Tour Bretman Rock's Eclectic Hawaii Home

Twenty-two-year Bretman Rock has turned himself into quite the internet sensation. Though it's hard to pinpoint all that he does, he is known as being a singer, songwriter, actor,  and athlete, as well as a scientist on the side. This is all according to him. When he did his home tour for Architectural Digest, Bretman Rock said he describes his home aesthetic as being random, very colorful, and very gay. He wanted to create a home aesthetic that represented his home state as well as his own heritage.

"I'm obviously from Hawaii, but I am Filipino, so I have a lot of local pieces in this room, and I also have a bunch of Filipino pieces in this room," he said about one of his living room spaces. While touring his home, it's clear that Rock enjoys the oceanic feel of Hawaii and the aesthetic that plays along with the island lifestyle as well as having comfortable living amenities and open workspaces to do what he loves most: work and have fun.

Finding suitable children's furniture

As he was touring through one of his living rooms, Bretman Rock said one of his favorite things to do is sit on his cushioned, black wrought-iron chair and just admire his home. As he was talking about the style of his room, he showed off a small children's chair for his niece, Cleo. It was a near duplicate of the one he was sitting on. 

Finding the right bedroom décor and furniture for children is no easy feat. While there are parents who know exactly what to buy and use, others may struggle a bit to find the right kids' bedroom items or choose the best color scheme and decorating theme. Every child should have a bed to sleep in, a table or desk, an area for play, and storage for their clothes and other items, according to Décor ATW. These all contribute to both making a child's space their own, and making it useful for their day-to-day needs.

Home office spaces don't need to look bland

Bretman Rock said he does gaming and YouTube stuff in his office. Though he admitted that his office may seem boring since all he does is work in the room, there are ways to spice up home office workspaces without sacrificing style.

To combat the bland cubicle vibe, a home office should provide an environment that enables creativity and knowledge. You can make your work space more enjoyable to be in by incorporating colorful art fixtures, buying a comfortable, supportive chair, and installing enough light to be able to see without eye strain, according to HGTV.

While some may enjoy a minimal aesthetic, as stated by MyMove, there's nothing wrong with going bold. Adding pops of color in a home office by hanging up paintings and other artwork is a way to liven the mood, or add houseplants to bring life to your space — whatever makes you feel inspired and productive.

Keeping or getting rid of prior awards and trophies

Bretman Rock said he likes to recognize his achievements, and integrates his awards into his home office. One of Rock's favorite awards is his E! People's Choice Award for Beauty Influencer of the Year 2019. Ever since he was a kid, he said his parents had major dreams and aspirations for him, and he feels like he has really made a mark in the entertainment world.

While earning academic and sports trophies and awards are excellent achievements, they can also be cumbersome and consume too much space. Having trouble deciding where to place your child's Little League trophies, or your old track medals from high school? Try placing them in a rec room or a room designed to have a "sports" feel, like a man cave, according to Hoult-Hellewell.

Likewise, there may be reasons why getting rid of trophies may seem like the better option, especially when moving. Over time, some objects may have lost sentimental value and aren't worth packing and relocating. Sometimes, people want to let go of the past to make way for the future, or they'd rather not continue to hold onto memories from a certain period of their life (via Miracle Movers).

Making a cozy breakfast nook

During Bretman Rock's tour through his kitchen, he said that he and his friends like to hang out there, while his mom is always cooking for them. For those who enjoy hanging out with friends while preparing breakfast, making a breakfast nook may be a way to combine friendship and food into peaceful harmony.

One thing about breakfast nooks is that they don't have to specifically be a nook, according to Carlisle Wide Plank Floors. A dining room set can be placed inside of the kitchen itself next to an island. With limited space, this may be a solution.

One idea for efficiently using your space in a breakfast nook would be to install racks to place dishes, cups, and other utensils on (via Better Homes and Gardens). In addition to installing racks, dishes can be hung up on walls next to hanging cutting boards. It makes an interesting display of otherwise ordinary household items.

