Unique Celebrity Home Brands You Didn't Know About

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Though many shoppers prefer brick and mortar setups when shopping, the chance to find the perfect piece for their home is not only at their fingertips but able to stretch across the country, the world, and even to brands they might not have heard of. Especially considering that online retailers have seen a huge surge in sales since the pandemic, as per ROI Revolution, more and more brands and designers are launching their collections online. In fact, furniture and homeware sales saw an unprecedented $6.6 million increase year-over-year in 2020, and the home decor industry as a whole enjoyed a record $182 billion in revenue. It's a hot business to get into, so it's no surprise that the last couple of years has seen a rise in celebrity home brands, including musicians, Hollywood actors, reality TV stars, and many more.

These icons have discovered a passion for art and design through working on these collections, and are able to share their creations with fans through popular retailers. If you're looking to add a specific edge to your interiors, or just feel like supporting your favorite celebrities' work, take a look at these stars-turned-design moguls.

Nick Offerman's California-based woodwork shop

Everyone's favorite grumpy "Parks and Recreation" cast member, Nick Offerman, is real-life Ron Swanson with a passion for woodwork and fine craftsmanship. His business Offerman Woodshop has crafted beautiful handmade and custom wood pieces, small and large.

According to Offerman, working with tools has been ingrained in him since he was young. It was a family activity that he kept going even as he took up an interest in acting and theater. But now that he is an established comic performer, actor, and author, he has since developed this affinity for craftsmanship as part of his daily life with Offerman Woodshop, located in East Los Angeles. "We focus on hand-crafted, traditional joinery and sustainable slab rescue–working with fallen trees from our urban L.A. environment as well as greater California and Oregon," Offerman shared.

The shop sells a handful of specially crafted items for the home. Most of these pieces have practical uses, from wooden plant stands to simple yet sturdy dining tables. Others are fun keepsakes to give as gifts, books written by Offerman, and merchandise. Aside from its products, the Woodshop also works with several nonprofits in the local area and its woodworking community. This small but mighty team works diligently to produce beautiful pieces that are more than just eye-catching trinkets.

Brad Pitt's exclusive furniture collaboration

Hollywood icon Brad Pitt has been involved in home design for over a decade. According to a 2012 Architectural Digest article, Pitt explored his passion for architecture and design through his acquired designer and vintage furniture collection. But it wasn't until he met furnituremaker Frank Pollaro that he launched his own collection. The duo's collaborative collection Pitt Pollaro has featured pieces designed by Pitt since 2012, and has showcased his creative eye for detail through his furniture pieces.

Pollaro, a high-end furniture craftsman, founded Pollaro Custom Furniture in 1988 and has since produced up to 200 new pieces a year (via Pollaro). The Pitt Pollaro collection has evolved over time but has always remained modern in nature, and each piece has stayed limited-edition. Beautiful materials are used to create these home pieces, such as Statuario Venato marble and Ceylon satinwood. You're guaranteed a one-of-a-kind item to display in your home. According to a recent Instagram post, the Pitt-Pollaro collection can be found exclusively at Just One Eye in Los Angeles, which has a unique sense of style and taste in home decor all its own.

Barrymore's newest decor collection is colorful and affordable

Drew Barrymore has expanded her resume from just acting. She has done everything from launching a successful talk show called "The Drew Barrymore Show" to entering the beauty industry with her cruelty-free makeup brand Flower Beauty. Now she's gone one step further with a new home collection called Flower Home, available at Walmart.

This collection is a pure representation of Barrymore and her love of artistic expression. As stated on her page on Walmart, this collection is derived and inspired by Drew herself — it is free-willed in spirit, all while being practical and useful. Barrymore channeled her own taste and life experience to make the pieces, creating a colorful and eclectic assortment of fresh finds. Any style you could think of can be found in this collection, from elegant, dramatic living room furniture to boho-chic lighting choices. These assorted pieces fit well together or stand alone as individual accents.

Decor from Lenny Kravitz' line brings the world together

Just from first glance, Kravitz Design by Lenny Kravitz gives off a complex edge that draws you in from all angles. According to the brand itself, Kravitz Design boasts a global point of view and works to achieve this view in several categories of life, from real estate interior design and champagne curation to furniture craftsmanship and design. In collaboration with modern and contemporary furniture store CB2, Kravitz Design has produced a collection of accent pieces that feel luxurious and unique.

