The Best Sale Time To Buy Certain Items At Home Depot

If you're planning a home improvement project or looking for some tools, the price tag can often cause sticker shock. Home Depot has the goods, but knowing when to buy home improvement items can save you lots of money. Its website has a section that will show you the best deals of the day, but there are certain times to look for extra savings on particular items.

In addition to its Black Friday sales, Home Depot offers a variety of savings events year-round. When a product at Home Depot goes on clearance, it will have a yellow tag, so keep your eye out for those stickers when you shop. Combining seasonal coupons, rebates, clearance, and overstock deals with its sales can save you lots of money, so make sure to peruse the store's website before shopping in person to ensure you have all of the available deals lined up. Here are the best sales times to buy certain items at Home Depot.

Best time to buy power tools

Knowing when to start looking for sales is key to getting a good deal on power tools. Power tools tend to go on sale in September around Labor Day weekend, and in November for Black Friday. Home Depot has the most deals on brands like DeWalt, Ryobi, and Milwaukee during these times, but you can find price cuts around Father's Day and Memorial Day as well, Clark points out. 

Picking a brand that you like and sticking with one battery type will save money on tool-only products, but you should also check labels to verify that your tools come with batteries if it's a new set. Buying batteries and chargers separately can be expensive, so that tool-only deal might not be worth it. Make sure to check for extra savings like coupons or rebates before you buy. Some of these offers can be combined to save you even more money.

The best time to buy an air conditioner

You might not think about your AC until your old one breaks down, but planning ahead is key if you want to get the best deal. If you know you might be looking for an upgrade, or if your current AC unit is out of date or showing its age, don't wait for a heatwave to buy an air conditioner. According to Forbes, the best time to buy a new unit is in the fall or early spring. Items like air conditioners tend to go on sale during lower demand, so getting them out of season is your best bet. 

When last year's models are getting replaced with the new season models, you can usually get the best deal, as well as potentially save on getting it installed. Forbes advises also checking for rebates and comparison shopping, as well as giving yourself the time to weigh your options before making a purchase. Home Depot offers both price match and a rebate center, so make sure to include these website features to improve your chances of getting a deal.

Best time to buy paint

Paint is getting expensive these days, along with everything else. Buying paint for your interior or exterior refresh can be pricey, but there are times when you can look for a good deal. Consumer Reports recommends buying paint around holiday weekends, especially around Memorial Day and the week of July 4th. These are times when stores will have promotions, so it's a good time to look for deals. If you know how much paint you'll need going in, you might qualify for some of Home Depot's bulk discounts, saving you even more on your final purchase. 

If you're not particular about color or are looking for a common or popular color of paint, you should also check out the "oops paint" section at Home Depot after a major sale (via Hunker). The volume of paint they sell during a big holiday weekend means there's a better chance of snagging yourself a gallon or two at a deep discount. This is an in-store-only bargain, so you'll have to take a chance on finding what you need. But if you do, the savings can be incredible.

Best time to buy a washer and dryer

Buying a washer and dryer can be expensive, and in addition to deciphering the labels to get all the features you want, it can be difficult to figure out if you're getting the best price. Forbes says that there are certain times that washers and dryers generally go on sale and that you should take a look at these sales if you have the advantage of choosing when to replace your appliances. The times that are ripe for deals are Black Friday, Cyber Monday, New Year's, President's Day, Memorial Day, September, and spring. 

If you want to combine a store event with a manufacturer deal, try Memorial Day sales for extra discounts on Maytag brand appliances because the month of May is its annual sales event, per its website. You can track seasonal savings on washers and dryers from Home Depot on its website — such as a discount on washer and dryer sets during a specific week — to find the best deals and do some comparison shopping before you buy.

Best time to buy a range

Replacing your range is a big expense, but luckily there's a certain time of year to look for the best discounts. Home Depot offers deep discounts for appliances for Black Friday, so buying a range or a fridge during this sale can save you a bundle. According to Digital Trends, Home Depot offers a $500 instant rebate as well as up to 40% off appliances during its Black Friday event, so that's one time you can be sure to find a deal. It also offers discounts around New Year, Memorial Day, Labor Day, and the 4th of July. 

The worst time to buy a new appliance is right after the model gets released. Brand new appliances tend to be the most expensive towards the beginning of the year, after holiday sales, and then prices go down towards the end of the year. Planning ahead for your range purchase can save you a lot if you know when and where to look for discounts. Its President's Day sale can also be a good time to save, says USA Today, with discounts as much as $200 off.

Best time to buy a grill

People generally think of buying a grill in springtime, or the beginning of summer when the weather is right for barbecues. Still, when the end of grilling season approaches, and retailers start wanting to make space for colder weather items, you will begin to see price drops on grills. You can get deep discounts on a grill at Home Depot during Labor Day weekend when they are about to go out of season, says Slickdeals, sometimes as much as 80% off. 

Other good times to buy a grill are August through the end of fall or the beginning of winter. Planning ahead, and waiting for those end-of-the-season sales, especially if you're looking for a high-quality, top-of-the-line grill, can save you a bundle. You can also sometimes negotiate an even bigger discount on the floor model grill, helping Home Depot make room for the next round of seasonal items.

Best time to buy a lawn mower

Cutting the grass is easier with a powered mower, making the chore shorter and easier. But powered mowers can be pricey. If you're looking to get a new lawnmower, early spring is a good time to look, according to The Clever Homeowner. Manufacturers often introduce new models at the start of the cutting season, so the mowers from last year are taking up valuable space in stores and warehouses. Lawnmowers are typically out of season in early spring and fall because these are times when Home Depot is trying to move products quickly and make room for other items. 

