This 196 Square Foot Home In Florida Is Selling For Over A Million Dollars

The 30A communities in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, are known for their proximity to some of the best beaches in the country. They're also known for their extremely high-valued rentals and homes. In the heart of Seagrove Beach sits a quaint 196-square-foot home on about a quarter-acre of land. Last sold for $530,000 back in 2020, this tiny property is currently selling for a whopping $1,095,000, as listed on Trulia. This home, unbelievably priced for its size, is a one-bedroom, one-bathroom studio residence located steps away from the beach.

If money is no object and you are looking for the perfect beach home, this may be one of the best spots for you to work on your tan. We see you strolling around this beautiful community, home to incredible white sand beaches and plenty of great dining options. At Santa Rosa Beach, you can lead a life of simplicity and pure joy. Residents get to enjoy what feels like small-town living while also taking pleasure in the nearby award-winning restaurants and plenty of exciting community events, as detailed on 30A.

A charming living space

When you first open the door into this unique residence, you walk into the bedroom, which is also the kitchen, living room, and dining room, as seen on Zillow. With an adult-sized bed in the room, there is enough space for a small seating area that doubles as a dining table, two small dressers also used as bedside tables, and a dorm-room-style kitchen area. The kitchen features a minifridge, a cast iron sink, and some storage for dishes and cookware. There is also a microwave, coffee maker, and tiny toaster oven, all stacked on top of one another.

The space is certainly cramped, but livable if you reside alone or with a partner. Large windows are seen all over this room, which make it appear bigger than it really is. The windows also make the perfect opportunity to let in some of that fresh ocean air during cool days. Additionally, there is a vaulted ceiling equipped with a large fan to make sure the room never gets too stuffy.

An impeccably finished bathroom

At the back end of the home is the bathroom, which has a toilet, a vintage clawfoot bathtub, and a pedestal sink. Above the sink is a medicine cabinet for extra storage. This bathroom does not have a shower, which may prove annoying for some; however, an outdoor shower is located off the porch in the side yard, explains Trulia.

The walls in this room feature the same white paint and mint green trim accents as in the rest of the house while the floor is outfitted in black and white tile, which contrasts with the Brazilian walnut hardwood flooring of the main room. Interestingly, the bathroom window has lovely frosted and stained glass details and allows light to stream in without sacrificing any privacy. Be warned that this bathroom is not friendly to those on the taller side as the roof is sloped toward the outer wall where the bathtub sits. 

Keeping it cool outdoors

The outside of this property is quite enjoyable. It features plenty of green bushes and trees, which pair nicely with the light-colored driveway. The highlight is the distinctive bright red door at the front of the house, contrasting starkly against the hardboard white siding and corrugated metal roof. Because this house sits on roughly 0.30 acres, as per Zillow, there is still room on the lot to expand the current structure.

A selling point for many of the commenters on a post by the Zillow Gone Wild Instagram page is the hilarious 2-foot-deep tin swimming pool with a wooden diving deck in the side yard. Located around the pool are two wooden two-seater beach chairs and a large beach umbrella to keep the harsh Floridian sun out of your eyes. Several nautical-themed decorations are scattered around this yard to give guests the full Santa Rosa Beach experience.