How To Decorate Your Home Like The Movie Mamma Mia!

"Mamma Mia!" is a classic fan favorite, beloved long before it was a film. According to The Observer, the musical that inspired the movie has entertained many theater-goers due to its heartwarming qualities. The story is a work of art because it's a collection of seemingly random Abba songs put together to create a fun and cohesive plot.

However, one of the best parts of "Mamma Mia!" is the setting. The movie features a unique style that is fun to replicate at home. The vibrant colors, sights, and sounds of the beautiful Greek islands are enough to inspire anyone into home redecoration. After all, Donna spends most of the movie patching things up around The Villa Donna in preparation for Sophie's wedding. After seeing how she decorates her home with Mediterranean style, you might want to bring a little bit of the magic into your own house. If you wish to decorate your house just like "Mamma Mia!," here is the best way to go about it.

Incorporate fun prints for personality

Take inspiration from Donna and use bold patterns when decorating your living space. When the Dynamos reunite for Sophie's wedding, it's clear that the trio likes to have a good time with wild designs and loud colors. According to The Spruce, you can mix and match different patterns and still be stylish. Just try not to combine more than three different patterns within a single space.

Once you've chosen your patterns, consider your color options. Try to select colors in the same color family, like shades of cool blues or warm tones. Even if the patterns don't match perfectly, the color theme will still tie the room together. When placing designs in a room, be sure they are scattered evenly around the space. If you do this correctly, the room will feel balanced. Keeping prints concentrated in one area can easily make things feel lopsided.

Use classic Greek colors

When you think Greek, blue and white might be the first thing on your mind. The colors of Greece (they're even on the flag) appear throughout the film. If you want your home to look like "Mamma Mia!" you can't forget them. According to Country Living, there are a few key things to remember when decorating with these colors. The first is that you can incorporate the pairing in very subtle ways. While you can choose to pair a white couch with baby blue walls, you can also add hints of the colors to an otherwise neutral room. A great way to hint at blue and white is decorating with porcelain accents, as most porcelain comes in these colors.

In addition, don't be afraid to mix shades of blue and white. You can use cerulean pillows against a cream couch and pair navy curtains with eggshell paint on the walls. While mixing shades, consider if you would like to mix and match patterns and textures to further lean into the color theme. Don't be afraid to take a few risks like Donna!

Invest in a good patio space

When redecorating your home, don't forget the outside living spaces. The patio in "Mamma Mia!" is one of the most famous spots in the movie. Characters fall in and out of love, sing, dance, and even gather for meals on the patio space at Villa Donna. According to HGTV, you need to keep things durable when designing your perfect patio. When selecting furniture, fabric accents, and other decorations, consider whether they will stand the test of time and the weather. You can typically avoid things becoming ruined by the elements by purchasing items specifically designed for the outdoors.

In addition, you will want plenty of places to sit and enjoy the outdoors, be it alone with a good book or with your family for a meal. Finally, be sure that you have plenty of shade available. While you might not be fending off the hot Greek sun, you still don't want to get a sunburn while enjoying your new patio.

Comfortable bedding is a must

Sophie's bed sure looks like one of the most comfortable beds in the world. So, why not make one for yourself with new bedding? According to HGTV, you might assume that a high thread count is best when buying comfortable sheets. While a high thread count does lead to softer sheets, it doesn't always translate into a better purchase. While certain companies use sneaky ways to increase the marketed thread count, the sheets' quality doesn't improve.

Keep a few things in mind when selecting sheets for your bed. You'll want to consider the material and the thread weave of the sheets. Of course, when selecting sheets, there is one way to ensure you get the softest night's sleep. Just shop in person and feel each sheet by hand. If the material feels rough to the touch, don't assume that a few runs through the washing machine will improve the texture.

Use greenery to liven up the space

Donna doesn't shy away from decorating with plants around the villa, and neither should you. According to Lonny, the first step to decorating with plants is to think of greenery as the perfect addition to your space. Next, you will want to think about the kind of light your indoor plants need. If using potted plants outside, keep in mind that certain plants can't handle the all-day sun.

Once you have light covered, think about where to place your greenery in the room. Your first instinct might be to line up pots along the floor, which is a great place to start. However, plants pop better as a decorative element when you add dimension. You can do this by hanging planters from the ceiling or using chairs, tables, and shelves to elevate your plants. Finally, be sure to show your personality through your pots. Choose whatever colors and patterns you like best, or even paint plain pots to match your style.

Use seaside accents

Donna's hotel is a beachside abode, so keep this style in mind when decorating your living space. According to HGTV, there have been a few updates to the beach house style that you should consider. In the past, if you owned a home near the beach, you would deck out the place with nautical accents like seashells, fishing nets, and anchors. However, this level of coordination is now considered kitschy and unappealing. Another thing to stay away from is decorating with wicker furniture inside. This type of furniture is for outdoor use, but everyone loves using it indoors at the beach. You don't have to do this.

Instead, try using subtle ideas to incorporate an ocean theme in your home. You can accomplish this by using nautical stripes as accents, perhaps as curtains or pillows, in an otherwise neutral room. Or, you can use worn wood for your coffee table or cabinets to simulate the deck of a ship. However, you don't need to display large sections of ship rope as art in your living room.

Always have a good place to sit

There is no shortage of places to sit around The Villa Donna to accommodate guests of the hotel and Sophie's wedding. So, when furnishing your home like "Mamma Mia!" you will need to have plenty of chairs around. According to Homes & Gardens, the seats within each room serve as its focal point. Since the seating is so important, it's essential to get it right.

