Here's Where No Demo Reno Is Filmed

With episodes under its belt and another season in the midst of production, "No Demo Reno" has viewers wondering where the hit HGTV show is filmed. Starring content creator and savvy designer Jennifer Todryk, "No Demo Reno" is just one of the many home renovation shows on the network right now, per HGTV. However, unlike HGTV's other renovation shows, "No Demo Reno" includes a unique twist for viewers: Rather than showcasing a huge home overhaul, viewers are shown how with a little bit of elbow grease and some creativity, rooms can be transformed into a homeowners' dream without any major demolition.

Over the course of season 1, Todryk minimally renovated a variety of spaces including kitchens, master bathrooms, and offices. Not afraid of a challenge, she welcomed the opportunity to embrace everything that the homeowners in each episode wanted in their homes, even incorporating their favorite colors. From mid century modern kitchens to glamorous pool houses, Todryk can do it all. Viewers have watched her reuse and repaint cabinets, knockout those annoying two-tier countertops, and sell furniture and appliances to lower renovation expenses. And not only does Todryk save the homeowners some money, but she helps to alleviate any stress that they may have with a shortened renovation time frame of just a few weeks, rather than the normal months-long wait homeowners usually endure.

No Demo Reno's filming locations

It's no surprise that "No Demo Reno" is filmed in Texas. While there are renovation shows being filmed all over the country, Texas seems to be a hotspot for HGTV. The state has been featured on "Fixer Upper," "Two Steps Home," and the upcoming "Flip or Flop" spin-off, "Flip or Flop Ft. Worth." From Waco and Round Top to Houston and Austin, viewers have seen a little bit of everything that the state has to offer when it comes to home renovation.

As for "No Demo Reno," the show is specifically filmed in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, according to The Cinemaholic. That's where Jennifer Todryk, also known as the Rambling Redhead, currently resides with her family. Having grown up an hour away in Burleson, Texas, Todryk now lives in North Dallas with her husband and their three children. The couple also own Armor Coffee Co., a coffee shop in nearby Allen, Texas, and are in the process of opening a brewery under the same name — so it's safe to say that Todryk knows her way around the Dallas-Fort Worth area.