How To Decorate Your Bathroom According To Your Zodiac Sign

In addition to providing unique and specific insight into your personality, astrology can also be used to help you curate a perfect home for your style and needs. From the interior of your home to the landscaping in your yard, styling and decorating according to your zodiac sign can render amazing results that make you feel completely at home. While astrology is a much deeper and more complex practice than it may appear, your sun sign is the most important thing for you to know when jumping into the zodiac. According to Cosmopolitan, your sun sign can be gathered from the month and day you were born.

Though you do not have to identify with every characteristic or stereotype associated with your zodiac sign, using it as a tool in your life can help you to express your taste and personality better. If you've thought about redecorating your bathroom as of late, using astrology to help you map out and plan your design can lead to amazing results that will motivate you to practice self-care and relax a little more often. Without further ado, here is House Digest's guide on designing your bathroom according to your zodiac sign.

Aries should fill their bathroom with red roses for a romantic and enticing scene

According to PureWow, those born between March 21st and April 19th have the sun sign of Aries. This spunky fire sign is spontaneous, outgoing, and passionate. As the first of the zodiac, Aries are also considered natural-born leaders, giving them an aura of authority and dominance. That being said, they can also be a bit hot-headed and arrogant, resulting in a need for downtime and reflection.

To curate an inviting and enticing bathroom, Aries can turn to red roses for the ultimate upgrade. Since red roses represent passion and love, these flowers are perfect for creating an Aries-esque bathroom (via Longevity). Though other flowers might better induce a relaxing and serene environment, Aries tend to appreciate a little stimulation, even when attempting to wind down. Red roses also do a great job at alleviating depression, which scores another point with this upbeat fire sign who prefers to keep things light and happy.

If you're a Taurus, adorn your bathroom with plants

As an earth sign, Taurus' are passionate about immersing themselves in nature and all things beautiful. According to Co-Star, Taurus season falls between April 19th and May 20th, making them spring-time babies. Though they are known for being relatively stubborn and lazy, those with the sun sign of Taurus also have a very soft and warm side that draws people in. Ruled by the planet Venus, Taurus' have a knack for all things beautiful and lavish, and they tend to overindulge on the more luxurious side of life.

Creating a plant-filled oasis in your bathroom is the perfect way to unwind and add some spa-like serenity. In addition to creating a tranquil environment, Taurus' will be happy to learn that many plants can thrive in bathrooms due to the higher humidity levels. From snake plants to fiddle leaf figs, there are plenty of options to explore when it comes to growing your green thumb (via House Beautiful).

An all-white bathroom is perfect for a Gemini seeking some solace

Per Cosmopolitan, Geminis are born between May 22nd and June 22nd. As the first air signs, Geminis boast high intellect and talkative nature. Since the planet Mercury rules them, Geminis have a knack for communication, leading them to be great public speakers and outgoing individuals. That being said, they are also very wishy-washy, and they can often find themselves pulled in various directions. Therefore, a cohesive, white bathroom sets the scene for a simple yet lavish suite.

An all-white bathroom creates a very inviting space that contrasts with the sometimes chaotic scene inside a Gemini's mind. In addition to helping them take a breath, a monochromatic, bright bathroom can also help get their thoughts in order, making it easier to think clearly and calmly. While white walls are pretty easy to accomplish, add some depth with geometric white and black tiles on the floor (via House Beautiful). Using an all-white tile backsplash behind the sink can also render stunning results that are still simple and minimalistic.

Cancers should display their collection of bath bombs on a hanging shelf

Those born between June 21st and July 22nd fall under Cancer's sensitive and emotional sign. According to Allure, these water signs are deeply nurturing and caring, however, their tendency to put others before themselves can often result in them feeling burned out or depleted. That is why soaking in a warm and restorative bubble bath is the perfect remedy for a Cancer. Since Cancers are also known for loving all things fantasy and ethereal, it makes sense that they would find themselves with a collection of unique bath bombs.

From glittery bath bombs to rainbow-colored ones, the possibilities are endless! In addition to keeping you more organized, arranging bath bombs on a shelf allows you to keep tabs on when each one expires, which is actually pretty important (via Bath Bomb Boot Camp). After their expiration date, they begin to lose their scent and will fizz less in the water. This colorful display will look quite eye-catching on the shelf, making it a unique decorative element.

Leos can create a lavish, white and gold bathroom to feel like royalty

According to InStyle, Leo season occurs between July 23rd and August 22nd. These spunky, outgoing, and loving fire signs tend to be the center of attention ... and they prefer to keep it that way. Ruled by the sun, Leos have a vibrant energy that is sometimes difficult to match, and there is no denying the fact that they can be a bit self-centered from time to time. However, there is also something very glamorous and enticing about this zodiac sign.

When decorating any part of the house, Leos will probably feel drawn to bold designs. That is why decking out their bathroom with gold hardware and accents is the perfect way to make a statement. While an all-gold bathroom might be too ostentatious (even for a Leo), a white and gold space has a very refined and elegant vibe (via DigsDigs). From gold-framed mirrors to gilded sink faucets, these gold accents elevate a room and take it to the next level.

If you're a Virgo, invest in a bathtub tray for the ultimate taste of luxury

As an earth sign, Virgos have a reputation for being tedious perfectionists. Per Co-Star, Virgos are born between August 22nd and September 22nd. Though they have a very sweet and compassionate side, Virgos are known to be rather judgemental upon first meeting new people, presenting them with a cold or unapproachable exterior. On the flip side, Virgos are one of the zodiac's most helpful and solution-oriented signs, making them a dependable resource.

