Khloe' Kardashian's Pantry Is An Organization Dream

While Khloé Kardashian has her fair share of entrepreneurial ventures under her belt, there's one thing she's notoriously passionate about that has nothing to do with businesses — she is utterly obsessed with organization. As Showbiz CheatSheet reported, the reality television star has a reputation as her families' most organized. So, it only makes sense that she would work with the home organization brand turned Netflix stars The Home Edit, who have helped several celebrities transform particular spaces of their homes on their show "Get Organized with the Home Edit." Kardashian herself even featured in one of the episodes of Season 1 in which the team set their sights on organizing her garage, complete with mini parking stalls for her daughter's toy vehicles (via IMDB).

Obviously, given her love of organization, the garage isn't the only space that Kardashian has organized with The Home Edit team — the pantry, a popular zone for fans of the brand's signature color-coded style, was another must-organize area on her list. And, gave fans a peek into just what her perfectly-organized pantry looks like.

First of all, the space is absolutely massive, with beige shelving in a sleek configuration, with lighting along many of the shelves that helps illuminate the space. Pot lights on the ceiling add additional, unobtrusive lighting, and the entire space has a very minimalist style and color scheme, allowing the colorful food items to be the focal points of the pantry.

The products and strategies used

As The Home Edit's Instagram post documenting Kardashian's organized pantry demonstrates, a variety of different food storage products and strategies were used to keep things looking as streamlined as possible (and Kardashian even supported sister Kourtney's brand by sharing the full project on her lifestyle website, Poosh, as the caption of the Instagram share clarified).

The team used a mixture of wicker baskets and custom-stained wooden bins in order to support various categories of items, with the labels on the front of each basket or bin detailing the contents. There are even a few bins for back stock, which are items that you replenish in the various jars and bins once they've been depleted.

To contrast the sleek lines of the pantry, there are some circular trays that help organize particular products by category, with one devoted to hot sauce and another to salad dressings, for example. Jars with lids stained a custom color create a cohesive look and store items from pasta to sprinkles, and there are also several jars with cookies artfully arranged in circles.

The countertop space features a row of glass dispensers with wooden bases, with each dispenser holding common items like various types of sugars and flours. Finally, given that she has plenty of space for all her pantry products, she's left a bit of room for decorative pieces, with the higher shelves devoted to cake platters and a few sets of beautifully painted plates and other ceramic wares.