Inside Oklahoma Home Featuring Ornate Finishings And Suits Of Armor

If you've ever dreamed of living like medieval royalty, a home that has recently been put on the market in Tulsa, Oklahoma, might be just the place for you. Tucked into Tulsa's Harvard Pointe neighborhood, the 3,993 square foot estate is decked out in all kinds of historic and royally themed furniture and decorations. Mansions similar in size to this one are put on the market every day, but it's not every day that you can walk into one and be transported back in time.

For a little more than half a million dollars, this three-bedroom, five-bathroom palace includes all the amenities you need to feel like a king or queen in your own home. With a large jacuzzi tub, several imported chandeliers, a saltwater pool, and a great room full of tall windows, as described by Zillow, the lucky owner of this estate will never want to leave their modern-day castle.

A royal entrance

When you first step foot into this home, you are greeted by a long carpet leading to two ornate thrones in the two-story foyer. On either side of the carpet are two suits of armor, guarding and welcoming you into your rightful chair as King or Queen. Beyond the thrones is a sitting room that features similarly designed chairs outfitted in gold and white configured around a large white fireplace. The fireplace uses two columns, adding to its size; these columns are prominent throughout the house, being used in the foyer, the bedrooms, and even in the outdoor entrance.

The living room is decorated with knights' helmets, a shield, and Renaissance-like paintings. Hanging above the sitting area is an imported Italian chandelier, as noted in the Zillow listing. A game room is located just to the left of the entrance. It includes a large pool table with legs decorated in accordance with the time period. Medieval-style d├ęcor adorns each wall, and a tall grandfather clock is found in one corner, only adding to this residence's luxuriousness.

A king-sized bedroom

The primary bedroom is not something you would miss when first exploring this home. This large room utilizes a bed fit for a king with gold detailing on the headboard that matches much of the furniture found in the house. An Italian chandelier identical to the one in the living room hangs above the bed, while columns that also match the rest of the design stand nearby. Further into the room is a small sitting area in front of a black and white fireplace. Above them, a third chandelier is found, successfully tying together the room.

The king's bedroom would not be complete without an ensuite bathroom. This room features his and her sinks, a large mirrored closet, a jacuzzi tub, and a walk-in shower. The counters are cut from black stone speckled with gold, and all the bathroom's finishings are done in gold as well. Similar black counters are found in the gourmet kitchen, which uses updated stainless steel appliances and a majestic kitchen island, as told by Zillow.

A modern take on the backyard

Only a couple of miles away from the Arkansas River, the home is located in a great spot for a great price. The house is as gorgeous from the outside as it is inside. The exterior, made with red bricks, white lanterns, and stately columns, looks as if one would host a ball at this estate. The front door boasts several feet of windows letting sun into the foyer and second level of the home. The front yard is beautifully landscaped with large hedges and white sculptures. When you drive up to this residence, it's hard not to feel like royalty.

The backyard is where things might fall flat. Commenters on the original post by Zillow Gone Wild on Instagram say that "the pool area is disappointingly not medieval at all" and "that backyard is a letdown after the royal entrance." While they aren't wrong, the backyard is certainly not the worst we've ever seen. You may enter it through a door in the guest bedroom or through the side yard. The backyard includes an inground saltwater pool, and it is surrounded by seating options. Out there is a dining area, a tanning area, and a few spots to simply enjoy the fresh air. It is outlined by hedges to allow for the maximum amount of privacy while you swim or tan. Tucked under the protection of the patio cover is also a hot tub which is great for the colder months in Ohio.