How To Decorate Your Home Like Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen

Elizabeth Olsen may be the name that most Gen-Z film watchers and Marvel Cinematic Universe lovers know quite well. As per Game Rant, the star has been playing the role of Wanda Maximoff since her post-credits cameo in "Captain America: The Winter Soldier." However, way before the Scarlet Witch was incarnated in movie format, it was actually her elder sisters, twins Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, that rocked the screens.

Between 1987 (a year after the twins were born) and 1995, Mary Kate and Ashley both shared the role of Michelle Tanner, the youngest daughter in the highly acclaimed TV sitcom "Full House" (via Good Housekeeping). In the early nineties, the twins built Dualstar, a production company under which they executed a myriad of movies, TV shows, and book series which propelled them into stardom (via IMDb). In 2004, the twins starred in their last film together, Ashley retired that same year, and they left college before graduating (via ET Online).

According to Celebrity Net Worth, this in no way stopped their empire from booming. The leading ladies delved full throttle into the world of fashion, and much like their success in the entertainment sector, they reaped similar gains thanks to their boho-chic style choices, their fashion collaborations, and a few self-owned brand labels, which garnered them a combined net worth of $500 million. Over the years, the world witnessed a different side to the twins through their style and fashion choices. However, for those who are even more intrigued about how they style their private abodes, keep reading to learn a thing or two.

Add a few antique rugs

Mary-Kate found love in a hopeful place when she met former French President Nicole Sarkozy's younger brother, Olivier Sarkozy, as per Us Magazine. However, amidst the pandemic in 2020, Page Six reports that MK filed for divorce from her husband after five years of marriage, and even pushed for an emergency settlement because he attempted to render her homeless by ending the lease on their Gramercy Park apartment.

Prior to the messy divorce, during happier times, the couple owned side by side New York City townhouses located in the East Village, with floor-to-ceiling windows and chic decor (via Architectural Digest). When Warburg Realty put the homes up for sale, viewers finally got a glimpse into MK's haven. Some unmissable interior staples within the house are the multiple rugs that cast an antique effect within the abode. According to Hello Magazine, a red patterned rug sits in front of the living room fireplace, while another red patterned rug adds a rustic touch to the modern kitchen. Within the second home's parlor, yet another printed rug of a lengthier size is seen in front of a hearth. Clearly, the "New York Minute" star's love for antique rugs knows no bounds. 

Pick up modern style Parisian rugs

The Olsen twins may look identical, but E! Online reports that, in reality, they are fraternal. Mary-Kate is one inch taller than her sister and is left-handed, while Ashley is right handed. Another difference that viewers couldn't help but notice was that Mary Kate tended to play tomboy roles in many of their movies while Ashley was cast as the girly girl.

These differences — both fictional are nonfictional — remind us that the twins are two separate entities. So it's no shock to us that even though Ashley shares the same partiality to rugs as her sister, her decor leans towards modern style options (via 6sqft). Observer reports that, in 2016, Ashley closed on a 37 East 12th Street Home with two bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. Like sister MK, her home is based in NYC but resembles "the airy Haussmannian flats of Paris," according to the Douglas Elliman brokers who shared the listing. 

Curated Interior breaks down Parisian home decor as truly contemporary and minimalist. If you wish to pick up celebrity-worthy Paris-inspired rugs, check out the stunning selections at West Elm.

Match your ottoman to your bedroom chair

In the two bedrooms in Ashley's modern style Manhattan home, there's an ottoman and a bedside chair for extra seating. These two furniture pieces complement each other in texture and color, making them even more luxurious. When decorating your home, Apartment Therapy reports that including an ottoman in your room can help minimize and organize clutter. "In a lot of [primary bedrooms], there's a place to sit, and if a bedroom has a side chair, we like to use a storage ottoman as a footstool or use a large basket next to the chair," Carol Smith, the founder of Creative Home Stagers, shared. "In that, you can pile pillows or throws." Plus, when you add a side chair to the room's decor, you can recline in the chair while using the ottoman as a makeshift foot stool to prop your feet. 