Showcasing artistic lights

One notable feature of Bretman Rock's kitchen is his art light installation above the breakfast nook. The funky, creative light installation features multiple lights hanging from twisted wires with holly and flower details. The flower motif adds pizzazz to Rock's Hawaii home aesthetic.

To add an artistic flair to one's own home, there are a variety of ways to complete an original light display. Look no further than artists who specialize in this art medium. From neon lights to scattered light features, there is something for everyone, according to Insights by Alcon Lighting. Other ways to find unique lighting for your home are to take a tour in an art gallery or find cool gear at art festivals and fairs. Supporting local talent is not only helpful to your local art community, but also helps amateur artists gain higher recognition while continuing to develop their skill and talent.

Modernizing the space around record players

Like most celebrities, Bretman Rock enjoys music. When he's not too busy, he'll listen to his vinyl records. Though he says he has a small collection, his records remain neatly stacked on a shelf that also contains his vinyl player, crystals, and pictures of him and his niece. While music is loved at a universal level, there are original ways to personalize listening spaces in your home.

To keep things modern and minimal, record players and record collections could be shelved alongside small plants to portray a fresh vibe. Going minimal can be the key to creating a clean atmosphere in storing records. One can never go wrong with an all-white palette; whether it be white walls or white shelves is up to the owner. For those who desire more style, trading in minimal vibes for bohemian chic is a way to spice things up, according to Apartment Therapy.

When it comes to storing record collections, try looking for wood cabinets that are sturdy and can hold a number of items. Have a big record collection? A travel case, according to Turn Table Kitchen, can hold hundreds of records and can be conducive for on-the-go lifestyles that require hefty luggage. 

Spread the word on local talent

As Bretman Rock took the home tour upstairs, he said he supports local artists and favors portrait paintings. One notable painting he talked about was a rendition of "Girl with a Pearl Earring" that was painted to look like Rock himself. He said his painting gallery felt like his own museum at home.

According to Mac Art Galleries, supporting locally talented artists is easy to do. To show others how they honed their talents, local artists may hold art classes to make additional income while also helping their community. Taking these classes is one way to support them. You could also help spread the word about their work. If there's something interesting on a particular artist's social media page, go and share their products and projects. They'll appreciate the support and their number of followers will grow. You can also support your arts community by attending local art fairs and shows.

Making a man cave

Bretman Rock said his hangout spot in his attic is called the "Bretman Cave," which is a fitting name due to the fun stuff he has in there. Throughout his hangout area, he has beanbag chairs, a pool table, a section where he works on science experiments, and a place where he meditates with his crystals. It's clear his space reflects his identity.

For maximum chill-out relief, adding game tables is a way to enrich the area of a man cave. With all the foosball, table hockey, and poker tables on the market, there's something special for everyone. According to The Family Handyman, it's best to make your interests the focus of the room, and select furnishings and finishes that suit both the function of the room and your own personal style.

While some man caves may be constructed in the basement, a spare bedroom may do in a pinch. By replacing the floors with wood planks and adding more metal motifs, it can create a masculine vibe. Hanging up sports posters or making a bar with stools is another way to create a suitable man cave. Who says a man cave needs to be inside? A man cave can be a garage or backyard shed with its own outdoor bar seating area (via ExtraSpace).

The love of science begins at home

Bretman Rock has been a fan of science ever since he was a kid. Due to his love of the subject, he likes to make videos of himself doing science experiments in the science corner in his man cave. Decorated with the periodic table of elements, flasks, and science books, the science corner ties together various aspects of science.

For the child who's interested in science, there are ways to create centers that pertain to their interests. There could be stations in their room or a playroom with science items. Having buckets of things found in nature with rocks, leaves, and small pebbles is a surefire way to spark the interest of children, especially when they're viewed with magnifying glasses and microscopes. Magnets are another way for children to look at science from a new perspective. These products are inexpensive and can be found at most local stores, according to Pocket of Preschool.

