All The Homes That Beyoncé And Jay-Z Own

When it comes to celebrity power couples, it doesn't get any bigger than Jay-Z and Beyoncé! According to Capital Xtra, when rumors of their coupling started swirling in 2001, Jay-Z (also known as Shawn Carter) was a well-accomplished rap artist, and Beyoncé Knowles was poised to become a breakout success story after splitting from Destiny's Child to become a solo artist.

The pair were seen together from time to time in 2001, and a year later, when they dropped their "'03 Bonnie & Clyde" single, they lyrically belted out a potential love story that set their fanbase on fire (via Glamour.) From 2002 to 2022, Beyoncé dominated the world of music while Jay expanded deeper into the world of business. They began to work together on each other's projects, further cementing their bond. A joint album was produced, joint tours were executed, and they grew Tidal together, as per Us Weekly. Their empire skyrocketed, with Forbes naming them as a billionaire duo in 2018.

 And what can we expect from a billionaire duo? Well, loads of homes and luxury acquisitions, of course! That being said, the Carters appear to be a real-life paradox because as much as they are in the public eye, their personal lives remain extremely private. But their hush-hush nature made us even more intrigued to discover all the exclusive abodes which Jay and Bey choose to call home.

Bey's childhood home

For the token of $64,000, this sprawling Houston home became the property of Matthew Knowles (Beyoncé's father), Tina Knowles-Lawson (Bey's mother), Beyoncé, and her younger sister Solange, as per PaperCity Magazine.

According to House Beautiful, the Houston home was built with a traditional French style in mind. Amongst the myriad of amazing features, a few to note include the spiral staircase, an office space, a kitchen with double ovens, two fireplaces, and proximity to Houston's museum district. Hello! reports that Beyoncé lived in this three bedroom, three bathroom home up until the age of five. As of 2018, the Riverside terrace home was in the news again when realtors put it up for sale at $500,000. Since Forbes placed Beyoncé's net worth at $400 million, we can safely assume that a home worth $500,000 is a drop in the bucket for the megastar.

Jay Z's childhood home

In stark contrast to his wife's childhood home, Jay-Z grew up quite differently. According to The Brooklyn Ink, Jay-Z's early childhood was spent in unit 524 of the Marcy Housing Projects. Andscape reports that Jay rapped about his time living in the six-story Marcy building complex in a song from his 1996 album called "Where I'm From." Despite the rap god occasionally paying homage to the Bedford-Stuyvesant New York neighborhood through his lyrics, the younger generation who live in his old stomping grounds is somewhat indifferent to the superstar. 

They believe that Jay is more relevant to their parent's generation than their own. But no matter what generation accepts the entrepreneur, it is a laudable feat that despite growing up in the projects' difficult world of gun violence and drug dealing, Jay-Z (or Shawn Carter as he was originally called) found his way out of the public housing complex to build a life of incredible success (via NYS Music).

Bey's Third Ward abode

Beyoncé is quick to represent her Houston roots at every chance she gets. She does this a lot through her music, like when she appeared in a pageant contest representing the Third Ward in her "Pretty Hurts" music video. For those unfamiliar with Queen Bey's stomping yard, Third Ward is one of Houston's six historic wards (via PopSugar). "I love the stories behind some of the homes, especially when it transitioned from a more Jewish neighborhood to an African-American neighborhood," Roslyn Bazzelle Mitchell, who currently lives in Beyonce's previous home, told Fox 26 Houston. While giving a house tour to the crew of the Fox News network, she talked about the ambiance of the neighborhood. "It is not really noisy. It's just perfect." 

However, while living in the Knowles second family home, Mitchell has been faced with unpredictable visits from Bey's fans, some of which "just show up at all hours of the night." Realtor shares that the four-bedroom house has 3.5 bathrooms, a wood-burning fireplace, and a heated pool with a spa, and when it sold in 2012, it boasted a value of $765,500. 

Jay-Z's Brooklyn apartment

Jay-Z is a proud New York native, so it's no surprise that his 2009 hit "Empire State of Mind" was dedicated to his favorite city. Song Meanings and Facts reports that Jay-Z and song co-writer Janet Sewell both lived in the Brooklyn apartment on 560 State Street referred to in the song. The rapper belted out, "Took it to my stash spot, 560 State Street. Catch me in the kitchen, like a Simmons whippin' pastry."

