Inside Julia Roberts' Hawaiian Mansion

Wipe the sand off your feet and saunter inside Hollywood actress Julia Roberts' former Hawaiian estate. The simple, historic hideaway is in Kauai's Hanalei Bay, nestled on a 2-acre lot that features a short walk down an elongated yard to the Pacific shoreline. The Pretty Woman purchased the oceanfront property in 2011 for approximately $13 million. According to Nimvo, Roberts sought nearly $30 million for the estate in 2015 but only made a profit about $3 million, with it closing at $16.2 million. This is hardly a hiccup for the Oscar-winning actress, whose net worth is currently about $250 million. The prime estate was purchased by ABC's "The Bachelor" creator Mike Fleiss, including his former Miss America wife Laura Kaeppler, in 2016. Ironically, it was sold in March 2021 for approximately $30 million, per Redfin.

Known as The Faye Residence, the beachfront property consists of two houses: the main house and a detached house calculating about 3,800 square feet. Between the two bungalows, there are seven bedrooms and four bathrooms, including an outdoor shower, hammock, and over 200 feet of beach along the Hanalei Bay. Originally owned by H. P. Faye, Julia Roberts sustained the tradition of the tropical residence while living there. Along with her cinematographer husband, Daniel Moder, the "Eat Pray Love" star supports green living wherever her real estate ventures lead, like their solar-powered Malibu beach house, per Hello! They've also owned various other properties in California and Manhattan, plus a 32-acre ranch in New Mexico.

Julia Roberts' exclusive North Shore neighborhood

Home to professional surf legends Bruce Irons and his brother, the late Andy Irons, Hanalei Bay is a gem itself amidst the lush emerald, green mountains of the North Shore. Known for its hiking, canoeing, fishing, and stoked surfing, many tourists disappear up the coast and down the rivers daily, leaving beachfront properties like Roberts' former hideaway in utter seclusion. Pretentiousness is limited here. There are many mom-and-pop shops, including a community of food trucks and farm-to-table cuisines. With 2-miles of sand to explore, Hanalei Bay offers the best in outdoor activities with three beach parks, plus sea caves, picturesque waterfalls, and superb hiking on Sleeping Giant and Na Pali, per Vogue.

Most of the beloved island of Kauai, aka the Garden Island, is considered undeveloped land (97 percent), including its mountain ranges and rainforests, which has made the area of Hanalei Bay a primo spot for summer beachgoers. Although the Hawaiian Islands have often been thought of as the ultimate honeymoon destination among resorts and hotels, Hanalei Bay has kept its getaway retreats to an absolute minimum, such as the Hanalei Colony Resort. Other accommodations can be made via Airbnb or beyond the town. What a beautiful place for a family to imagine and explore! After only a few years of tranquil beauty and captivating outdoor adventures, Roberts' found that her family wasn't utilizing the property at 5204 Weke Road as much as they had before, she told Mansion Global.

The Faye property's sugar plantation history

Besides being the perfect vacation spot on Kauai's North Shore, the Hawaiian property has a sweet history that captivated the Hollywood A-lister, among others. According to Rethinking The Future, the design of the beach house was inspired by sisters Mabel and Elsie Wilcox's 1914 Mahamoku house, which means "island of peace." Both women were pioneers among Hawaii's early development within the medical and political arenas. In 1915, Norwegian businessman Hans Peter Faye purchased the beach house on auction during the height of his sugar plantation business and used it as a family vacation home, which included his eight children. At the time, these Hanalei Bay properties were exclusive to the elite, not too distant from how it is today, as Faye and his brother-in-law purchased two lots and merged them into one big property. The family often went fishing and canoeing nearby, including hosting informal beach parties with their other "sugar" neighbors.

In 1957, a tidal wave pushed the entire main house back from its original location, which was in better proximity to the beach. The top floor was safe, yet the main floor needed renovation, per Top Ten Real Estate Deals. Keeping with the 1950s era, the family redesigned the first floor, including the garage, which was made with salvaged wood from the wave damage. During Roberts' ownership, the actress displayed her understanding of the home's history by updating and preserving it like the Faye family legacy.

Step inside the Pretty Woman's beachfront property

Serenity, tranquility, peaceful property. A few words to describe Julia Roberts' once cherished family vacation home. Besides the rich history that encompasses the story-filled compound, the Big Kahuna of them all is the spectacular view of the azure waves and shore, which are only a few steps away from the humble dwelling (about 400 square feet). With approximately 87,600 of total square footage, the rectangular lot boasts a large open yard that extends to the sea with about 213 feet of sand beneath your feet. At the time of the "Sleeping with The Enemy" star's residence, the main bungalow-style building appeared barn red with white trim throughout and a hut-like roof.

Officially built in 1946, the interior appears campy with wood finishes and high-beamed ceilings. There's a galley-style kitchen with a cozy entertaining area adjacent and large sash windows with bountiful views of mauka and makai, meaning near the ocean and seaside, per Today. The cottage-like bedrooms are bright and cozy, including a master that features a lanai with an ocean view. Each building features a covered porch, one with a chic alfresco-style kitchen and living area. From an outdoor shower to serene mountain views, the simple hideaway comes with everything essential after a day out in the water or a long, arduous hike. Since Fleiss took ownership, it appears he may have renovated the kitchen, adding a white interior throughout, including updates to the landscaping, per Insider.