How To Decorate Your Home Like Carrie's Apartment In Sex And The City

"Sex and the City" is one of the most popular TV shows ever, and it's no surprise that the series has millions of fans. Be it for the romantic wisdom, fashionable outfits, Cosmopolitans, or chic apartments, the reasons to adore the show are endless. Carrie's apartment building is a prominent example. The legendary Manhattan brownstone is now available for rent on Airbnb, as reported by Vogue. Designers created Bradshaw's apartment to let her creative side shine. The vintage and somewhat messy place reflect Carrie's outgoing, open-minded, and impulsive personality. Also, the apartment features a mix of several styles and includes everything from thrift store finds to posh pieces.

The flat contains an outdated kitchenette, a bathroom, and a sitting area with a fitted closet. Moreover, the writing desk is a symbol of Carrie's career. If you want to recreate Carrie's iconic studio in your home, the answer is positive. Mixing stylish decor and a few interior design tips from the series will suffice. Here are some interior design tips borrowed from Bradshaw's Big Apple home in "Sex and the City" to make your living space cozy and stylish. Most of the ideas are affordable, easy to implement, and chic, so you'll have a great time remodeling the Carrie Bradshaw way.

Mind the flooring

What better way to start your remodeling journey than with chic flooring inspiration? Ideally, your Carrie-inspired living space will feature a spacious living room with dark oak herringbone flooring. This element gives the room an exquisite and relaxing touch when polished to perfection.

So, why does herringbone flooring never go out of style? According to Flanagan Flooring, it is durable, gorgeous, and lasts forever. Moreover, parquet wood flooring is easy to install and requires little maintenance. Those who opt for this style can choose between various patterns, including square or double lining. Whatever your pick, consider sanding it when it starts to look worn. When it comes to the flooring layout, you can always add a bit of personality. The primary looks adopted by contemporary designers include herringbone, rustic, chevron, or effortlessly unfinished patterns (via Woodpecker Flooring). These styles will make your place feel charming, classy, and sophisticated.

Pay attention to wall colors

As seen in the TV series, Bradshaw is a fan of soft wall shades like pale pistachio. Since she spends most of her writing hours in the apartment, it's possible to see how colors change between episodes. However, most importantly, she always keeps the tones light and soothing.

Colors like lavender, light blue, and mint green feel easy on the eyes and help you concentrate better. In short, if you want a calming palette, go for blue shades. Wow 1 Day reports that turquoise or azure hues are the best tones for stress reduction. Other relaxing shades include violet, pink, and light green. In addition, when picking the primary color for a room, consider combining it with complementary hues. This way, you'll convey a sense of tranquility and creativity that flows across the entire apartment. Gray is a neutral color that matches almost any shade you choose in your interior. Gray makes the atmosphere restful and cooling (via The Times of India).

Add bold accent elements

Do you remember Carrie's bold blue closet? You probably do! As long as it matches the rest of the decor, you can pick a similar element to accentuate in your home. Steering away from whites, beiges, and soft colors can hit a style high note. So, how do you start accentuating, and what amount of bold colors should you use? Interior design experts from MyMove follow the 60/30/10 rule. This principle is straightforward and works wonders.

First, pick the dominant neutral tone to cover 60 percent of the surfaces. The second, usually bolder, shade makes up 30 percent of the room. The most eye-catching color should cover the final 10 percent of the space. This ratio will ensure you get a perfectly accentuated apartment, no matter what elements you decide to highlight. If you are wondering what accent colors to use, yellow, pink, and navy blue tones are ideal for your sofa, armchairs, and other decorative elements (via The Spruce). For those who prefer a more neutral option, black, dark purple, or rich espresso tones make for a well-balanced and welcoming combination. However, note that the room should get some daylight to offset the dark walls.

Bring in old-fashioned details

Carrie was the queen of vintage furniture and decor pieces, and she knew how to make them shine. Did you instantly think of her memorable yellow and brown armchair? There's also the cozy chair Aiden gave her. Yet, this is only a tiny piece of the puzzle. For the ultimate impact, it's best to go for a mix of upscale and thrift store items. Several details can help introduce an authentic vintage vibe. According to L'Essenziale, you should scavenge secondhand and antique shops for items with curvy edges. For maximum impact, mix and match modern and vintage decor. For instance, pair an old-fashioned table with contemporary chairs. Or hang fancy silk curtains on the windows and balance them with a wooden console table.