There are varied views for matching your ottoman to your bedside chair. Home Decor Bliss states that it is not a must for the two pieces of furniture to match. In fact, a mismatched combination adds some level of depth and allure to a bedroom. However, the furniture pieces should at least complement each other in the grand scheme of the room's design.

Maximize a monochromatic black and white aesthetic

When Mary Kate and Ashley first delved into creating a fashion label in 2006, they chose to launch a high-end luxury label called The Row. Vogue reported that the Olsen sisters had plans to open a walk in-store for the brand in New York, but the three-story townhouse they wanted wasn't available. So they put their NYC plans on hold and instead opened a store in Los Angeles. It wasn't until 2016 that they could finally lease the townhouse located at the swanky 17 East 71st Street, and once they got the keys to the building, they decorated it in a monochromatic black and white aesthetic with the help of Jacques Grange (who also designed a fashion boutique with Saint Laurent).

A monochromatic black and white interior aesthetic is one of the most popular interior styles to try. It never fails to ooze sophistication while offering balance to any space (via Archify). If the Olsens' monochromatic style is too stark or one-dimensional for your tastes, LuxDeco suggests trying out the "warm monochrome" version. This aesthetic is a softer approach to the timeless look and just means swapping a crisp white hue for cream, or opting for charcoal gray instead of a bold black.

Buy a bunch of Nelson bubble ball pendants

According to Finish The Outfit, the Olsen twins created a contemporary fashion line called Elizabeth and James, named after younger sister Elizabeth Olsen and older brother James "Trent" Olsen. GQ explains that the contemporary line was launched in 2007, and because The Row was created to be an extremely highbrow designer brand, Elizabeth and James offered ready-to-wear fashion options that were more accessible, affordable, and sold at Kohl's.

The brand opened a brick-and-mortar store in Los Angeles, and Architectural Digest documented the interior of the Grove-based boutique, which was decorated by the stylish sisters and architect David Montalba. Should you wish to decorate your space like Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, it is important to take note of the lighting fixtures implemented within the 1,200 square feet space. The ladies chose eye-catching Nelson ball bubble pendants to take center stage within the main shopping area. 

Dimensions explains that Nelson Ball pendant lamps were first created in 1952 when George Nelson stretched a translucent plastic film over an internal steel wire skeleton. Since then, the lighting fixtures have become a unique choice for homeowners and interior designers around the globe. Herman Miller showcases how you can hang these bubble pendants at varying lengths depending on what works for your space. 

Give greenery a go

Racked reports that the Elizabeth and James store located in Grove is the brand's first brick and mortar location. Within the white washed fashion haven, the keen eye will be able to notice all the greenery that accentuates the space, including a potted lush green plant sitting pretty within a corner of the store, and potted miniature plants which also grace the table.

My City Plants states that when choosing plants for your home, copy the style savvy Olsen sisters; you should opt for shorter plants for tables (and windows), while taller plants will work perfectly as floor plants. When you have pinpointed the perfect areas within your abode to place your plants, the next hurdle to cross is whether to invest in real-life greenery or follow the path of fake plants. Veronneau explains that real plants are great, but if you need an option that is low maintenance, non-toxic to pets, highly durable, and cheaper in the long run, then faux plants are calling your name. 

Dare to try dome pendant lamps

Besides Ashley's two-bedroom Manhattan condo, the second half of the Olsen twins is reported to have owned a 2,850 square foot Spanish-style home in California, as per Zillow. The three-bedroom and three-bathroom house was built in 1926, and sold for $3.3. million in 2021. The home is located in a community known as Hancock Park and has sophisticated additions such as a pool, a spacious garden, and a gourmet kitchen, as pictured above. 

