How To Decorate Your Home Like The Love Island Villa

"Love Island" began as a British dating game show where gorgeous single men and women are placed together in a paradise-like holiday destination. According to ITV, the show has become highly popular in the United Kingdom, where it has successfully aired over seven seasons. The series also has franchises in other European countries such as Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Poland, France, Spain, Belgium, and the Netherlands (via HuffPost). In addition to the European versions, there are franchises across the pond in Australia and the United States. This show is no joke!

What makes "Love Island" intriguing is that once the islanders arrive on the island, they immediately couple up with the person they fancy based entirely on looks. Afterward, they keep swapping partners until they meet their soulmates. Viewers choose the winning couple, who leave the island with a cash prize (via BBC). The reality series features many twists and turns, and the contestants are at the mercy of the show producers, who come up with different tasks for the couples to perform at random times (via CBS). Cameras are placed in every part of that luxurious villa to keep audience members clued in on what occurs with the contestants 24/7. Drama aside, the real head-turner on the show is the iconic villa. There are plenty of surprises about reality TV homes like the villa. We're taking a closer look at the stunning decor on "Love Island" and providing tips on how to decorate your home like this paradise retreat. Let's crack on!

Add a fire pit to your garden

What better place to start than the "Love Island" fire pit? This spot is where many dramatic turns and twists occur on the show. According to Daily Mail, the islanders gather here each week to discover their fate. The fire pit is where people find out who will leave the villa, who will remain, and which contestants will recouple. During the day, the fire pit is also a spot to share gossip and get into fights (via Glamour).

A couple living on the outskirts of London fell so in love with the "Love Island" fire pit that they recreated a similar fire feature in their garden (via Goodhomes Magazine). Even if "Love Island" was the reason for the couple's renovation, the new fire pit successfully added value to their property. The addition of a fire pit is a great feature to include in your outdoor space and can increase the resale value of your home (via Fire Pits Direct). If you have some space in your garden or backyard, feel free to get creative with your fire pit ideas.

Place vibrant cushions everywhere

Over the years, viewers have noticed a distinct color theme on "Love Island." The villa features a white aesthetic as the foundational hue with pops of colors for contrast. Olivias reports that a color explosion brings excitement to the interior of any home, and this might be the reason for all the candy shades of blue, purple, yellow, and pink on the show. You can introduce pops of color with vibrant accessories seen in the "Love Island" villa, like quotes on the wall, rugs, throws, and cushions.

Pillows are functional and prop up one's head and back while sleeping (via Home Decor Bliss). Plus, they make the bed look cozy and contrast against the white pillows and sheets. The communal bedroom is not the only place where cushions are integrated into the villa decor (via The Sun). There is no shortage of outdoor cushions and pillows in the garden, both on the swing chairs and day beds.

Revamp your home with rattan chairs

One of the quirks that makes reality shows interesting is the confessional. According to The Artifice, this feature is popular in reality shows that came before "Love Island," such as "Big Brother" and "Survivor." Confessionals are a treat for viewers because they offer a candid tale of events from contestants without the pressure of other housemates (or other islanders) listening. "Love Island" contestants tape confessional scenes in the beach hut each day. As "Love Island" contestant Laura Anderson said to Digital Spy, "You go in a lot ... I'd say, first thing in the morning, just a general, 'How are you?' ... If something big has happened, they'll call you in straight away to discuss it. And we'd always go in before bed."

The furniture within the beach hut is minimal, with only a wide semicircular rattan sofa. With all the drama in the house, islanders look forward to venting as soon as problems arise. They sometimes queue outside the hut while waiting their turn to unpack the day's events (via Daily Express). It's safe to assume that the rattan sofa sees a lot of action every day. Hopefully it's comfy enough for the islanders during their honesty hour. Rattan furniture is a common feature at the "Love Island" villa, but it's important to note that you can also use rattan furniture outdoors. The material is lightweight and durable enough to withstand all types of weather (via Home Decor Bliss).

Never rule out neon lighting

"Love Island" features fun, eye-catching, and flirty lighting. Neon lights are the perfect light fixtures and decor element to reflect these themes and bring some glow to the show. All through the interior and exterior aspects of the villa, viewers will come across witty slogans slapped unto the walls in various colors. According to Radio Times, there's a neon yellow sign saying "boujee," a pink neon light that says "love" in a heart, and a blue neon light that reads "to the beach." Plus, there's a "Bye Felicia" sign strategically placed close to the door. Contestants pass by here after being voted off the show.

