The Best Crystals Every Scorpio Should Have In Their Home

If you were born between October 23 and November 21, you're a Scorpio, which means you are likely alluring, passionate, loyal, and one of those signs people just don't want to mess with. As explained by Energy Muse, Scorpios are ruled by both Pluto, the god of the underworld, and Mars, the god of war. Because of this, they are all at once ambitious, intuitive, mysterious, and magnetic.

This multifaceted water sign can tame its extreme emotions with a variety of crystals that may bring success, protection, forgiveness, and a higher level of communication. When you fall under this sign, as told by Divine Twist, you may relate to the stereotypes people hold about Scorpios, which can include manipulative, possessive, secretive, and ill-tempered. These less-positive qualities can be easily harnessed by crystals to promote inner peace and spiritual growth. Find these crystals for yourself or for a Scorpio in your life to help them navigate through life's unavoidable twists and turns.

Malachite for guidance

Malachite is an essential stone for a Scorpio looking to find their true path, says Crystal Stones. Green gemstones like these are usually a harbinger of personal growth and power, qualities that Scorpios naturally seek. This makes malachite an ideal crystal to protect and give purpose to the Scorpio. With the proper technique, they can take on the truth and learn from it with the help of malachite. Wear it as a necklace, bracelet, or ring for protection.

Even further, malachite gemstones are known to absorb negative energies, according to Crystal Vaults. By keeping this stone near, a Scorpio can maintain a clear mind and guard themselves against unwanted thoughts, feelings, and actions. Malachite can help Scorpios break away from inefficient patterns and ties, encouraging them to forge new paths and try new things. If you are looking to build new relationships, push yourself out of your comfort zone, or alleviate mental blocks, pick up some malachite, Scorpio.

Rhodochrosite for forgiveness

One thing Scorpio is famous for is the inability to forgive and forget. As per Zenluma, Rhodochrosite, also known as the transformation stone, can help heal emotional wounds and bring balance to the heart. The pink, red, and white gemstone is said to imbue its user with positivity, so Scorpios can bring warmth, love, and happiness into each day, explains Cosmic Cuts. They often take a guarded approach to conflicts that are better dealt with through gentle conversation and empathy. Rhodochrosite acts as a reminder of this, keeping Scorpio feeling welcoming and centered.

In addition to warming the heart, rhodochrosite is also a grounding stone. When a Scorpio wears this crystal around their neck or on their hands, it can alleviate negative stress and ease anxious or depressing thoughts, according to Reiki Galore. Rhodochrosite is thought to be one of the most powerful gemstones Scorpios can possess to bring balance into their lives.

Smoky quartz for calmness

Scorpios often hold onto several emotions at once, bottling them up until they are ready to explode. When they are finding it difficult to communicate these feelings, they can benefit from some smoky quartz to help them calm down and navigate their thoughts. Crystals Alchemy tells us that smoky quartz is a grounding root chakra stone that can be used to detoxify the body by releasing negative vibrations. This means that it pulls out fear, anger, and sadness to be replaced with clarity and calmness.

In their emotional lives, Scorpios tend to be determinedly unrevealing. Keeping smoky quartz close can help them let go of the fear of being vulnerable and allow them to open themselves up to the relationships they deserve. Cosmic Cuts says that smoky quartz can guide Scorpios to the truth, allowing them to move past what has been holding them back. This can help them reach their goals more easily and experience better relationships. It also enhances their intuitive and psychic abilities, bringing them greater luck and safety.

Yellow topaz for manifestation

Yellow topaz is the healing stone of Pluto, a ruling planet for Scorpio, and one of this sign's primary birthstones as per Crystal Stones. At the most basic level, yellow topaz can help Scorpios reach their short-term and long-term goals. However, when used right, the stone can do so much more. Many people who use crystals in their everyday lives love yellow topaz for its power to manifest success, friendship, and loyalty.

This is a positive, sunny stone that can bring Scorpios positivity and peace, according to Jewellerista. In addition to helping them manifest their goals, yellow topaz can also help them move through tough times. Scorpios should carry this stone with them to strengthen their positive qualities and meditate with it when they need a push in the right direction. Passion, drive, and confidence come naturally to you, Scorpio, so use yellow topaz to connect to these energies.

