Which Grey's Anatomy Cast Member Has The Most Expensive Home?

"Grey's Anatomy" is easily the one show that has everyone hooked with its drama and plot twists that no one ever sees coming. It's been going strong for 18 seasons, and ABC renewed the show for a 19th season with Ellen Pompeo playing as Meredith, according to Deadline. It's unknown whether the show will end after the 19th or if Pompeo will end up leaving, but for now, it's here to stay another season. The medical TV drama show has lost a few of folks' favorite actors such as Sandra Oh, Patrick Dempsey, Justin Chambers, and Jesse Williams, but there are still a few standing strong.

While the show mainly takes place in the hospital, the audience doesn't really get a glimpse into their homes, so we're taking the liberty to figure out who has the most expensive home. Surprisingly enough Kevin McKidd, also known as Own Hunt on the show, owns the most expensive home out of the rest of the cast members. He bought his Los Angeles home for $4.6 million a few years ago, Dirt claims. Although he sold it last month to Emmy Raver-Lampman and Daveed Digs for $5.1 million, per Dirt. Still, the Studio City home was a stunner. Let's take a tour.

Tucked away in a green environment

The home is located in a secluded area in Fryman Canyon behind private gates surrounded by gorgeous greenery. It has an earthy tone and feel to it with white and black interiors and exteriors. The backyard has a beautiful grassy lawn, multiple trees, and tall trimmed hedges on either side. There's a saltwater pool next to a guest house and an outdoor barbecue station with a couple of fire pits in the center of a few lounging chairs, according to Dirt.

There's a second-floor deck that connects to one of the bedrooms with multiple lounging couches. It gives the perfect shade to the lower dining patio that's next to another set of push cushion lounging chairs and fire pits. There are string lights hung just above the chairs, lighting up the darkness beautifully. The home has massive multiple French doors that lead into the home from the backyard creating an indoor and outdoor feel.

Modern contemporary style home

The home spans 4,307-square-feet with a continuous earthy style inside the home. The black and white interior has wood accents throughout with various styles of light fixtures in every room, per Dirt. There are five bedrooms and five bathrooms, all decorated with the utmost modern contemporary style. Every room boasts high ceilings and multiple French doors with their own private balcony that offers views of the green surroundings. One of the bathrooms has a gorgeous soak tub with wood vanities located on either side of it.

The kitchen is filled with a sleek marble countertop with a dark wood cabinetry base and stainless steel appliances all surrounded by a white and gray interior. The open floor layout of the living room holds various seating areas, a piano, a striped ottoman used as a coffee table, and different wood side tables and chests. Zillow claims that the home includes other amenities such as a media room, a three-car garage, and a sunroom. This home has everything a homeowner could ever want.