When Will Mash-Up Our Home Premiere On HGTV?

HGTV and Discovery+ have released a lineup of 11 new shows to premiere this spring, with a heavy focus on renovation content. One show premiering soon is "Mash-Up Our Home," which will feature married couple and design duo Kele Dobrinski and Christina Valencia as they help couples with wildly conflicting styles as they renovate their home. The program will show Dobrinski and Valencia as they help the couples mediate and combine their goals; the final product will blend each person's design preferences.

According to Press Party, the first episode, which will premiere Saturday, March 12, at 8 P.M. ET, will feature a couple renovating their kitchen and garage. One of the homeowners has a minimalist style, and the other has a more colorful and eclectic taste. Dobrinski and Valencia will have to work with the couple to help merge their design goals so that they are both happy with the renovation.

Kele Dobrinski and Christina Valencia to star in new HGTV show

Prior to the HGTV show, Dobrinski and Valencia were the cofounders of Colossus Mfg., the couple's marketing and development studio that is based in Sacramento, California. "We aim to create concepts that have [a] lasting impact," the site says, "whether it's building a brand that defines a category or building a development that defines a neighborhood." The couple also lists that in addition to their business and HGTV show, they primarily are focusing on residential remodels and own two Airbnbs.

Colossus' list of clients is impressive, including Apple, Facebook, Google, Adidas, Instagram, Spotify, Levi's, and more. The couple also has three children together, which are featured on Dobrinski's Instagram, as well as Colossus Mfg.'s Instagram, which also features a variety of the company's work before the HGTV show.

With Dobrinski and Valencia's long-term success in design, the overwhelming success of Colossus Mfg., and the couple's focus on family, the show is sure to be interesting.