The Ultimate Guide To Romantic Decor

Creating a romantic ambiance in your home is not strictly reserved for Valentine's Day. Decorating your home with romantic accents and cozy elements is a great way to fall in love with your space year-round. According to Nazmiyal Collection, the romantic style originated in the 18th and 19th centuries, making it classic and timeless. From floral prints and canopy beds to soft architecture and feminine details, there are several characteristics associated with this decor style.

Whether you're looking to renovate a specific room in your home or trying to give your entire house a picturesque update, adding charming and idyllic accents to your space is always a good idea. However, finding your starting point with this style can be difficult. To help you get started, we've put together this extensive and detailed guide to creating the ultimate romantic space! Keep reading for some of the best fool-proof tips and tricks.

Adorn your space with candles

There is no denying that candles set a romantic mood. From the dim lighting to the warm ambiance they create, candles are an absolute must when making your space feel more romantic. According to Lit Up Candle Co., adding candles to your home increases relaxation and peace. The fragrant scents and flames produce a calming effect. If you are easily overwhelmed by strong fragrances, be picky when choosing your candle scents. Unscented tea lights and soy wax candles are great options for those who want the ambiance of candles without the smells.

In addition to the candles themselves, candle holders can also contribute to the overall romantic scene in your space. For example, these sophisticated glass candle holders from West Elm would look great on a coffee table or fireplace mantel. The light pink hue is delicate, feminine, and romantic. Longer candles have a timeless and traditional look that enhances the romantic atmosphere.

Add some red accents

According to Windermere, Valentine's Day is not the only time to add red details to your home. While red tones can be harsh when used in large amounts, layering subtle accents can brighten up a space and create a passionate scene. Whether decorating with throw pillows or Turkish rugs, there are several subtle ways to throw some red decor into your living space.

Since scarlet can be an energizing color, it's good to be mindful of which rooms you enhance. While painting your bedroom red may be a huge mistake, the living room is a great place to paint the town red. As designer Denna McLaughlin said, "Red is never boring ... A couple of big red chairs are inviting in the living room, but I also love red for drapery. When the light comes through the window, it gives the room a soft red glow that makes people want to be together" (via HGTV).

Spruce things up with a charming chandelier

Are you looking for a charming way to brighten up your living space? While they might seem traditional or fancy, chandeliers are undeniably romantic. You can choose from an extensive selection when adorning your ceiling, from classic crystal chandeliers to modern pendants. Per Trendir, crystal chandeliers are the most glamorous and sophisticated option. They possess an innate sense of elegance that sets the mood and creates a passionate setting.

However, before installing your chandelier, ensure you have the proper measurements and dimensions. The fixture you choose should suit the proportions of your room. The height of the room is crucial when shopping for a chandelier. The chandelier should be neither too large nor too small compared to your space. Additionally, consider the placement of your chandelier. It should be arranged centrally in a room or above an element like the dining table. When it comes to the length of the chandelier chain, the taller your ceilings, the more dramatic you can go.

Place a clawfoot tub in your bathroom

Clawfoot bathtubs have a vintage appeal that makes them both timeless and stunning. If you want to give your bathroom a little extra love and make some changes, you can't go wrong with installing a luxurious clawfoot tub. According to Overstock, clawfoot tubs are long-lasting and durable, ensuring that your investment should stand the test of time. Though you can buy brand new clawfoot tubs, antique tubs have a unique charm. Their cast-iron feet allow them to last through the years.

Clawfoot tubs are also incredibly comfortable and tend to be on the larger side, enhancing the romantic elements of the bathtub. Whether you're looking to fill up your tub with flower petals for an idyllic soak or want to add a bathtub caddy for reading and enjoying a glass of wine during your bath, a clawfoot tub is one of the most worthwhile upgrades you can make to your bathroom.

Use a lot of mirrors

In addition to their practical benefits, mirrors are also incredibly glamorous and eye-catching. Whether you want to create a mirrored wall or you're on the hunt for a statement-making mirror, these reflective accents allow you to get creative and expand your design talents. During an interview with Homes & Gardens, designer Anna Franklin said, "In terms of functionality, a mirror can be used to spread natural light and to create the illusion of space. If you have a small living room, consider mounting a large mirror above a fireplace, or style leaning against a focal wall. To maximize light, position mirrors in areas where natural light shines to reflect the light to more dimly lit areas — making the overall space feel brighter throughout the day."

No matter how you choose to utilize them, mirrors can spruce up your space. They are a simple solution to making a smaller space feel larger. While the placement of your mirrors is crucial, you also have a lot of freedom to figure out what works best with your style and your space. If you want to stick with a more vintage-inspired or classic look to evoke a romantic atmosphere, consider buying something like this Rectangle Accent Mirror from Perigold.

Stick to neutral-colored upholstery

While colors like pink and red are typically associated with romance and love, they are not always the most realistic or appealing colors for big furniture pieces like couches or beds. During an interview with The Spruce, furniture expert Sebastian C. Founder said, "When customers are seeking furniture pieces with a romantic style, we often recommend warm, neutral stain and upholstery options ... Choosing warm tones softens the atmosphere and creates a relaxed mood in any design space."

While you can use bright colors as accents or accessories in your living space, a neutral palette is a better option for your base. One idea is to add red throw pillows and blankets to a beige-colored couch. One of the best parts about sticking with neutral-colored upholstery is that these colors are timeless. Even if you switch around pieces of furniture or accessories, you'll always have a solid base to work around (via MyDomaine).

Avoid straight, harsh lines

The soft edges and unique shapes found on curved furniture and architecture have a picturesque and ethereal effect in any living space. Furniture designer, Sebastian C. Founder, told The Spruce, "Popular furniture designs include those with a vintage flair such as four-poster beds, wingback chairs, and china hutches ... It only takes a few carefully chosen furniture staples and home accents to create a romantic space."

