20 Incredible Before And After Backyard Makeovers

There comes a time in every homeowner or renter's life when an upgrade to a room or area is needed. Maybe it's a bedroom, a kitchen, or an outdoor area. Maybe the space in question is just an empty area that needs a little TLC. In any case, with an endless amount of possibilities, it can be hard to figure out what to do with that space. For backyards specifically, things can become even more complicated. Knowing what equipment is needed, having to hire professionals, and dealing with outdoor weather conditions are just a few of the many things to take into consideration. Where is one to begin? To add to an already potentially overwhelming situation, makeovers can become extremely costly as well.

According to Home Advisor, an average backyard remodel can cost anywhere from $15,000 to $50,000 and sometimes even $100,000 for the bigger renovations. Of course, this largely depends on the yard size, how much of it is being remodeled, and what exactly is going to be removed or added during the renovation process. Homeowners may be able to save costs on a small remodel by flipping items or doing DIYs. However, others may spend more if they want to go above and beyond. Nevertheless, if you want to update your backyard and need some inspiration, we've got you covered. Here are 20 incredible before and after backyard makeovers.

Before: Dull and dark

This makeover comes from Shovel and Thumb. Initially, their backyard seemed dull, with more than half of the lawn dead and covered in dried leaves. The fencing was old and in clear need of repair. Additionally, there was shrubbery that needed to be removed. Overall, this backyard was dying to be brought back to life.

After: Bright and lively

After Shovel and Thumb completed their makeover, this yard is looking livelier than ever before. The most appealing aspect of this new and improved yard is the stone pathway that wraps around to the other side of the home. The fencing was repaired and now has lights around it to brighten it up.

Before: Empty

Next, we have a backyard renovation from Great Home Ideas. This yard is empty but neat, and holds plenty of potential. There are no obstacles or extensive cleaning that needs to be done. The grass is bright and green, ready to be the backdrop for whatever project may come.

After: Excellent for entertaining

Great Home Ideas decided to add several features to their once-empty yard. They created a small seating area on the updated platfrom, complete with a cozy corner couch and a matching ottoman. With the addition of a decorative privacy screen and updated lighting, this patio is now the perfect hangout spot. 

Before: Underused and neglected

Next, we have a basic, yet beneficial transformation from Top Notch Lawn Care. In the beginning, the yard was littered with trash and old furniture, creating obstacles to proper lawn care. The grass was tall and hadn't been cut for quite some time. Additionally, the old stone pathway was cracked and overgrown with weeds. 

After: A clean slate

To fix things up, Top Notch Lawn Care cleaned out all the old furniture and trash that had lingered in the yard for too long. They also weeded around the stone pathway and along the fence. The grass had to be cut several times to restore it to normal, but the effort was worth it. 

Before: Awaiting inspiration

From Great Home Ideas we see a ready-to-renovate backyard. The space was already cleaned out, aside from one medium-sized tree and a few shrubs. Two dark wooden fences line either side of the yard, with a brick wall adjoining the two. With this open space, the possibilities seem endless.

After: Stylish deck

Great Homes Ideas opted to turn this yard into a lovely outdoor seating area. A wooden plank pathway runs through the yard, ending at a small deck space. Sleek matching chairs and a side table are situated in the shade, surrounded by a variety of thriving plants. 

Before: Simple pool space

This renovation comes from House & Home. This medium-sized backyard was already incredible with a built-in pool. Who doesn't love that? Also featured in this yard were plenty of pine trees and a wrap-around wooden privacy fence. That being said, there was still something missing, and the yard held some unused potential. 

After: Refreshing oasis

House & Home went all out with this backyard makeover. The pool remained central to the design, now cleaned up with an added hot tub. Cozy seating surrounds both the outdoor kitchen space and patio firepit, providing even more options for exciting outdoor entertainment.

Before: Uninspired

This incredible backyard renovation is by Our Little Nest. Their starting space was cute, but a little dull. There wasn't much in the yard itself aside from a few pieces of furniture and some lights half-heartedly strung up above. Overall, this yard was neat and appealing but lacking any excitement or imagination.

