10 Furniture Ideas For A Minimalist-Inspired Home

The social realm is at a point where it distinguishes the taste of people who enjoy the most basic things or the most abstract things in their day-to-day lives. The simpler things, also known as a minimalist style, can be seen in the way people decorate their homes. Folks tend to stick to one theme where they infuse their space with minimal color, normally sticking to black or white, plain but elegant furniture, and a few colorful accent pieces, according to Tarkett. These homes have open floor plans with lots of natural light and focus on the texture, shape, and color of the essential items.

Minimalism is all about clean lines, uncluttered space, and monochromatic while creating a warm and homey environment, according to Elle Decor. The furniture pieces and decor you pick out are crucial to making sure it fits the minimalistic aesthetic. You always want to plan ahead on how you want your space to look and what pieces you're going to incorporate that are going to go hand in hand that will be valuable.

1. Leather four-piece sectional

Couches are essential for any home. This minimalistic interior has the perfect leather couch against a white background with wood flooring. It follows the monochromatic style of using a brown focal point against a white wall for a clean look. The brown vase with pampas grass matches the couch and the squared rack against the wall. 

2. Nesting coffee table

There are a variety of coffee tables out there, but the double round table look in this home captures the attention of the audience immediately. The base of the tables matches with the feet of the couch, and the white tabletops make the space look clean. It works well against the gray couch and wall. 

3. Multiple shelved tv stand

This television stand that has extra shelving right above adds value to the space by only providing a few shelving units making it look decluttered and clean. Reducing the number of plants to about two to three will make the space appear cleaner. It works overall to achieve a simple look with some added texture.

4. Polyester arm chair

This interior has its own twist on a monochromatic look with an all-wooden interior and dark gray walls. While the room could do without the orange ottoman, the armchair fits perfectly with the light gray cushions. There are different types of the same armchair that could work for this space to offer better texture. 

5. Classic leather bar stools

This kitchen has the ideal amount of natural light coming from all the windows with its open floor plan. The eye-catching features are the bar stools around the island matching back to the fridge. They could've had different stools, such as low back bar stools or swivel back bar stools in the same dark wood.

6. Column floor lamps

Accent pieces such as lamps make a home inviting and warm especially when you have limited items to have in your space. These two floor lamps suit the couch and align with the fluffy stools and coffee table. It creates that clean line look a minimalistic style calls for. 

7. Accent oversized mirrors

Mirrors of any shape or size make any room appear larger and balance out the space making it look clean. In this home, the mirrors should be spread out throughout the room instead of being stacked together. They coincide well with the brown speakers and draw attention to itself than the white couch. 

8. Solid hard wood dining tables

The dining tables match the dining chairs and light fixtures beautifully. The difference in the flooring colors in contrast with the furniture works extremely well together. If the wall behind had a gold mirror hung on it or a white art piece, it would add more warmth.

9. Standard bookcase

Bookcases can give any minimalistic space some texture while keeping an elevated clean look. In this living room, they're sticking with brown tones on the walls, bookcase, and flooring. The armchairs pair well with the overall look, although the extra potted plants on the floor could be removed to have more room on the floor. 

10. Cross legged end tables

The end tables in this bedroom add value to the interior without the cluttered of tiny trinkets. The side tables are linear with the hanging lights, and the end table is perfectly centered to the bed, which embellishes the clean, sleek look. The plants give the room a lively feeling and don't overwhelm the space.