Since Virgos need to be occupying their mind at pretty much all times, these productive earth signs should invest in a bathtub tray so that they can work and unwind simultaneously. Bathtub trays, or caddies, come in various styles and materials (via The Spruce). For a spa-like look, go for one that features a light wood finish. For something more modern, go with acrylic. Whether you're looking to read a book while soaking in the tub or check things off of your to-do list on your iPad, a bathtub tray is a definite must.

Libras can create a romantic space with lots of pink accents

From Kim Kardashian to Bella Hadid, some of the most iconic and glamorous celebrities are Libras. According to Cosmopolitan, those born between September 23rd and October 22nd have Libra as their sun sign. These intellectual air signs have a knack for all things aesthetic, giving them a cool and hip vibe. There is also something very timeless about the style of a Libra, though they are often far from simple or boring.

Adding a pop of pink to your bathroom screams Libra. If you are looking to focus on femininity and create a chic space for you to get ready in, pink is the color to use (via DigsDigs). From towels to tiles, there is no shortage of options when it comes to glamorizing your bathroom. You can also go for pink towels and soap dispensers if you think you might want to change color schemes or prefer a less permanent way of expressing your personality.

Use candles throughout your bathroom to set the scene if you're a Scorpio

Per Allure, Scorpio season occurs between October 23rd and November 21st. Though they are water signs, they come across as much less emotional than one might expect. In fact, Scorpios have a rather tough shell that can be hard to penetrate. Since they struggle with trust issues, Scorpios take time to warm up to others, meaning you should feel extra special if you manage to get close to one.

In addition to being somewhat mysterious and unreadable, Scorpios also love a darker and edgier style. That's why setting the mood with candles around your bathtub and sink is a simple yet sleek method. That being said, scents are a great way to play with your senses and make your space even better. However, if you are sensitive to smells and overpowering aromas, use tea lights and unscented soy candles so that you can have several burning at the same time without overwhelming yourself (via Lynda's Corner).

If possible, Sagittariuses should create an outdoor shower at their home

Spunky and spontaneous, the sign of Sagittarius is one of the more fun and vibrant of the zodiac. Born between November 22nd and December 21st, Sagittarius is a fire sign that thrives in change and rejects the mundane, per Cosmopolitan. In fact, Sagittarians are both bold and over-the-top, though their outgoing personality also plays a huge role in their charm. They are also known to thrive in nature, meaning they should play with the idea of adding an outdoor shower to their home. In addition to being a unique and one-of-a-kind feature, an outdoor shower also allows them to partake in something unconventional even when doing something as simple as showering.

There is just something so cool and natural about showering outdoors. Of course, you'll want to ensure that you have an ample amount of privacy and that no neighbors have any view of your outdoor shower. From modern set-ups that feature a wooden deck with drainage to a stone wall that protects you from view, there are several options to consider when planning an outdoor shower (via MyDomaine).

Capricorns need a large, clawfoot tub to soak in after a long day of work

Per Co-Star, Capricorn season happens between December 21st and January 20th. Capricorns are often described as being stable, dependable, and blunt. These grounded earth signs also have a habit of working themselves into the ground, meaning they need to create a safe space where they give themselves permission to let go and let their minds rest. That being said, a clawfoot tub is a classic addition to a Capricorn's bathroom.

While acquiring a clawfoot bathtub might seem like a big event, they are actually very easy to install (via Rustic Sinks). These stand-alone tubs have a very sophisticated and refined style, which is perfect for a timeless Capricorn. If you find yourself drawn to vintage pieces and antique finds, a clawfoot tub is sure to appeal to your senses. Perhaps the biggest problem will be getting a Capricorn to actually make the time to take a load off and prioritize some much-needed self-care.

Quirky Aquarians can create a funky theme in their bathrooms

Born between January 20th and February 18th, Aquarians are air signs that value independence and rebel streaks, as per Allure. In addition to being rebellious, those with Aquarius as their sun sign are also known to be humanitarians. Since they are instilled with a strong sense of what is right and fair, Aquarians also have a passionate and outspoken side despite being seen as quiet or private. That being said, Aquarians should create a unique and fun scene in their bathroom that allows them to turn off their thoughts and be present.

Though a themed bathroom might seem a bit out of left field, it is a great idea for Aquarians who like to test their limits and do something different. That being said, before you can settle on a theme, you must first take the size of your bathroom into account (via Apartment Therapy). From a nautical, beachy theme to a vintage pin-up doll scene, the bathroom is the one place in the house where you can get super creative and unique when it comes to design. Since most bathrooms are very separate from the rest of a space, they provide the perfect opportunity to have some fun and add some shock value (which every Aquarius secretly loves).

If you're a Pisces, create an ethereal, baby blue bathroom

According to Mindbodygreen, those born between February 19th and March 20th have the Pisces zodiac sign. Represented by the fish, Pisces are water signs with amazing intuition and sensitivity. Though their mood is said to fluctuate as often as the tide, they have a mystical and wondrous energy to them that draws you in. Their sweetness is also complemented by a sharp and unwavering sense of self. However, they tend to get caught up in fantasy while ignoring reality.

Since Pisces have a strong connection to water, creating a baby blue bathroom sets the scene for a relaxing and mindful space. Whether you're looking to take a bath or simply breathe in some steam in the shower, surrounding yourself with baby blue walls and accents will result in a tranquil setting (via SFGate). You can also use baby blue tiles for a more Mediterranean-inspired style that is more upscale and modern.