After: Italian garden escape

Upon renovation, Our Little Nest turned their backyard and patio into an Italian-themed resort. A natural wood picnic bench is the focal feature on this patio, complete with a potted plant and taper candles atop a romantic table runner. This backyard is a perfect place to sit and relax after a long day.

Before: Out-of-control jungle

Omer Calderon brings us our next renovation. This backyard had declined into an overgrown and out-of-control jungle of competing plants. Trees, shrubs, and weeds sprawled out with no sense of order, leaving little room to enjoy the space. It was clearly time to completely start over. 

After: Manicured garden

After clearing out this yard, Omer Calderon was able to tame the tangled jungle and transform it into this beautiful garden. The largest tree remains and now provides shade to the several plant and flower varieties thriving in the yard. The blue perimeter wall adds some much-needed color and brings the whole space together.

Before: basic

Jessi Malay had actually given her backyard a minor makeover a few years prior to starting a more extensive renovation. The space was much improved by the addition of a small patio, potted plants, and an outdoor furniture set. However, there was more that could be done to this yard.

After: Updated and modern

Jessi Malay's second renovation made this yard unrecognizable. A new pool was built in the middle of the yard, accented with sleek lounge chairs and a matching umbrella to provide some shade. Another impressive addition is the built-in outdoor grill, perfectly placed nearby for summer barbeques.

Before: Plain

Next is a sensational backyard transformation by quatumrog. Prior to the renovation, this yard was just simple and plain. There were no outdoor features or décor, except for a faded fence that lined the perimeter of the yard. Overall, this yard had a lot of potential but needed a little bit of love.

After: Plenty of life

The renovation that quantumrog chose to do is beyond extraordinary. They added an impressive pond, lined with beautifully landscaped plants, flowers, and rocks. A stone pathway leads to a garden shed with wooden shingles that match the new, more modern wooden fencing.

Before: Worn and weathered

My Cardinal Home demonstrates a simple backyard makeover. This backyard was already cute all on its own; however, it needed a little bit of fixing up. The outdoor mini gazebo area was still functional, but looked old and kind of lifeless. No serious renovation was needed, but the space could use an update. 

After: Spruced up and stylish

My Cardinal Home truly transformed this tiny space. Instead of replacing the gazebo, the renovators painted it black. New outdoor lounge furniture was added, also in black to match the updated shade structure. A bold black and white outdoor rug is the finishing touch that brings everything together.

Before: Pool in disarray

Prior to the renovation by Design Loves Detail, this backyard already had an in-ground pool, but it was clearly unused and even looked abandoned. The entire patio space, from the pool to the grass, was in desperate need of a deep clean and a style update.

After: Completed vision

Design Loves Detail took a dingy space and transformed it into an intentional design. The pool now looks brand new and ready to be enjoyed. The grass looks lush, green, and inviting — the perfect place for spring and summer activities. To finish things off, comfy outdoor furniture was added to provide a place to relax. 

Before: Sad and shaded

This yard is almost entirely empty, with the exception of plenty of dirt. Even the fence was unremarkable and incomplete. Shovel and Thumb, however, clearly saw plenty of potential here and made plans for an impressive update. 

After: Stunning stone pathway

Shovel and Thumb transformed the space, dedicating an entire corner of the yard to this impressive raised patio. The stone mosaic platform has plenty of room for lounge chairs or a small cafe table and chairs. Already much improved, the space will be even more beautiful once the newly planted greenery grows to full maturity.

Before: Chaotic corner

From Sarah Brithinee is another impressive renovation. At first, this yard didn't have much going on. The lawn looked lush and green, but it was cluttered with overgrown plants and yard trimmings and debris. A brown fence provided privacy but added little else in terms of style. 

After: Elegant and orderly

With this backyard renovation, Sarah Brithinee proves that simple updates can make a space so much more elegant. Yard debris was cleared away to make room for a minimalist concrete and stone tile patio, large enough for both an outdoor dining table and lounge chairs surrounding a portable fire pit. 

