A Look At Dr. Dre's Lavish California Mansion

Music producer Dr. Dre performed at the Super Bowl's halftime show alongside rapper Eminem, hip hop singer Snoop Dog, Kendrick Lamar, Mary J Blige, and special guest 50 Cent. Dr. Dre has continued to strive to keep music close to him in every state of his life. He built an underground studio in his Brentwood home in Los Angeles to continue producing music. A studio as large as a home underneath his current home. He purchased his 18,298-square-foot home in 2014 from previous owners NFL quarterback Tom Brady and his supermodel wife, Gisele Bundchen, for $40 million, according to AmoMama.

Before Dr. Dre bought his house, Brady and his wife had purchased the land and what was the start of the home for $11.75 million and expanded it, putting in $20 million worth of construction. They had put the mansion on the market for $50 million, and after a year of not selling, Dr. Dre took it off their hands with a $10 million discount.

Overview of Dr. Dre's home

The mansion sits on 4-acres of land surrounded by a moat where coy fish reside and a bridge to cross over it into the home per TheRichest. With its castle-like features, the mansion holds five bedrooms, nine bathrooms, and a six-car garage. Dr. Dre has made renovations over the years to fit his and his family's style of home. Creating their own standard at-home gym and sauna to stay fit along with their massive chef's dream kitchen. The master bedroom has a balcony with an outdoor bathtub where the sun hits it just perfectly. Not to mention the seven fireplaces scattered throughout the home for a nice romantic setting in any room.

Outside the home sits an infinity pool, a cabana, a pond with a waterfall, and a vast grassy space for the kids to hang out. While the physical features of the house are gorgeous, the home was designed to be eco-friendly. It comes with solar panels that power the house with electricity and a greywater system that irrigates the lawn, pond, and waterfalls.

Illuminated spaces in Dr. Dre's home

While the mansion has some innovative features, Dr. Dre and his family decorated their home beautifully. They managed to design each room differently, from the paint for the walls to furniture style. One of the living rooms has white walls filled with dark wood accent couches with white cushions. Torchlights are hung on the wall to illuminate the space, along with a black metal circular light hanging over a stone surface coffee table. Their bathroom contains gray wood cabinets, a walk-in window shower, and lantern-like lights hanging from the ceiling, all against another four white walls.

Even though each room is decorated differently, the panels of large windows throughout the home are the same in filling every space with plenty of natural light. They give stunning views of the surrounding mountains and hills. Along with the windows, there are balconies on the second floor that look out onto the land.

The exterior of Dr. Dre's home

The home is filled with so many activities, according to AmoMama, that Dr. Dre and his family will never run out of things to do. Inside they have a movie theater, a gym, and a library, while outside, they have their pool, a mini-golf course, and a small garden with steps. They have an enormous open space to go for long walks or relax on the lounge chairs by the pool.

Aside from the outdoor features, the design of the home reflects a middle-aged home with brown brick features, the vines growing alongside the house, and a cobblestone bridge over the moat. It also has an endless amount of greenery surrounding the home, peaking in every corner. Tall plants sit in front of the main entrance and along the bridge. Outside, the windows with antique wood shutters sit just above the window boxes where more plants are stored. Dr. Dre is living our cottage core dream life.