If your room is a unique shape, consider adding a curved couch or loveseat to make the most of the available space. In addition to this kind of seating, you can also consider pulling your furniture away from the walls to create more room. Sometimes, pushing your couch and chairs out of the way seems like it makes more space, but it can generate an awkward living area that is hard to maneuver around. Finally, use symmetry when arranging your seats. Even if you don't have two of everything, consider the overall shape and size of the room when placing single pieces so that the space doesn't feel lopsided.

Invest in a good mattress

Donna and the gang are constantly jumping on their mattresses, so you must have a good one if you plan to jump around. According to the Sleep Foundation, there are different types of mattresses available. The first is the innerspring mattress, a classic option that has been around for years. There is also the popular foam mattress and a newer version that combines the features of the two. Of course, there are also lesser-used mattress types, such as a waterbed or air mattress.

To choose the best mattress type best suited to you, you'll first need to consider which type of sleeper you are. Do you tend to sleep more on your back, side, or stomach? Your sleeping position determines the firmness level you need for full support and thus the type of material you should choose. Of course, if you plan to do a lot of jumping and singing on your mattress, it's probably better to buy a firmer spring mattress. With this type of mattress, you'll get extra height.

Install a stage

Ready to sing your heart out like Donna and the Dynamos? You'll need a stage at home. According to Teach Mama, having a performance space in your home isn't that far-fetched. It's best to start with a small, portable stage that you can set up when you want to perform, perhaps around the holidays for your family. You can put together a 4'x6' stage from two smaller 3'x4' platforms. This way, if you need the whole space, great, but if not, you can break it down into more usable parts that are easy to assemble.

While the frame of your stage can be timber, you will need to choose flooring material for the top of the stage. We recommend wooden flooring or linoleum for an affordable and stylish option. Once put together, you can paint your new platform to match its surroundings. You can even consider adding lights and a sound system to your stage if its location is more permanent.

Consider mosaics in your garden

There are plenty of mosaics throughout the "Mamma Mia!" movie, so you might consider using these tiles to spice up your garden. According to Family Handyman, working with mosaics is the same as regular tile. You can purchase glass and ceramic tiles for the mosaics at your local home improvement store. However, if you prefer, you can also make them at home by gently breaking apart existing tile works. Remember, you want each piece to be at least two inches across. If they are much smaller, they will be challenging to use.

In addition to mosaic sculptures in your garden, you can also use mosaic tiles in plenty of other spaces around your home. Typically, these show up as backsplashes in your kitchen or bathroom. Mosaics are incredibly water-resistant, so they work well in these spaces. You can make a small band of square pieces or take inspiration from the Greek islands for a more artistic rendering inside your home.

Use location-specific table accents

Donna sets a beautiful table for Sophie's wedding celebration. She leans heavily on local inspiration to create a warm and inviting arrangement. If you want to copy the film for your table setting, use Greek-themed decor and other chic seaside accents. Another option is to decorate in the same spirit as Donna and consider your local environment's history and culture. Draw on these unique elements for your table designs.

According to Southern Living, it's essential to never skimp on the quality of your table linens, as this sets the tone for the rest of your table. Consider using a limited color palette to avoid overwhelming your guests. While the way you decorate a dining table should look lovely, the main event is the food, so you don't want to detract from that. Finally, consider drawing on the local area for inspiration for the centerpiece and leave the rest of the place settings simple.

Don't be afraid to use solid accent colors

When you have a favorite color, it can be tricky to incorporate it into your home in a way that isn't overwhelming. How far is too far when deciding what elements of our homes should be neutral and which ones we can jazz up? The good news is that you can do whatever you want inside your own home. We see this a lot in "Mamma Mia!" since The Villa Donna uses an azure shade of blue throughout the property. This color greatly compliments the nearby Aegean Sea. However, you can replicate the look in your home with whatever color you please.

According to Glidden, the rule for using accent colors is 60/30/10. This rule means that 60% of the room should feature the primary color, 30% of the room the secondary color, and the final 10% of the room the third accent color. However, these ratios are not set in stone. Plus, there are no rules about the neutrality of the colors. If you want 60% of your space to be hot pink and only 10% white, go for it!

Coordinate your tablecloths and napkins

During her wedding celebration in "Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again," Sophie sets a lovely table with color-coordinated linens. You can recreate this chic look by purchasing your linens in sets. However, according to The Spruce, caring for your linens when they aren't on your table is one of the best things you can do to keep things looking sharp. After you finish using your linens, wash them in warm water immediately. Then, take great care to dry them on low heat and iron them once they dry. When you fold them up and place them in your linen storage, they will be fresh when you want to use them again.

Once you're ready to use linens in your table setting, you can fold them into fun shapes. However, if you plan on rolling your table linens or arranging them with a simple fold, be sure to use an iron and good starch so that they hold their shape.

Make a vision board

Remodeling The Villa Donna was Donna's dream, and Sophie was finally able to make that a reality in her mother's memory. As seen in the film, Sophie planned much of the final remodel in advance on a vision board. When you redecorate your home, you should do the same. According to Oprah Daily, a vision board is a place you collect things that inspire you. It's kind of like a real-life version of a Pinterest board. Having a vision board is especially important when you want to redecorate because it provides an idea of the colors, fabrics, and styles you plan to use in your work.

Once you've filled a vision board, it's time to move to more detailed project plans, like a budget spreadsheet with quotes from suppliers and invoices from potential contractors (via Budget Dumpster). If you don't start with a vision board, you might have a hard time putting together a concrete plan later on because you won't know what you want.