In the 2013 documentary "Jay-Z: Made in America," Jay visits his past residence and tells the camera, "I lived in this building for years ... When we actually lived here it wasn't really a stash spot, but we were doing all kinds of stuff here that we shouldn't have been doing." LoveProperty pinpoints Jay's exact residence as apartment 10C in the Brooklyn condo building, where the two-bedroom unit spans over 1,000 square feet.

Bey and Jay's secret wedding loft in Tribeca

Another famous Carter property is this trendy Tribeca loft. Beyoncé's husband snagged the 7th-floor penthouse residence from advertising executive Peter Arnell in 2004 — a purchase which, according to Observer, did not occur without a healthy dose of drama to follow. The building residents reportedly attempted to halt what ended up being a two-year-long house purchase, fearing that his celebrity status would attract undue attention within the exclusive building.

Forbes reports that Jay-Z finally succeeded in purchasing the home for $6.85 million, and in 2008, it was the source of a media frenzy when paparazzi got wind that it was the Carters' secret wedding location. According to E! News, the penthouse was converted into an all-white ethereal setting for the function, where some of the decor included whimsical trees and floating candles lining the aisle. Some of the guests in attendance included actor Gwyneth Paltrow and Beyoncé's old girl group members, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams. Architectural Digest reports that "Real Housewives of New York City" star Bethenny Frankel was another one of the residents that lived within the building. 

Beyoncé's midtown Manhattan condo

Three years before marrying Shawn Carter, Beyoncé scooped up this stately midtown Manhattan condo for $5 million in 2005, as per W Magazine. The home boasts three bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms at 2,699 square feet. While the above photo isn't of her exact condo, it's of a similarly sized and priced unit in the building. According to Us Weekly, that same year, after ending their world tour, Destiny's Child announced they were splitting up, and Bey launched her solo career. 

After 12 years of owning the property, Mansion Global reports that Beyoncé sold the three-bedroom unit in 2017 for $9.95 million, earning her a $4 million profit. Speaking to Mansion Global about the sale, Beyoncé's broker revealed, "The first person who saw it was the first person to buy it." She also added that Knowles had not used the home in a very long time, so it was time to sell the investment. But seeing how Beyoncé and her billionaire husband have many abodes across the country at their disposal, the sale didn't put a dent in their real estate portfolio. 

Jay-Z's Time Warner Center Manhattan rental

According to StreetEasy, Jay-Z rented a three-bedroom penthouse on the 76th floor of the Time Warner Center, which included floor-to-ceiling windows and a skyline view of the city of New York. According to Yahoo!, the home was originally owned by Michael Hirtenstein, a telecom billionaire who also owns fan-favorite hospitality group Catch. It has restaurants in New York, Aspen, and West Hollywood, and he is known to real estate enthusiasts as a serial purchaser of NYC apartments. The home boasts one of the highest balconies in the city, and Insider reports that when Mr. Hirtenstein leased the flat to Jay, it contained quirky features such as a fish tank hanging from the ceiling in addition to a lush home office.

Although Hov rented this home at a rumored $40,000 per month, the house was later sold for $31 million to another mogul and part-time party goer –Taek Jho Low. The New York Post reported this to be the highest amount paid in the building, with supporting metrics of $6,400 a square foot.

The Carters' Miami rental

Following their 2008 nuptials, the Carters bought a swanky villa in Biscayne Bay, Miami, as per StreetEasy. With seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms, the palatial habitat is located at 40 Indian Creek Road. The mansion was built in 1991 and was listed for $9.3 million (via Virtual Globetrotting). It makes sense that the billionaire duo settled down in the gated community — it's so exclusive that there are only 35 compounds on the island. There's no way paparazzi or curious fans would be able to make it inside. 

Architectural Digest reports that Indian Creek is smaller than half a square mile, sits on Miami Beach, and has round-the-clock air and sea security. Beyoncé and Jay-Z's neighbors within the island include Ivanka Trump and her husband, who shelled out $31 million for their home at 4 Indian Creek Island (via The Real Deal), and Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady, who snapped up a retirement residence at 26 Indian Creek Island Road for about $17 million.

The Carters' Bridgehampton rental

According to StreetEasy, another rental in which the entertainment king and queen lived on the East Coast was this Bridgehampton home, which cost them $400,000 per month. Notable features of their Hamptons home include a total of 11 bedrooms, 17 bathrooms, a wine room, two kitchens, a mud room, a 10-seat theater, a baseball field, a two-lane bowling alley, a basketball court, a club area with a DJ booth, a lounge with five TVs, a private spa with a fireplace, an in-floor Jacuzzi and so much more (via Zillow).