While different lines and styles have an obvious impact on your space. Vertical, horizontal, and curved lines are able to work together to create a cohesive and balanced space (via Homes & Gardens). For example, if you are renting and unable to make changes to the actual structure or architecture of your home, use curved furniture to create a similar effect. If you are able to make structural changes, arched doors and walkways are some of the most beautiful and elegant examples of curved architecture. They boast a truly romantic aesthetic.

Embrace floral designs

Floral prints are delicate, feminine, and inspiring. One of the best things about floral prints is that the design possibilities are just as diverse and limitless as flowers themselves. From elegant roses to bohemian daisies, floral prints work in different ways and places throughout the home. During an interview with The Spruce, content creator Amy Hillary said, "Florals are a classic sign of romance ... Choose floral wallpaper, bedding, and fresh florals in pretty vases."

If you're looking for a more creative and unique way to incorporate floral prints in your space, consider updating your accent chair or ottoman with new upholstery (via Liv Space). This romantic touch blends in with the rest of the room, creating a subtle yet integral mood. While they are more unconventional, floral window treatments are great for those hoping to make a bolder statement and place focus on the floral print.

Go for the gold details

While silver is stunning, gold is a much warmer and more romantic option for a home's hardware and metallic accents. From kitchen sinks to framed mirrors, adding a pop of gold is a great way to spruce up your space and add dimension. According to Better Homes & Gardens, metallic details effortlessly make a room feel more sophisticated, elegant, and opulent.

Though you can mix the two and use a combo of gold and silver, this can wind up looking a bit outdated. It's best to stay consistent with gold in your home. Also, while the hardware is one of the typical places to play with metallics, the railing on chairs or bar stools is another fun place to add some gold accents. You can also add subtle finishing touches with mirrors, light fixtures, wall art, and lamps. Consider adding a gold sunburst mirror to your bedroom or freshening up your kitchen cabinets with new handles.

Invest in antique oil paintings

Antique oil paintings are classic, timeless, and rooted in romance. During an interview with Stylist, interior designer Sonia Pash said, "Antique oil paintings are a great flourish, and they don't need to be crazy expensive. You can find lovely pieces by lesser-known artists in smaller auction houses or antique shops that should suit your budget." While you can easily find prints and more modern paintings on sites like Etsy, part of the charm of antique paintings is the unique history behind them.

Whether you want to create a gallery wall or source a large piece that can act as the focal point above your fireplace, antique oil paintings are exquisite. They add a sense of refinement and class to your space (via Artsy). Antique artwork doesn't have to pair perfectly with existing objects in a room, so feel free to have fun and pick out the pieces you like the most.

Scatter flowers throughout your space

Flowers are a timeless and classic way to add some color to your space. Placing flowers in your home benefits your mind, body, and soul. According to Bloomsy Box, flowers have the power to boost your mood and feelings of joy.

As the vice president of 1-800-Flowers, Valerie Ghitelman, said to Petal Talk, "Flowers possess a unique and wholesome fragrance that can be uplifting and pleasurable ... All flowers have a natural scent, but some have a more provocative fragrance that is truly unforgettable. Your sense of smell is also connected to memory, so if you smell a specific flower while you're relaxed, you may feel the same relaxation and calm when you remember that scent." Whether you're looking to put together a large and lavish arrangement for your coffee table or want to keep things simple with small vases on a desk or bookshelf, flowers romanticize any space effortlessly.

Make your home cozy

Coziness is one of the main aspects of creating a romantic atmosphere in your home. From soft and fuzzy blankets to a classic crackling fireplace, there are multiple ways to make your home feel more comfortable. According to Real Simple, adding layers throughout your space enhances its natural coziness. Everything from lighting to linens can influence how warm and inviting your home feels.

A simple way to make your space feel cozier is to open up your windows and let in natural light. Adding personal touches such as family photos or heirlooms makes a room feel friendly and inviting. If you map out the details beforehand, you can ensure that these meaningful accessories fit in with the rest of your decor and aesthetic. For example, if you choose to set up some family photos, you can buy specific frames that complement the rest of your space.

Stay away from harsh or bright lighting

Nothing kills the mood faster than harsh, fluorescent lighting. Whenever you walk into a romantic restaurant, the lights are usually dim. This light level ensures that guests feel more comfortable and less exposed while dining. Per the Independent, dim lighting encourages relaxation and peace. In addition, it allows you to think clearer and make better decisions due to the heightened sense of relaxation. Installing light dimmers in your home will let you instantly adjust the light to your desired level.

If you can't install a dimmer system in your home, stick with lightbulbs that are warm and soft. Another great benefit of using dim lighting throughout your home is that it utilizes less energy and lowers your electricity bill. If you want to take your setting to the next level, add a natural glow with candles or hang some twinkle lights for a romantic ambiance.

Keep things feminine

While many people associate feminine style with pink, frilly, and sparkly decor, it is more nuanced and complex. During an interview with The Spruce, home staging expert Jennifer Burt said, "Romantic style is characterized by being feminine ... Curved lines, sometimes bold colors (think how red lips are considered romantic), accents of shiny gold and silver, and floral or nature-inspired prints are some of the key characteristics to emulate."

From vintage couches with curved backs to light fixtures with gold metallic finishes, incorporating elements of feminine decor is easier than you might expect. However, designing a feminine space with all the bells and whistles is not for everyone. If you prefer to keep things more modern or minimalistic, go easy on the number of feminine accents in your home. Of course, if you're a big fan of pink, feel free to adorn every inch of your space with this romantic color.