A color psychologist broke down the neon lighting color choices inside the villa bedroom. Neon blue lighting creates a heavenly illusion, while the lips and banana neon signage reflect the playful nature of the game and unconsciously encourage contestants to be lighthearted (via Metro). When the "Love Island" series aired during the summer of 2021, searches for neon lighting spiked by 1500% in just one week (via Grazia). The exact neon lights used on the reality show are from West London-based creative store Bag and Bones.

Buy a bunch of bean bag chairs

According to Bean Bags R Us, bean bags date as far back as ancient Egyptian times. Native Americans used bean bags to play games. They created their own bean begs by filling pig bladders with dried beans. Generations have passed, and bean bags have successfully stood the test of time, becoming more and more prevalent in modern-day households as functional furniture. Bean bags add pops of color to the garden and give the islanders a place to kick back and relax.

Bean bags are a brilliant furniture option within any space, whether inside or outside your home. However, the choice of material deserves consideration (via Marina View Homes). Use durable fabric for outdoor bean bags since they will rest on surfaces like grass or gravel. Indoor bean bags will likely have smoother terrain. One positive about bean bags is that they are portable furniture. When you have guests visiting, use bean bags to accommodate large groups. Their lightweight design means you can easily stow them away should you desire more floor space (via Livin Spaces).

Say yes to sun loungers

The Independent reports that the villa is on a sunny Spanish island called Mallorca. The Balearic island is said to be warm and sunny throughout the year, which is why many travelers flock here (via Majorca Sunny Island). The point of "Love Island" is for two singles to couple up and find lasting love (via Metro). However, before this happens, games are played to test each couple. When the islanders are not playing games, they have a lot of downtime on their hands. They have plenty of time to socialize and unwind on sun loungers because (believe it or not) the series still serves as a holiday for the couples.

When decorating your living space, consider your climate before choosing sun loungers. In cool places where the sun shines less frequently, it may be wise to opt for deck chairs. You can easily stow them away during bad weather (via Argos). The recline option helps you adjust to whatever comfort level you desire.

Seek out a few shelves

According to Metro, the "Love Island' villa houses over 10 islanders at a time. Since they essentially treat the abode like their home, each person is entitled to storage space for all their items. This fact may be the reason behind the massive number of shelves within the reality show villa (via Hello!).

Shelves are a top priority in the home because they help maintain a clutter-free environment (via Rackline). If implemented correctly, they are a stress-free technique to help residents know where to find their belongings. There are different types of shelving that you can consider for your home, including fixed brackets, built-in shelving, adjustable slotted shelves, or floating shelves (via The Range). Once you have chosen the type of shelves you desire, shelf styling is the next step. Balance should be at the forefront of your mind when you decorate shelves (via Charlested).

Fall in love with string lights

A host of fairy lights up the outdoor parts of the "Love Island" villa. Every time a newbie enters the house, during party scenes, and in nighttime recouping ceremonies, these lights brighten the night. Real Homes states that string lights add a romantic touch to the location and the show. These string lights are also called festoon lights, and they have lit up the villa spectacularly over the past few seasons (via The Sun).

Any homeowner who wishes to decorate with these lights should avoid traditional glass options and instead select versions with plastic casings. These will help you avoid high maintenance and the possibility of breakage (via Lights4Fun). String and fairy lights can also be wrapped around tree stems or branches to make your home resemble the villa in no time. B&M currently stocks solar versions. These are a low-maintenance option since they get charged by solar power.

Dare to incorporate a day bed in the garden

According to MasterClass, a day bed is any sofa that can also function as a bed. In the context of"Love Island," where contestants spend most of their day lounging around in the garden, creating connections, talking about their feelings, and gossiping under the hot sun, a day bed can come in handy. Plus, they are ideal furniture for warm climates like Mallorca.

When islanders have it rough in their couple, they can also escape to the day bed to sleep at night. In some cases, the islander who chooses to sleep on the day bed would rather sleep alone than share a bed with their current other half. A perfect example is when one of the islanders from Season 7 arranged the day bed for a heartbroken contestant suffering through a tough time with her man (via Metro). If you dare to incorporate this outdoor lounge furniture into your yard, there is a wide selection of colors and styles you can use to decorate a day bed (via House Beautiful).