Since lawn mowers are considered to be out of season, the fall is also a good time to look for deals. There are also sometimes great sales on lawn equipment during the winter holiday season and Father's Day. If you miss the pre-season sale and you really must have a mower this summer, waiting for Father's Day is your best bet for savings.

Best time to buy plants and seeds

Every gardener starts to get itchy for some new seeds at the beginning of the planting season. But between gardening tools, soil, and plants and seeds, gardening can quickly turn into an expensive hobby. If you want to save on your gardening supplies, taking advantage of Home Depot's sales will help you stay on budget while building the garden of your dreams. In early April, Home Depot holds a "Spring Black Friday" sale that includes plants and seeds with big discounts, CouponCabin reports.

In addition to the main sales, you can get a $5 discount by signing up for its gardening club online, which will also get you exclusive deals and discounts year-round. One more important thing to remember about buying plants at Home Depot is that they offer a one year guarantee on perennial plants (via Home Depot). Shrubs, trees, and bushes that are bought from Home Depot are guaranteed for up to one year after purchase, so if your sale lavender plant wilts after you plant it, you can exchange it for a new one at no cost.

Best time to buy patio furniture

While getting a brand new patio set as soon as the weather turns might be almost irresistible, waiting for the sales is better for your finances. "The best outdoor furniture sales fall between July 4 and Labor Day. Labor Day sales are a great option to snag low prices," Kimberly Palmer, a personal finance expert, told Real Simple. While you don't have to wait until the season is totally over to buy some new seats for your porch, waiting until retailers want to move on to next season's items is a good idea. Waiting for Home Depot's 4th of July weekend sale can save you a ton, so even though new furniture is tempting, it's better for your wallet to wait. 

There's also a chance you could snag some clearance furniture out of season, says Money Crashers. Once items are out of season, they might be marked down substantially, so it's worth taking a look if you can wait that long.

Best time to buy bathroom fixtures

Bathroom upgrades can be pricey, but also necessary. If you don't have an emergency repair to make, the best time to buy fixtures for your bathroom is during the month of February. According to its website, Home Depot has a winter bath event in February, offering discounts on fixtures, faucets, and furniture that can save you lots. Once the holidays are over, demand for upgrades to plumbing and bathroom fixtures tends to go down, so the month of February is better all around for plumbing purchases. 

According to Modern Bathroom, the reasons that winter bathroom remodels are a good choice go beyond just the sales — you can save on installation costs as well. Doing work indoors is more attractive to contractors, and you will probably get your installation done more quickly, as contractors aren't as busy that time of year. If you plan to have professional installation, February is the perfect month to upgrade your bath.

Best time to buy furniture and decor

Home Depot is more than a hardware store. Like other big box stores, it has lots to offer, including indoor furniture and bedding. Like many of its other sales, its March home sale is geared towards moving merchandise that's about to go out of season. That means discounts on furniture and bedding from 20% to 50% off, as per Insider

This is also a good time to check for clearance prices and discounts on floor models. If you find an unboxed dining set, you might be able to negotiate a lower price, so going to the store for clearance items is likely your best bet. Keeping an eye on the special buy of the day for furniture and decor around this time of year can also score you an extra 50% if you keep your eyes open (via Home Depot). They also offer free delivery or shipping to the store of your choice, so this is a sale you can confidently access from behind your laptop.

Best time to buy flooring

Flooring can be a major expense, so finding a good deal is important. Like many other retailers, Home Depot will mark their flooring down when demand drops off or when new products come out. This is generally between January and February and May through June. According to Upgraded Home, flooring will go on clearance in mid-winter because many people dislike doing home renovations during the colder months. 

You can get a great deal on last year's stock if you keep your eyes open for a lower price. If it's too cold to do major renovations in the middle of winter where you live, the other time of year to look for savings up to 30% off is during May and June. These are the months when hardware stores often have big sales, usually around Labor Day. Take a look at the special deals flooring section of the Home Depot website to score an extra 10% to 20% off.

Best time to buy decking

Spring is a popular time to build a deck or make deck improvements. Once the weather starts getting warm, having a place to relax outdoors is an appealing project. Also, since it's often more comfortable to be outside when it is warm, it's easier to work outdoors once the weather gets warmer. Buying the materials for decking is better done in autumn, according to Consumer Reports

This is the time of year when decking materials will go on clearance. Also, with prices for lumber going up in recent years, composite decking that used to be at a premium price for its durability is sometimes actually a cheaper option. If you don't want to wait till fall to build your deck, Home Depot's annual "Spring Black Friday" sale has discounts on decking lumber and composite, per their flier available on The Black Friday. If you're upgrading or building a new deck, this will save you a lot of money.

Best time to buy holiday items

Holiday decorations are often impulse items or are purchased in a hurry during the seasonal rush. But planning ahead makes a lot of sense if you're trying to save some money on your seasonal decorations. Holiday items go on deep discount in January as the season winds down, and stores look to push new merchandise out onto their floors. Holiday plants like poinsettias are often also marked down and will last for years if properly cared for. With prices on lights starting at just $2.00 and wreaths for $2.98, getting next year's holiday items in January will save you a bundle, as per Passionate Penny Pincher. 

Look for prices with discounts as much as 75% off. points out that one week after Christmas is when items tend to be marked down the most, allowing you to save on large outdoor decorations as well as artificial trees and light strands. If you're looking to outdo your neighbor's massive lights display next year, the best time to gain a competitive advantage is during the holiday clearance sale.