Here's What A $139 Million Bel-Air Mansion Looks Like

Bel Air has a new mansion in town, and it's selling for a stunning $139 million and was designed by Dr. Joseph Englanoff, according to the LA Times. Englanoff bought the 2-acre land back in 2014 for a small $5 million and turned it into one of the top mega-mansions. After seven years of building, it's finally finished. It includes a long list of luxurious amenities, which includes a sub-zero vodka tasting room, a nightclub, a home theater, and a private wine room, per the New York Post.

The newly built mansion named "La Fin" has been "constructed with the most exquisite taste showcasing rare and decadent materials sourced from Europe, Italy, and around the world," according to the listing. As if the 12 bedroom and 18 bathroom home wasn't enough, Englanoff designed a detached penthouse, caretaker residence, a drive-on motor court, and full security center for watching over the entire premises.

Panoramic views

The property is held up by steel metal rods that are buried into the mountain, where it spans three floors of amenities. Surrounded by the gorgeous views of Los Angeles, the mansion has a ton of open space on the decks, along with paneling windows on each floor to allow in natural light. The first floor is divided between white walls setting up the foundation of the home next to the first enormous deck that has various lounging chairs and fireplaces.

The second floor gets more creative with an infinity pool overlooking a massive 23-foot outdoor LED screen, according to the listing. Lounging chairs sit by the pool with trees wrapped with string lights setting a romantic tone to the atmosphere. The primary suite has its own wrap-around deck overlooking downtown to Century City with its own fire pits and lounging area. Making a last stop to the roof, there are another couple of fireplaces with beautiful leather lounging couches and television.

Marble everything

Upon entering the mansion, you're immediately greeted with 23-foot ceilings and fully handcrafted furniture that was customized in Milan per the listing. The primary suite also includes these customized furniture pieces along with Italian handcrafted floor-to-ceiling oak cladding and marble fireplace imported from Portugal, per the New York Post. Glossy wood walls with gold accents surround the bed, as do hanging bright lights that illuminate the room.

The primary bath takes the winning spot of a jaw-dropping bathroom with its 24 slabs of bookmatched Calacatta gold marble, a 100-square-foot shower, a floating marble vanity, and stunning walk-in closets. They're all centered around a soaking tub cut from a single marble stone per the listing. The walk-in closets appear as though you're walking down a runway with the marble floor lit up solely by the lights coming from the cabinets. See-through cabinets with gold handles have enough space for clothes, shoes, and accessories. Two jewelry tables with built-in chairs take their spot in the middle of the walkway.

Chandelier galore

Aside from the bedrooms, the mansion has so much to offer with its hotel-like features. It has a 6,000-square-foot nightclub with marble flooring and an elegant chandelier that rests over the marble-cut bar and soft cushioned couches. A spiral staircase leads to the next floor, with a crystal ceiling chandelier placed in the middle of the stairs. The entire nightclub is surrounded by a 6-car display-ready rotating elevator per the listing, allowing easy access to any car. The living room has front row seats to the panoramic views of Los Angeles with an all gray interior, marble flooring, textured wall with a built-in fireplace surrounded with gray couches. The living room has direct access to the lawn, with windows only covering the top half of the open space.

The private wine cellar mentioned earlier has a beautiful custom Murano glass art installation hung in the center of the room, surrounded by endless rows of bottled wine. A vodka tasting room that has a sub-zero temperature the entire time has furs to give to guests to keep them warm, according to the LA Times. Stone walls with integrated lighting center the marble table and leather stools. The amenities go on for days; this mansion truly has it all.