Creating positive energy with crystals

In his hangout area, Bretman Rock has a space where he keeps his crystals. He said he believes the area gives him a sense of good energy that enables his creativity to flow.

When it comes to energy, it can be felt in all forms. Going into a room filled with heavy energy can be stifling and unwelcoming. Opening a window to "clear the air," so to speak, may help alleviate the odd feelings. There are ways to activate positive energy in a space that differs from the usual. Energy Muse lists different crystals that are unique to producing an essence of positive energy.

Crystals are more than just rocks. They can enable a strong flow of energy for those who seek a natural source of meditative power. One popular crystal is rose quartz, a light pink stone that can produce a calming effect. When it comes to protection, black tourmaline is a go-to crystal, according to Parachute Home. Crystals that promote spiritual openness and understanding would be amethyst and aquamarine (via The Spruce).

Decluttering a makeup collection

Bretman Rock has a room dedicated to his own makeup collection. When he was younger, it was always his dream to buy copious amounts of makeup at shops like Sephora. He said his makeup collection is a reminder of how he began his career in makeup.

Have too much makeup and don't know what to do? There are a plethora of ways to organize everything. Since we're creatures of habit, we like patterns. One way to organize makeup would be to color code everything and keep like colors together. Another way is to keep primary products together such as eyeshadows, lipsticks, and foundations. These products are the ones we tend to use most frequently. Secondary products such as eyeliners and mascaras could be organized together to alleviate stress about finding a particular product, according to Ipsy.

People who have an overabundance of makeup could cut down on unnecessary clutter. Taking everything out and throwing away items that are expired, broken, or no longer trendy keeps everything in check. Once these items are discarded, new items can make their way into a makeup collection (via The Every Girl).

Producing a studio room

Bretman Rock showed off his video production studio. Inside the studio, he has a painted green wall to incorporate green screen settings. To achieve the best sound quality possible, he also has a condenser mic and audio pads on the walls.

Creating a studio room is no easy feat. Having good lighting is essential when filming so as not to look washed out. Natural light is a good source of energy and can be utilized if lighting products are out of budget or hard to find, according to Kajabi. You'll also want to make sure that you have any video and audio equipment you might need, as well as editing software. Having the right equipment not only makes you look and sound better, but it makes the entire process of creating videos easier as well. A tripod and custom backdrop will also make your videos look more professional.

Displaying a cactus garden

Bretman Rock talked about how he likes to put sun loving plants on his patio. As he was taking the tour around his outdoor patio, he showed off his quaint cactus garden. Though he only had a few, his collection could expand one day to accommodate more plants.

You don't have to live in a desert, or even in a hot climate, to grow cacti. For those looking to take care of cacti and to have them outside their homes, remember to water them about once per week during warmer seasons, according to HGTV. However, cacti also go through a dormant period during colder months, during which they don't need as much water. Finding decent soil for growing cacti is another important aspect to taking care of the plants. Different species of cactus need specialized care and treatment, since they grow at different rates and have varied needs, depending on the type (via Better Homes and Gardens).

Decorating with statement wallpaper

As Bretman Rock toured through his bedroom, he showed off his frond patterned wallpaper that was pasted on one of the walls. Bretman said it really tied together the look of his room. It also worked well with the theme of his house being based in Hawaii.

One home trend for spring is to incorporate flowered wallpaper inside of a home, just like Bretman Rock's wallpaper. From dainty daisies to bombastic tropical flower designs, there's a wide array to choose from. Flower wallpaper designs harken back to simple times where feminine aesthetics with breezy old-fashioned looks were prominent. They can create a cozy, soothing, or modern look, depending on the pattern, as noted by Veranda.

While the flower wallpaper aesthetic may be popular for those who favor feminine looks, wallpaper that is designed to look like wood paneling might be attractive to those who favor a masculine touch. For those who favor a country or rustic vibe, faux wood paneling paper adds a touch of outdoor goodness inside an everyday room (via The Spruce).