Citrine for joy and success

Citrine is an orange-colored variety of quartz. Scorpios can use this stone to harness joy, success, luck, hope, and cheerfulness, as per Everybody in Mind. Citrine is often used by Scorpios and other signs to enhance the energy and motivation they need to succeed. Scorpios are already hard workers that rarely need outside influence to meet their goals. However, with the help of some citrine under their pillow, around their neck, or at their desk, Scorpios can do anything they set their mind to with a little more thoughtfulness and confidence.

All citrine really does is enhance the qualities that Scorpios already have. With the presence of this little orange stone, Scorpio can revel in increased self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-expression, explains Crystals Alchemy. Citrine can give them the kick in the pants to start that new project, write that paper, or learn a new skill.

Ruby for passion

In the opinion of Cosmopolitan, ruby can help Scorpios when they need a physical confidence boost. It can amplify their spirit, spontaneity, and most importantly, their sexual energy. Acting as a cosmic aphrodisiac, ruby gets Scorpio going. Like yellow topaz, ruby is one of Scorpio's primary birthstones. It's also associated with Mars, which is Scorpio's second ruling planet.

Not only does ruby play up Scorpio's passion, but it also balances it. Scorpio is fiery without a doubt, but it is still a water sign and is known for extreme emotions that can change on a dime. When Scorpios incorporate the use of rubies into their day-to-day lives, they can connect to their inner chi to regulate it and keep their emotions stable, explains Divine Twist. Scorpios need spiritual guidance, even with the things they are best at, and ruby can help them open up and connect when they need it most.

Aquamarine for communication

Aquamarine is one of the most commonly suggested stones for Scorpio. Zenluma lets us know that it is an important gemstone for maintaining emotional balance while allowing its user to let go of the hostility that leads to conflict. Aquamarine helps Scorpios communicate their emotions before they can ever bottle them up. Changing their behavior in a positive way makes them appear more outgoing and calm to others. On the inside, this crystal gives Scorpios the courage to be patient and sensitive.

This blue stone evokes the gentle waves of the sea, as per Crystal Vaults. It is known to protect travelers who wear it while also cleansing their minds and bodies. Like the sea, it is reflective, allowing its user to see more deeply into themselves and reality. This makes it a great meditation tool. Scorpios may be able to enhance their psychic abilities when using aquamarine, or at the very least, induce revelations during meditation.

Amethyst for protection

The amethyst crystal is used most often to ward off negative energy. Even in ancient Rome, amethyst was used to create goblets to protect against drunkenness, as explained by Everybody in Mind. Today, Scorpios may use amethyst to cleanse themselves of any negative energy, bring peace back to the body, and balance the mind. This makes it one of the best healing crystals to help Scorpios in their journey to spiritual awareness.

Cosmic Cuts explains that amethyst also allows Scorpios to get in touch with their intuition. With this crystal, they can dig deeper for a better understanding of their purpose. Scorpios may meditate with amethyst to reach a level of appreciation for their mind and body, which allows them to feel more protected and fulfilled. In achieving enlightenment, Scorpios can be guided toward their ultimate purpose and a larger spiritual awakening, as suggested by Energy Muse.

Lapis lazuli for self-awareness

Lapis lazuli has been a popular stone for centuries. Ancient people would wear it as jewelry, incorporate it into small sculptures, and even grind it up for paint, as per the International Gem Society. When used correctly, lapis lazuli can help Scorpios find their place in the world as it promotes self-awareness and honesty, explains Cosmopolitan. It's recommended that you meditate with the stone on your forehead or on the top of your head to open your third eye.

When Scorpio is going through emotional turmoil, experiencing depression, anxiety, or grief, lapis lazuli may promote emotional stability, points out Divine Twist. By helping Scorpios open up about what they are going through, this gemstone encourages communication, which can lead to more fulfilling and trusting intimate relationships with friends and lovers. Scorpios can feel truly accepted by the people around them, which allows them to experience a sense of security in the world.