6sqft reports that this mansion sits on a large expanse of land, measuring a total of 11.5 acres. The Sandcastle (as the home is called) was built in 2009 and was rented by the music moguls during the summer month of August 2012. This was the same year that their first daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, was born, so Beyoncé's mini-me was already living her best life at seven months old.

The Carters' NOLA niche

In 2015, Curbed New Orleans reported that the Garden District of New Orleans became the apple of Beyoncé and Jay-Z's eyes. This news spread like wildfire when rumors began circulating that the "Crazy In Love" singers had set their sights on a particular 1927 building, which was first built as a church, was converted to a dance school, and then developed into a residential building.

The residence, known as La Casa de Castille, boasts quirky features, such as a set of floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and a unique rooftop garden (via Zillow). The full expanse of the home is 13,254 square feet, and the unique home boasts stained glass windows, which must have been installed by the members of the 1927 Westminster Presbyterian church, who once gathered within the space for worship. The New York Post places the home's worth at $2.4 million, although it's unknown if the worth decreased after a fire broke out in 2021 due to arson.

The maternity Malibu rental

The birth of Beyoncé and Jay-Z's twins in 2017 may have warranted a change of space for the couple. Just one week after Sir and Rumi Carter came into the world, the family temporarily moved into the 6.3-acre Malibu residence known as La Villa Contenta, as per Dirt. According to The Sun, the couple rented the home for approximately $400,000 a month. This was 10 times more than Jay-Z paid in the past for his Time Warner rental, which further signaled the growth that the "Young Forever" rap artist has achieved over the years. 

CNBC reported that this Malibu mansion has 10 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, an infinity pool, a rose garden, and breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. A year after the family of five moved into the Malibu compound, The Wall Street Journal reported that the residence was sold for a ballpark figure of $50 million.

The fresh king and queen of Bel-Air

Fancy Pants Homes reported that Bel-Air was always a dream home location for the Carter family of five. However, the first two Bel-Air abodes they fell in love with didn't pan out, as the couple kept getting outbid. For example, in 2014, Markus Persson, creator of the tech game Minecraft, snagged the $70 million Beverly Hills mansion they had their eyes on. And two years later, multi-hyphenate designer Tom Ford (whose clothes Beyoncé and Jay-Z both love wearing, as per Fashionista) swooped in and outbid the couple for a 14,000 square feet mansion (via TMZ).

A whole year passed before the couple successfully purchased their dream home in 2017. The Los Angeles Times reported that the 30,000 square feet compound was purchased for $88 million. And despite their billion dollar empire and the ability to pay outright, the couple wisely opted for a $52.8 million mortgage to lock down the sale.

Yet another Hamptons home

Not too long after the Bel-Air mansion purchase, the Carters, who at this point can be identified as full-fledged real estate enthusiasts, scooped up a $26 million Hamptons house, as per Behind the Hedges. The home, which is known as The Pond House, is now the third home owned by the pop icons with a catchy name behind it. (Do you recall The Sandcastle in the Hamptons and La Casa de Castille in New Orleans?) 

The couple purchased the massive seaside vacation home at a huge steal. The original asking price was $39.5 million when it first hit the market in 2009, yet the Carters snagged the house for $13 million less (via Page Six). It's located in the uber-wealthy and exclusive neighborhood, Georgica Pond, whose neighbors include Martha Stewart and Steven Spielberg. It's also eye-wateringly big inside, with seven bedrooms and seven bathrooms, making it the perfect family vacation getaway (via Compass).

The house from the 'Halo' music video

This particular home was not necessarily a part of the real estate empire the Carters actively acquired over the years. Instead, it was the residence and setting for Beyoncé's "Halo" music video, as per Refinery 29. In this YouTube clip about making the music video, we see Beyoncé and her on-screen love interest Michael Ealy lounge in the bedroom as the videographers work out the perfect angle for the shot. This is just one out of many scenes captured within the spacious loft. 

The New York apartment consists of four bedrooms and three bathrooms, and at a point in time, the home was available to be leased at $80,000 per month (via StreetEasy). Not everyone could afford such a price tag, but the indoor pool, the private elevator, and the 25-foot ceilings made it worth it for those who could. Plus, Beyoncé wasn't the only artist to tape a music video there. John Mayer also shot his "Who Says” in the 13,000-square-foot house (via HuffPost).