Inspiration is crucial to Kravitz; his own home reflects his musical and childhood heroes, including Muhammad Ali and James Brown, according to Vogue. The furniture from his collection draws the same inspiration — Kravitz Design says the collection is based on a variety of influences, such as rock n' roll, Parisian markets, and African goods. The result is a global but upscale collection. Whether you're shopping his decor pieces or compiling notes based on his designed interiors, this complex edge that he delivers in his designs gives you a clue into what inspires him and how he interprets these musings.

Reality star Lisa Vanderpump loves to light up a room

Lisa Vanderpump's career as a businesswoman, TV personality, author, and philanthropist keeps her busy most of the time. But the star has also added "designer" to her resume, thanks to her collaborative collection with Nick Alain called Vanderpump Alain. From elegant lighting fixtures and accessories to avant-garde furniture pieces, this pair has created a surplus of design features meant to demonstrate caliber and grandiosity, in unique ways.

According to Bravo TV, Vanderpump first started her design collection out of necessity. She owns a series of restaurants, and she wanted to design unique chandeliers to decorate them. "I used to swing from the chandeliers, but now I design them," she joked on Instagram. The brand has since expanded into more categories, all with a Parisian and classic style.

The Vanderpump Alain collection itself has evolved past trends, showcasing a love for a dramatic and grand design. And while Vanderpump joked that her chandelier-swinging days are over, her focus on maximalist design shows she still loves to push boundaries.

Tia Mowry rocks her creativity in the kitchen

TV star Tia Mowry has transformed from an iconic '90s actor to a kitchen mogul and chef. She stars in her own home Cooking Channel show, has a YouTube channel, and has a few cookbooks under her belt. According to her book "Whole New You," Mowry grew a passion for food and wellness while on a journey to treat the underlying causes of her endometriosis. This passion has now transitioned into a new cookware line called Spice by Tia Mowry, which is available through Amazon and Walmart and consists of beautiful colorful kitchenware that adds a touch of fun to your dining experience.

Mowry's newest collection was created to bring something bright and colorful to kitchens everywhere (via Instagram). Her love of making good food, and having fun while doing it, led to this collection of homewares, which spans from brightly colored pots and pans to porcelain and stoneware dinnerware. 

Property Brothers deliver home advice and products

"Property Brothers" stars Drew and Jonathan Scott have been legends in the HGTV world for some time now, and their experiences on and off-screen have shaped their sense of design and style. You can now incorporate their good taste into your own home, as their designer products, ranging from rugs and furniture to bedding and wallpaper, can now grace your walls and floors.

Their two home brands, Scott Living and Drew and Jonathan Home, are curated by the Scotts, who have years of experience in the industry. Their following is massive thanks to their HGTV success, with their latest program, "Property Brothers: Forever Home," gaining over 23 million viewers, as per Discovery. This only makes the brothers' collections all the more exciting.

The duo has wallpaper, furniture, bedding, and window treatments that are modern, contemporary, and affordable. Keeping in mind the client, many of these collections are composed of sustainably sourced materials, from HygroCotton in their bedsheets to recycled fabric in their curtains. No matter the accent or chosen design element, these collections showcase what the Scott brothers value most: craftsmanship, exciting design, and increasing quality of life (via Drew & Jonathan). 

Kelly Clarkson's collection shows that home is where the heart is

Kelly Clarkson's new home collection with Wayfair demonstrates that authentic design does not have to cost a fortune. When the brand announced in February 2020 that Clarkson would be Wayfair's first official brand ambassador in the U.S., she told Business Wire that she was "excited to team up with Wayfair to connect with their shoppers and show them how simple it is to turn their home into a place that feels as special as they are." The notion that home is where the heart is is prevalent throughout this collection of furniture and decor.

The Kelly Clarkson Home collection is balanced in many ways, from its styles to its prices. Clarkson told House Beautiful that the line is a mix of bohemian and farmhouse, reflecting her own go-to aesthetic. And there are finds for everyone and every style, from glam statement pieces to classic, simple features. 

Decor by Bobby Berk encourages self expression

Bobby Berk's rise as a designer began in the world of retail, working in widely-known stores like Bed Bath & Beyond and Restoration Hardware. He then transitioned into owning his own interior design practice, which decorates everything from residential to commercial to hospitality spaces, according to his website. And just as he and the Fab Five brought fresh eyes and taste to the popular, award-winning show "Queer Eye," Berk has brought fresh eyes and taste to homes with his own home decor collection.