When choosing light fixtures within her gourmet kitchen, Ashley hung three jumbo-sized dome pendant lamps in a golden hue above the countertops (via StreetEasy). This is not her only home with dome pendant lamps; the dining room at her Greenwich Village also holds white acrylic pendant lamps, according to 6sqft.  The Spruce explains that a pendant light is a good option for almost every space within your home, and is undoubtedly up to the task to perfectly illuminate your kitchen, bedroom, or nightstand. If you decide to follow Ashley's footsteps by opting for a pendant light, rest assured this fixture will add ambiance to your home, because it's designed to bring the light down from the ceiling and pull it closer to whichever area you decide to hang it.

Integrate a hammock into your living room

The aesthetic within the room pictured above is an eclectic mixture of modern style that meets cozy free-spirited charm. Therefore, if you are a lover of bohemian style and you do not wish to be confined to an ultra modern living room aesthetic, feel free to push the envelope by hanging a vibrantly colored hammock within your parlor space, just as Ashley Olsen did in her Los Angeles living room, as per Zillow.

That being said, before you purchase a hammock, it is important to consider some rules. According to Hammock Universe, to not obstruct the entire room, you can place a hammock chair in the corner of the space or along a window. Once you have chosen the spot where you wish to hang your hammock, you need to consider the proper technique to hang it successfully. Republic of Durable Goods says you should never hang a hammock on drywall without screwing it into studs, joists, or exposed beams as they have great structural integrity.

Delve into the world of art

Art is a major part of Mary Kate and Ashley's lives. TheArtGorgeous reports that the sisters are major art collectors and have even dated artists in the past. Mary Kate once dated Uma Thurman's nephew, Max Snow, an artist, while Ashley has dated art dealer Richard Sachs, and more recently enjoyed a relationship with artist Louis Eisner.

Because of how plugged in they are to the art world, their U.K. store is filled with works of art. For example, you cannot miss the conversation starter placed front and center at the entrance of the 15 Carlos Place location. It is a contemporary art piece by James Turrell known as the "Elliptical Glass," created in 2017. There is also a colorful sculpture hanging against a white wall within the shop, known as John Chamberlain's "Funn," which he created in 1978 (via Architectural Digest).

According to Vogue, their New York store boasts some of the most sought-after pieces by Jean Basquiat, in addition to other artsy ceramics created by Japanese chef Masa Takayama. Other homes with significant paintings on the wall include Ashley's two-bedroom Manhattan apartment and her three-bedroom L.A. pad. Decorate your home with unusual ceramics, striking gallery walls, and pieces from local artists to copy their look. You'll feel like a patron in no time!

Make way for marble

Marble is a sought-after rock used in the world of sculpture and architecture because of how aesthetically pleasing it is, as per Easy Render. Ashley Olsen's New York home demonstrates how you can use marble cohesively to complement the home's grand design. Via StreetEasy we can see marble in the kitchen area, specifically the marble used to design the countertops. We can also see the timeless stone placed strategically within her bathroom floor and upon the walls.

6sqft further states that the marble walls within Ashley's primary bathroom use a specific marble type known as Calacatta. This marble is rare and a prestigious choice for a bathroom because, according to Sefa Stone, it is found only in Carrara Mountain quarry in Carrara, Italy, and was introduced into the artistic world by Michelangelo himself. Because of its prestige and scarcity, it's one of the pricier marble options. If you're on a budget, you can incorporate it into your house by using it in small accents. Use it to create the countertop of a small powder bathroom sink, or get a slab of it and turn it into a decorative tray.

Win big with a wine refrigerator

Many fans were heartbroken when the Olsen twins put a halt to their acting career in 2004, but according to Distractify, the sisters wanted to focus on their education and enrolled in New York University that same year. Before the semester began, much like every freshman, they went about sorting out their living situation during the school year. However, unlike the average first-year university student, they shirked the idea of staying in dorms and instead purchased a 6,000 square foot five-bedroom penthouse located in the West Village for a whopping $7.3 million (via Observer).

