

Despite these challenges, we'd say that they made this a beautiful space. One of the couple's key tricks to making the room feel more personal was to add hanging plants. They're not the first ones to think of that design trick. Meryl Streep has two massive fiddle-leaf fig trees in her New York City bathroom, according to W Magazine. If you're keen on doing the same to brighten up your bathing space, aloe vera, dragon plants, and Chinese money plants are all excellent choices that are well-suited to the environment a bathroom provides, according to Plant In Terrarium. Styling plants in your bathroom is a doddle, too, with potted varieties fitting elegantly everywhere from shelves to empty floor nooks (via The Spruce).

12. Their storage combines function and drama

Let's be honest -– would you really expect Jesse Tyler Ferguson's house to be devoid of drama? We didn't think so, and Ferguson and Mikita managed to sandwich the razzle-dazzle into some of the most unexpected places in their Chelsea apartment. Take their closet, for example. What could be a completely unremarkable space to store clothes is made into a real moment. "It was a full-size door that sort of opened up and took up all of the closet space, so we sawed it in half and created these gorgeous half-doors," Mikita said in the tour. The effect feels like "entering a ballroom." The glitz, the glamour! Other NYC A-listers had to think of equally stylish and practical ways to store their clothing. According to Elle Decor, J.Crew creative director Jenna Lyons created a statement wall of high heels in a bedroom in her Brooklyn townhouse.

Luckily, you don't have to take a chainsaw to your doors to create fashionable, eye-catching storage. Try adding fabric to your wardrobe doors to create a sense of comfort and style, as seen via Livingetc. Or, to keep your home's lines clean and your less-attractive items out of the way, use a curtain to cover up items like shoes and office equipment.

13. Ferguson & Mikita's main bedroom is a place of comfort

With every other room in their house a picture of style and comfort, you'd hardly expect Ferguson and Mikita's bedroom to be much different. And luckily, they live up to expectations, with a bedroom that evokes the feeling of calm through a stunning palette of blues, per the New York Design Agenda. You're immediately drawn to the wallpaper headboard, designed by Phillip Jeffries and decorated in a striking zigzag pattern. Celebrities love statement headboards, as is evidenced by Ellen Pompeo's Egyptian wall tapestry or Roberto Cavalli's 19th-century gold mirror that doubles as their headboards, per Elle Decor.

From there, the eye gets drawn down naturally to the bed, which continues the blue theme with sheets and throw pillows in different shades. On either side of the bed, art is displayed, giving additional pops of color and a window into the couple's taste. It can be intimidating to try and decorate with blue, for fear that things will end up looking a little too dark, but it's a cinch. The important thing to consider is where your light is coming from, according to Homes & Gardens. For north or east-facing windows, you might not get as much warm daylight as you'd like, so opting for brighter, warmer-toned blues like turquoise will keep things feeling energized. On the other hand, South and West-facing windows get way more light during the day, so you can afford to experiment with slightly darker shades.