These pieces have a transitional design, such as his Amara rug, which is vintage-inspired but modern and machine washable. A.R.T. Furniture, Value City Furniture, and Wayfair also host his collaborations, all of which have a transitional, mid-century modern aesthetic. His modern take on classic pieces like rugs, lighting, and wallpaper shows that he's always got his finger on the pulse when it comes to trends.

Lauren Conrad's lifestyle hub branches out into interior design

Since her initial fame as a TV personality, Lauren Conrad has found commendable success in several industries as a best-selling author, philanthropist, and fashion designer with her Kohls' exclusive brand LC Lauren Conrad. Conrad has extended her reach into home design with a wide selection of products under this brand, offering classic yet modern decor items that fit effortlessly into any workspace, dining room, living area, and more. However busy she keeps herself, Conrad's brand continues to evolve, now having launched a new line for kid's room decor.

Little Co. by Lauren Conrad pairs her iconic design styles and inspirations into decor for kids, with softness and simplicity as core features. Beautiful, cozy bedding pairs well with whimsical pillows and even cozier blankets. It will be hard not to want all these pieces for the little ones in your life!

Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop has gone beyond wellness advice

The iconic Goop name began as a simple newsletter by Gwyneth Paltrow about home and lifestyle. It has since evolved into something much larger and widespread — a wellness brand with a unique lens on how best to live life. And like the name itself, this brand now has also evolved to include a focus on home design, seen through Goop and CB2's collection of elevated furniture, lighting, and accent pieces.

Taking influence from Paltrow's unique perspective and attention to detail, the Goop-CB2 collaborative collection does the same by offering furniture crafted with attention to detail and offering a modern flair. The collection includes everything from fashionable fireplace accessories to an indoor swing chair for an added fun yet functional element. These decor items clearly showcase Paltrow's unique aesthetic, a love for modern design, and a passion for the unexpected.

Lionel Richie's self-titled home brand brings road life indoors

According to Lionel Richie, an artist who has spent much of his life touring the world and entertaining audiences, home for him is a retreat. Because of that, he launched a home line that includes furniture, bedding, linens, and more. Richie told Woodworking Network that the collection, Lionel Richie Home, shows off his "taste and passion for creating a luxurious escape in your own home." Every item is tailored to perfection, showing off an almost suave exterior while maintaining comfort and function. 

Though these pieces could fit into nearly any style, many of these refined items are rich in color and can be used as statements in your room of choice. For example, you can pick out a navy blue storage ottoman to place at the foot of your bed, which is styled in an elegant bedspread. Richie's website also features equally striking decor items, from plush linens to luscious pillows, and much more.

Rita Ora shows off her moodier side with her sultry home collection

Another talented musician and actor, Rita Ora, is involved in multiple ventures, from judging a singing competition to collaborating on fashion and shoe collections. Ora now also has released several items through her home line, Rita Ora Home, of home bedding, throws, and pillows. Her pieces have an aesthetic that finds the perfect balance between sweet and moody. As Ora told License Global, "I'm so pleased to launch my second bedding collection," says Rita Ora. "I just love the creative process, from the initial inspiration; finalizing designs and seeing the finished products! For me, the most important qualities in bedding are style, luxury, and comfort, and this is exactly what the collection embodies."

Though originally released under Terry, her products can now be found through Amara, and are priced affordably for those looking to spice up their bedroom, or at least their sleep regimen.

Diane Keaton's bold lighting collection goes beyond black and white

A designer with a keyed-in point of view is a powerful weapon. Oscar-winning actor Diane Keaton is not only a powerhouse on set but is just as creative in home design. Her linen lampshade and lighting collection, released in 2019, collaborates with Aidan Gray and draws from minimalism and monochromatic themes, but it is far from boring. When the original collection was introduced at the High Point Market furniture trade show, featured on the Keaton Industries Instagram, Keaton was quoted across the gallery's walls, one statement in particular reading, "Why black and white? Because color can be too demanding."

Each fixture has a point of view of its own and a purpose. Even her online showcase of products featured exclusively with Perigold, organizes the pieces by intention, having customers ask themselves how they want to outfit their space and which would match their needs based on color, design, and visual texture. Keaton wants people to be bold; this collection proves there are many different ways to be so, including using monochromatic colors.