Within the interior of the 1 Morton Avenue home, lots of open layouts and sleek designs were implemented. But one structure that stands out is a transparent wine refrigerator that holds 1,000 bottles (via Today). The glass structure served as a work of art and was erected at a vantage point between the kitchen and the living room. It's a shame that the ladies never actually moved into the penthouse apartment or used the enviable libation storage space. While speaking to New York Magazine, Ashley explained, "We got this huge apartment and designed it ... and then we never moved into it because we decided to live apart, and it was the best decision we ever made." You can create the same aesthetic at home by either investing in stylish wine racks that will double as decor, or DIYing a floor-to-ceiling rack to display some of your favorite bottles.

Fit in a freestanding tub

Despite modern homeowners choosing showers over bathtubs for space and accessibility, there are still a lot of individuals who opt for bathtubs because they are relatively cheaper to install, as per Bob Vila. This may not have been the case for Ashley Olsen, who shares a $500 million net worth with her sister Mary-Kate. Should you choose a bathtub within your bathroom, there's still the quandary of which tub style to go for because the options are almost endless, from clawfoot tubs to under-mount tubs, to whirlpool tubs and freestanding tubs (via Build).

StreetEasy reports that within Ashley's marble primary bathroom inside her Greenwich Village condo, a gorgeous metal soaking tub is a major sight to behold. In addition to this, a clawfoot bathtub is freestanding within the Morton Avenue penthouse they purchased, placed strategically so the occupant can enjoy a skyline view as they soak. If you're going to have a bathroom remodel in the near future and want to emulate the Olsen sisters, then you need to include a luxurious bathtub into the design.

Never say no to mirrors

According to Page Six, when Mary Kate Olsen and ex-husband Olivier Sarkozy were still in a blissful union, the couple purchased painter David Deutsch's 8,000 square foot Turtle Bay home for $13.5 million. The stunning home is perfect for a celebrity pair. It has a private elevator and includes extravagant additions such as a charming ballroom fit for royalty and an artist's studio. The New York Times further states that MK and her boo had high hopes to execute a gut renovation throughout the abode, but shortly after embarking on the first stage of reno, the couple split up, and all the work being done within the home was stalled. 

Deco NY reveals more details on the interior of the Turtle Bay Gardens home, including a hall filled with many mirrors. Talk about "mirror mirror on the wall!" It's actually not uncommon for people to use multitudes of mirrors to decorate their homes. Realtor reports that an Illinois home took the design move to another level and entire kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms in floor-to-ceiling mirrors. When the house went up for sale, the listing agent was worried that prospective buyers would not be interested because of how odd the interior seemed. However, once the home was open to the public, a good number of individuals immediately started showing serious interest "We had a lot of showings, and I would say a half-dozen people reached out to me to ask if the furniture was for sale. I've never seen so many mirrors in my life," they shared.

Warm up your interior with wooden furniture

It's still a shock that having shelled out a whopping $7 million, the Olsen twins never made use of their NYU "dorm" — the West Village penthouse apartment. It's a shame, too, because the fashion trendsetters missed out on utilizing the open floorplan wooden wardrobes, which could have surely stored every fashion-forward piece they owned, as per Observer. But the Morton Avenue home is not the only place where a wooden interior was implemented. Dirt revealed that Mary-Kate's Turtle Bay home also had wooden accents, such as the wooden shelves in the living room with a wooden ladder to match. She also had wooden coffered ceilings, which boast intricate French art.

On the other hand, Ashley's homes in New York and Los Angeles had quirkier wooden accessories within the spaces. StreetEasy showcases an asymmetric stool in her NYC bathroom, and she used plank wooden kitchen cabinets to add an earthy, soft touch to her kitchen. Copy the sisters by incorporating wooden shelving in your decor, or weaving interesting wooden furniture pieces throughout your spaces.