Other vintage items you can use include linens and sheets. Besides being a budget-friendly option, these can help protect the furniture from wear and tear. Vintage artwork, jars, or wallpaper are solid choices. Skillful hands should try reupholstering old furniture to transform an ancient armchair into a laidback reading spot or relaxing hideaway (via Insider). Finally, the upcycling fabric you select will play a vital role in the final look. Your choice can introduce an elegant, weathered, or rustic impression.

Don't forget the vintage sideboard

The retro sideboard in Bradshaw's apartment is almost everyone's favorite piece. The console table is the perfect place to set down a martini or display various art and photos. Let's see how to incorporate a unique sideboard into your home.

Typically, you can head to a vintage store to find items from different eras. However, you can also browse web pages and auction sites specializing in time-worn furniture. According to The Spruce, don't let scratches and defects stop you from purchasing high-quality and valuable pieces. Instead, use these to negotiate a better price. Start by choosing a table that fits your budget, style, and taste. Some of the best sideboard pieces for a game-changing statement include antique styles made of solid wood or a Victorian piece with decorative embellishments (via Vinterior). For instance, a Carry-inspired flat will probably call for a mid-century modern credenza with minimum design, made of mahogany or rosewood.

Save a window spot for a desk

As a columnist for a leading New York newspaper, Carrie spends a lot of time working away at the writing desk in her apartment. Naturally, she places it by the window for maximum inspiration. This layout is particularly wise since you get the most out of daylight. If you have a view, expect a continuous flow of thought.

Natural light is the best source of inspiration you can get for free. According to Did You Know Homes, your desk placement significantly impacts your productivity. Besides being practical and compact, your workplace should be aesthetically appealing. Hence, choose the counter carefully and consider the room's temperature and flow. If you believe in feng shui, reorganizing your desk layout may be helpful (via The Spruce). According to this philosophy, an organized and clutter-free desk is ideal. Also, you should pick the size, color, and position with great care. Adding a few elements like a green houseplant, a ceramic mug, and a fluorite crystal will complete the look.

Create an intimate sitting area

Carrie's apartment served multiple purposes, and she often hosted her friends for cocktails and good gossip. Who doesn't like a cozy sofa or chair to sit in and relax? To this end, you'll need to ensure your sitting area is spacious, comfy, and inviting.

Want to create a welcoming and warm sitting environment? Most importantly, the area should inspire the flow of conversation. The best layout to achieve this is to place couches and chairs opposite each other with enough room for walking in-between. Movable seating like ottomans and benches is another plausible idea for smaller spaces, as reported by Love To Know. Double-duty furniture is perfect for studios that perform multiple functions throughout the day. You can also try out a few other furniture layouts (via Home Decor Ideas). For example, spice up the flat by incorporating a comfy chaise lounge-like Carrie or arrange a few armchairs around a coffee table. Don't forget to finish the look with several soft cushions and a plush throw blanket for a cozy atmosphere.

Go for retro rugs and carpets

Every writing den requires chic and cozy rugs with unique shapes or patterns. Carrie's place abounds with stylish floor coverings. The ultimate objective of patterned rugs is to introduce homey vibes into the apartment. Besides creating a cozy balance, carpets will keep your feet warm on cold days and tie the entire room together.

If you want to incorporate patterned rugs, consider different placements and patterns. According to Inside Out Living, using stripes is a safe solution because they match almost all designs. Large prints will create a bold statement without overwhelming the space. Easy-going shades like ash grey or beige will complement any interior. For best results, layer two rugs together. You can use a solid block color or subtle pattern for the background. As for carpets, these are typically more challenging to fit in a studio or smaller room. Your favorite rug can become an adorable focal point, be it animal print, layered, or geometrically patterned (via Contemporary Rugs).

Introduce practical storage baskets

On top of being multipurpose, the furniture in Carrie's home is cohesive and features thoughtful decorations. If you recall, her apartment includes a few clever storage elements to help maximize the space. For example, cute baskets are around her bed for extra organization.   