Find faux fur throws for special spaces

According to Mirror, the love shack is another hotspot in the villa. The producers left no stones unturned when setting up the low-key space. Just look at how the red neon lights strategically boost feelings of passion in the islanders. The room is known as The Hideaway and serves as a secret room and shag pad that lucky islanders get to visit on special occasions (via The Sun). It's set apart from the communal bedroom. The lucky couple who enjoys this space can bank on complete privacy away from the prying eyes of other contestants (if you don't consider the cameras, of course).

The interior decor has all the makings of a boutique hotel room (via Capital UK). Should you wish to imitate this aesthetic, invest in a quality faux fur throw to add a touch of sophistication to your bedroom. Some people think the faux throw in the "Love Island" villa has a '70s 'porn-esque' look (via Radio Times). However, if you share similar sentiments and don't fancy the 'porn-esque' effect, it's worth checking out Wayfair for some classic options.

Get creative with your plant placement

As reported by Hello!, the "Love Island US" villa boasts a wealth of greenery and tropical plants compared to the "Love Island UK." The US franchise of the highly acclaimed reality show is filmed by a beach on the island of Fiji. The garden space features over 3,000 local plants (via Daily Mail).

There are a few core examples of how plants create unique decor within the garden. A prime scene that appears too good to be true is the garden bar with a lit-up roof and gently crawling flowers (via The Sun). Another example you can emulate is the winding planter placed in the nook around the fire pit. A unique yet practical decor idea to recreate is the potted plant wall which showcases diligent plant placement. A potted houseplant wall is a great decorative technique to implement in spaces big and small (via Balcony Garden Web). Should you wish to take the plants inside your home, you can turn to the same ideas for inspiration. Even if you don't have a green thumb, anyone can keep the easiest houseplants alive.

Go gaga for globe lamps

Since the start of "Love Island," viewers have witnessed quirky globe lights placed on the bedside tables in the communal bedroom and (almost) every nook and cranny of the villa garden. The unmissable balls of light offer charming decor and light up the landscape during the night.

If you're on the fence about integrating globe lights into your home, keep in mind that they are eye-catching fixtures that add a unique feel to any home. According to IKEA, when placed on a surface, the lamps offer clean lines and project soft and cozy mood lighting. Depending on the space you wish to decorate, you can customize the globes to suit your needs. Get creative with the size, color, or material (via Trendir). When you are not using them to light up your space, these versatile lighting systems can also serve as works of art (via Home Infatuation). The Home Infatuation brand stocks globe lights resistant to extreme heat or cold. They are available in semi-circle or circular shapes with prices ranging from $350 to $2,500. If these prices are way above your budget, you can achieve a DIY globe light with only three items (via Room For Tuesday).

Make way for wall murals

Another interior decoration that remains constant throughout "Love Island" is the use of murals. Colorful wall murals decorate the beach hut (you cannot ignore the literal island mural placed behind the islander's head) and the communal bedroom (there's always an insane amount of pastel-colored murals hung above each bed). Some murals feature beach essentials such as palm trees, lounge chairs, and ice cream, while others set the mood with heart-shaped pool toys (via Evening Standard).

Whether within the home or in the garden, murals are a creative technique to add contemporary art to a living space. Murals can easily be confused for wallpapers, but in actuality, murals (which have become a major interior decor trend) are more customizable than wallpapers and are works of art (via Daily Express). If you want to add murals to the walls of your home, select a design that reflects your personality.

Paint your stairs

According to the East Anglian Daily Times, a new addition to the villa in recent seasons of "Love Island UK" is the staircase. A bright, three-color paint job highlights the stairs. Once an islander enters the villa, there are a set of eye-catching stairs to the left-hand side of the individual. After the neon light on the wall, the staircase is the second noticeable feature to captivate the entrant (via YouTube). The unusual set of stairs boasts a gradient color of vivid pink, blood orange, and bright orange.

In true "Love Island" fashion, nothing is as it seems. It's not shocking to discover that these stairs are not only used to ascend and descend stories in the villa. The show's Creative Director Richard Cowles said, "The Islanders all queue up to have a cigarette on the stairs inside the villa" (via Radio Times). If you wish to decorate your home like "Love Island," paint your stairs in unique shades and styles (via The Spruce). Stop looking at the staircase as a mere tool to transport you from place to place and start embracing it as a prime decorating opportunity. When utilized creatively, stairs can add plenty of character to your home.