You Could Live In A Deserted Island Cottage In Maine For Much Less Than You Think

If the idea of living on a deserted island with no one around sounds like utter paradise to you, but you've always assumed that was a privilege reserved for those who have multi-millions or even billions to spend on tropical property, you'll want to check out a Maine cottage that recently went on the market. It's not a huge space, but it certainly ticks all the boxes for anyone wanting a scenic, private, waterfront spot to escape to.

The Bold Coast Properties listing bills the cottage as a weekend getaway. The property is in Addison, Maine, and is listed for an asking price of just $339,000. The cottage is a relatively new building, constructed in 2009, and there are no neighbors in the vicinity — perfect for introverts or those who just want to get away from it all for the ultimate in restful vacations. There are a few considerations for anyone looking to make the cottage their permanent home — it's relatively small, and there's actually no bathroom within the cottage itself — but for a rustic weekend getaway, it's about as idyllic as it can get.

According to New York Post, the cottage has been deemed the "world's loneliest home," although nature lovers may find the breathtaking ocean views and animal visitors a delight. Read on to learn more about this one-of-a-kind property.

Panoramic ocean views and adorable visitors

As per the Bold Coast Properties listing, the home sits on 1.5 acres of land known as Duck Ledges Island. This means the relatively modest sub-$400,000 price tag doesn't just come with the small cottage, it comes with the entire island the cottage is located on.

The listing photos highlight just how scenic the surroundings are, with panoramic ocean views as far as the eye can see. The cottage is perched in the middle of the petite island, with several areas of sandy beach that seem like the ideal spot to kick back with a good book. Wildlife lovers will be thrilled to know that there are apparently plenty of seals around Duck Ledges Island, and they've taken to frequently flopping on the ledges surrounding the island — so, while you may not have any neighbors, you could occasionally have a partner to soak in the sunshine.

If the idea of bringing along everything you might need for a weekend seems a bit intimidating, given that there are no services or shops on the island itself, don't worry. The listing says there's a mooring adjacent to the island, and it's just a short boat ride to the Jonesport public marina. Now, the population of Jonesport, Maine, isn't massive — according to the Town of Jonesport, the 2010 census listed just 1,370 residents in the small town — but there should be enough to help restock the pantry and grab anything you need for your weekend retreat.

A quaint cabin with a space-saving layout

The cottage itself is a relatively compact property, with 540 total square feet of interior space, according to Bold Coast Properties. The interior embraces the nestled-in-nature location, with rustic wood flooring, wood boards along the walls, and stained green wood planks stretching across the ceiling. The main living area is one large space with countless windows that fill the cottage with natural light and offer breathtaking views of the sea from every corner of the space.

A small wooden kitchen allows for simple meal preparation, and there's a dining nook nearby, where you can eat your meals and sip your morning coffee while gazing out at the water. There's also a living room area where a few chairs and a couch have been set up, along with an overhead light that provides illumination once the sun has set. While the wood on the walls offers a rustic feel, the green stained roof may have you tempted to add a bit more color to achieve your dream cottagecore aesthetic — there are many little tweaks you could make to transform the cottage into your perfect getaway spot.

The one thing the home is missing is a bathroom — there's no septic or sewage on the property, so any resident will have to wander a bit further down the island to a wooden outhouse nearby.

Cozy sleeping quarters with a view

Though the main floor is essentially all one big room, there is a separate sleeping area. While there aren't any actual stairs in the cozy cottage, a sturdy-looking wooden ladder in the middle of the main sleeping quarters leads up to a loft space that has been transformed into the bedroom, as the Bold Coast Properties listing photos highlight. The lofted bedroom area features a sloped ceiling covered in green-stained wood boards, adding a nautical, rustic feel that's perfect for the property. There is also one large window on the back wall of the room, allowing you to take in the gorgeous water views from the very moment you wake up. And, since the loft level seems to overlook the main living area, you'll also get some great natural light from the rest of the cottage.

The bedroom has currently been set up with two twin beds, but the space could certainly be reconfigured a bit to add one larger bed or even transformed into an office if you'd rather tuck a bed away somewhere on the main floor to be surrounded by all those windows.