Before: Arbitrary arrangement

Here we have an amazing transformation from Danny Sully. Prior to the makeover, this yard showed some serious signs of neglect, from the deadened grass to the arbitrarily placed objects littering the space. However, with a little TLC, this yard could surely be improved. 

After: Focused improvement

To renovate this yard and give it some purpose, Danny Sully decided to build a raised deck off of the backside of the house. Made of honey-colored planks, it sits adjacent to the newly installed brick patio, and just out of frame is an outdoor bar that will surely provide an excellent area for outdoor entertaining. 

Before: Wasted potential

Before Megan Acuna renovated this space, it was pretty standard-looking. A terracotta tile patio lay adjacent to the home, but it has clearly become worn and washed out over time. Features such as potted plants and outdoor seating improved the space but were arranged a bit oddly. 

After: Relaxing retreat

Megan Acuna completely changed this yard from what it looked like prior. A solid concrete patio was installed to replace the terracotta tiles. The space still utilizes many of the same elements, but they are now much better positioned on the patio. New string lights provide some extra light and give things a magical touch.

Before: Old and outdated

Workin' with Wolkin shows us exactly what they were starting with pre-renovation. The lawn looks healthy and the house well-cared for, but the deck is another story. Weathered and worn out, the wood deck appeared old and potentially unsafe. Not to mention, the old wood just wasn't aesthetically pleasing.

After: Fresh and new

Post-renovation, this yard looks fresh and cohesive. Rather than try to salvage the existing elements, Workin' with Wolkin completely rebuilt the deck in its entirety. The new wood looks much more polished, and a sleek deck railing adds privacy and safety. Lastly, the cover was put back on the canopy structure to provide shade.

Before: Lacking landscaping

This stunning backyard makeover comes from Mr. Gardeners. While the grass and plant in this yard looked healthy, things seemed to be scattered throughout kind of randomly. Some additional organization and landscaping were needed to make the space feel more functional and intentional.

After: Splendid stone patio

Mr. Gardeners decided to mix things up and build a stone pathway running straight through the backyard. The path is wide, extending outwards to provide room for outdoor seating complete with an overhead umbrella. The lawn and plants are still thriving in the background, but the new effect is more organized and fresh-looking.

Before: Dumping grounds

Unfortunately, this yard fell into such disrepair that it was eventually just used as a place to dump trash and other unwanted items. Luckily, Quick Cuts was willing to take on the challenge of transforming this space into something attractive and usable once again

After: Much improved

Once Quick Cuts finished the complete overhaul of the backyard, it looked like a brand new space. With the removal of trash and the cutting down of the overgrown grass, this yard was once again safe and could be walked through. Now that the yard is clean, it holds so much more potential to be further improved. 

Before: Overgrown

While many think of a makeover as something drastic, this example demonstrates that a simple change can make all the difference. Four weeks of persistent rain had allowed this lawn to overgrow, and Mowing with Steve needed to cut it down. The grass was so tall it made the yard virtually unwalkable, and provided cover for unwanted wildlife.

After: Freshly-cut

Thankfully, all Mowing with Steve had to do was cut the tall grass to a much more manageable height. This yard can be safely walked through with ease, and without fear of snakes or other unwanted animals. The picnic area and the shed that reside in the middle of the yard can now be accessed without any trouble.

Before: Barely a backyard

Last but certainly not least is this makeover by Valerie Aguiar. This yard, while cute, was rather cramped. There wasn't much room for outdoor activities, and the patio held nothing aside from two tables. It needed some creative ideas and sprucing up in order to better utilize the little space available.

After: Cozy firepit

Valerie Aguiar truly succeeded in making the most of this small space. Out of the myriad of possibilities, she opted for a small rectangular fire pit to serve as the focal point of the space, surrounded by comfortable-looking outdoor lounge furniture. Potted plants add some life, the perfect finishing touch.