The Trendiest Ways To Style A Brown Sofa

Styling a brown sofa is all about balance. Brown is a neutral color, but the dark color commands a room on a large couch. To keep your living room from looking too dark you can paint the walls a light color. According to Mohawk Home, colors that go well with brown are white, beige, gray, and tan. If your living room has windows, allow more natural light in with sheer curtains to brighten the room.

Brown sofas also go well with accents of blue and green. This could be used in throw pillows, blankets, carpets, and accent walls. When choosing how to furnish your living room, wood is a material that goes great with brown. You can incorporate wood through coffee tables, framed wall art, and flooring. However, to break the space between brown wood floors and brown sofas, rugs work great. It's also important to keep in mind that a sofa should only take up two-thirds the size of your living room.

1. Wood coffee tables

These coffee tables use slabs of wood still in their natural shape. They go well with the roundness of the brown leather sofa and the stone shelves built into the wall. 

2. Natural light

Natural light is a great way to add life to a room. The large windows in this room balance the dark-colored sofa with the white walls and greenery outside. 

3. Light brown couch

Choosing a sofa this color allows you to take your mind off of balancing the room because of how light it is. It's also tufted with silver buttons for added design. 

4. Light wood floors

This room balances the darkness of the brown leather sofa despite painting the walls black by having very light hardwood floors and lots of lighting. 

5. Adding texture

The texture of this brown leather couch makes it the room's focal point. It is a subtle choice that highlights the couch. 

6. Green walls

What ties this room together is the forest green wall. It's different from the safe white walls used in other rooms and makes the brown of the sofa pop. 

7. Rugs

The rug in this room is what balances all the shades of brown. The leather sofa is the darkest brown, but there are also hardwood floors, exposed brick walls, and wood coffee tables. 

8. Added greenery

Despite this room including a lot of dark brown leather and wood, it's balanced. This is because the large window lets in lots of light and the two plants add pops of color and incorporate nature. 

9. Wood accents

This room incorporates wood with the brown sofa through the angled feet. They match the wood of the coffee table, and even the plants are sitting in wood plant stands. 

10. Nailhead trim sofa

This sofa is designed with a little extra flare. It has nailhead trim that ties in the metal of the coffee table and the plant pots in the room. 

11. White walls

This sofa is styled with green accents from all of the plants, along with lots of white. The walls are painted white, the curtains are a sheer white, and the floors are a light grey wood. 

12. Low sofa

A sofa with short legs like this one helps to lengthen the height of the room. It's also styled with taupe-colored leather throw pillows. 

13. Gold accents

Using gold as an accent with brown sofas is a great way to style a room. Here the gold is used sparingly in the lamp and the plant pots. 

14. Warm tones

This brown sofa is lighter than many of the other brown leather options. It goes well in the room because of the warm tones both in the couch and in the wood accent on the wall. 

15. Wood bookcase

A brown leather couch always looks good when styled in a room with a wall of bookcases. This fits the dark academia decor style that uses dark colors and rich textures. 

16. Complementary colors

The gold tones in this couch go well with the gold light fixtures in the room, as well as the blue design on the wall. 

17. Orange-tone sofa

This brown sofa has more of an orange tone to it. It's a subtle difference that makes this leather couch trendy. 

18. Fabric sofa

A brown sofa made of fabric can still be trendy depending on its shape and how you style it. This can be done with throw pillows and adding more complementary colors. 

19. Light colored throw pillows

This room balances the leather couch with the rest of the decor by using white and gray throw pillows that coordinate with the shiplap walls and coffee table. 

20. Rich brown sofa

A rich chocolate-colored sofa like this one fits the room's decor because of the warmth in its color. It looks great with the terracotta walls and wood slab coffee tables.