Decorative baskets make a quick and aesthetically pleasing storage solution. According to Esthetic Living, baskets are an all-in-one decor item perfect for storing extra books, trinkets, and firewood. Alternatively, use them as vases or planters for your favorite blooms and houseplants or for filling bare space. The best thing about baskets is that they fit on shelves, in empty corners, at the foot of the bed, or on a sideboard. Similarly, using baskets can instantly boost organization around your place (via Better Homes & Gardens). Consider using rattan storage units for extra throws in the living room and bedside baskets for magazines and books on your reading list.

Leave some room for art

Carrie is no stranger to rule-breaking, and artwork can do precisely the same. One unique way Carrie decorated with art in her apartment was by scattering framed pictures above her bed. Thanks to the off-centered approach, she accentuated the wall and gave the room a casual feel.

Instead of hammering nails every time you remodel the place, use Bradshaw's method. She displays art by leaning it against the walls. According to Apartment Therapy, there are several ways you can place art without giving the impression that you forgot to hang it. You can also use a combination of floating frames to create a collage. Alternatively, you might try other techniques to highlight art in the home. For instance, design a wall collection with different frame styles or prop art on shelves (via The Postman's Knock). The more pictures, the more Carry-like your apartment will feel.

Fill the place with loads of lamps

Lamps always lend an elegant and warm touch to a home. If you remember, Bradshaw's apartment has a few lighting fixtures scattered around. You should do the same and invest in a few different pieces instead of relying on overhead lighting. Moreover, mixing contemporary lamps with vintage finds is the perfect way to breathe life into an apartment.

As for location, lamps belong in almost any room. Place them on bookcases, desks, coffee tables, floors, bathroom counters, and the kitchen. According to One Kings Lane, you can style a classic lamp in three ways: traditional, glamour, and coastal. However, lights don't need to match according to color, size, or style (via Thistlewood Farms). However, if you place two pieces on a mantel or bedside table, ensure they are identical. Decorating with lampshades can add a fancy, rustic, or elegant vibe to your living space.

Store books on floating shelves

It would probably be naive to assume that storage baskets will suffice for all your books, magazines, and decor. You want to put your precious collection on display, don't you? Mounted bookshelves are ideal for showing off your favorite reads. In addition, you can save on space and declutter your flat. According to Home Design Lover, there are many stylish ways to display books in your bedroom and turn it into a reading oasis. For example, you can install floating shelves around your bed or use bookshelves to frame a window. Carrie's apartment is full of reading material, so she created a den that reflects her personality.

Whether your place fits an entire bookshelf or just has some room under the TV, it only takes a little creativity to embellish your empty walls with mounted shelves. There are many ways to decorate shelves. When installing your shelving units, it's essential to ensure they are placed securely (via SFGate). Also, avoid placing shelves above the bed to prevent items from falling on you.

Accommodate a walk-in closet

While it's hard to believe that a tiny Manhattan apartment fits an entire wardrobe like Carrie's, don't let that put you off the idea. There are a couple of things wrong with Carrie's apartment, but that doesn't stop us from loving it. What can be more appealing to the eye than a room filled with clothes, shoes, and purses? However, if you're eager to incorporate a Carrie-style custom closet, get an expert to inspect the space first and learn how much it will cost to build a closet.

Whether trying on dresses to spending time alone, your closet should match your needs and complement the apartment's layout. According to Appliance Center, the essential elements for every closet design include shelves, cabinets, mirrors, light fixtures, and a vanity. The clothes storage room should also contain sections dedicated to dresses, shoes, scarves, jewelry, and bags. If you lack ideas on arranging your closet, consider using hanging up handbags on the wall or installing racks to make the most of the available space (via Homedit). Provided you have free floor space left, install an island unit with drawers for extra storage or a cozy seating area.

Invest in a sweet yellow kitchenette

Carrie is far from a gourmet chef, so the kitchen doesn't play a starring role in the series. However, there are still a few scenes where you can glimpse the layout, including when Carrie finds a mouse in her apartment. The yellow kitchenette suits her personality and aligns with her dining habits.

A Carrie-style kitchen should be compact and cluttered. According to Bullfrag, you don't need a lot of elements to recreate the look for yourself. A fridge, a microwave, a wine rack, and a shelf will suffice. Moreover, the minimal counter space makes it the perfect spot for people who aren't keen on cooking. Last, rustic-looking kitchen cabinets work excellently in a "Sex and the City" apartment. Off-white, powder blue, or pantry-style cabinets are a few classy alternatives (via Decoist). Get inspired by color and material, and let your creative side do the rest.