Which Batman Has The Most Expensive Home?

Batman has been an iconic movie character since the first film was released in the 1960s. From Adam West to Robert Pattinson, the multiple actors who have participated in adaptations of the famous comic book hero have received varied receptions from fans over the years. In fact, the first screen version of Batman was actually a little-known cinema serial in the 1940s, which has only been viewed in recent decades by diehard fans. From box office blockbusters to cinema duds, one thing is for certain — every Batman actor is very well-known to the public. 

Of course, such fame equals wealth, and the various actors have accumulated plenty of income to live in some impressive homes over the years. But who has the most expensive home? This is a difficult thing to determine, as some of this information is not available to the public, but overall there are several key Batman actors who have made quite the impressive real estate purchase over the years. 

George Clooney's international real estate

George Clooney was widely panned when he portrayed Batman in the 1997 film "Batman & Robin," but clearly, as an actor overall, he's been more successful than almost any other male in Hollywood over the past few decades. He hasn't let the cape drag him down when it comes to real estate either — he and his wife Amal own several homes all over the world. With their homeownership stretching from Southern California to Italy, their houses vary in size, style, and amenities. 

Their priciest purchase to date? A New York City luxury condo the Clooneys bought in 2016. According to Architectural Digest, the $14.7 million home is a full-floor unit in a high-rise building right in the heart of Manhattan. The tower wasn't even built yet when they put money down for their portion of it, as it was being designed by the well-known Foster & Partners. The Clooneys are neighbors with Cindy Crawford and enjoy amenities including a lap pool and a Michelin-star restaurant. 

Val Kilmer's Southwest spiritual retreat

Val Kilmer was a polarizing figure when he played the caped crusader in "Batman Forever." Some lauded his performance, while others complained he was too similar to other actors before him. It's difficult to find that perfect balance between making the iconic character your own while also remaining loyal to what fans hold dear. While some weren't very enthused about his turn as Batman, Kilmer was embracing other passions around the same time — like renovating a pueblo-style house in New Mexico. He famously transformed the home — and crashed at Cher's house while the work was being done — and created what he described as a spiritual Southwestern retreat. According to the San Diego Union Tribune, he then sold it for a cool $18.5 million.

 This ranks him high on the list of Batmans with expensive homes and also made him notable for investing so much time and heart into the now-famous property. 

Ben Affleck's Bel Air mansion

When it was announced that Ben Affleck would be portraying Batman in 2016, the Internet melted down with its varied opinions. However, when "Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice" was released, Affleck's compelling performance won many over. Recently, Affleck himself was won over by Jennifer Lopez, as they recently reunited and became engaged for a second time — and quickly started house hunting

Originally reported by Luxury Launches, they recently went into escrow on a $50 million Bel Air mansion, which will now be home to their combined brood of five children. The property includes 20,000 square feet of living space, an infinity pool, seven bedrooms, and four kitchens. Affleck also continues to own a $19 million home in Pacific Palisades, and his children also spend time in their mother, Jennifer Garner's equally impressive homes. Not a bad life. This Berkeley-born boy has truly made Southern California home. 

Robert Pattinson's Spanish hacienda

Robert Pattinson was a surprise to many when it was announced he would portray the 2022 Batman, but "The Batman" has opened to box office success, solidifying him in superhero movie canon. The actor, who previously starred in the Harry Potter movies and Twilight, has kept his accommodations relatively modest despite his swell of fame over the years. 

According to Home Bunch, he lives in a Spanish-style home in Southern California that is currently appraised for under $4 million. Although certainly not the most exorbitant of the Batman homes, the gorgeous terra cotta tiles and tranquil yard areas make it a stunning home. It just goes to show that you don't need to drop tens of millions of dollars in order to have a luxurious abode — this superstar gets by just fine living in under 2,000 square feet. And, don't forget, English-born Pattinson is also the owner of a London flat. 

Michael Keaton's piece of the Montana sky

Michael Keaton is arguably one of the most well-known Batman actors, having put on the cape for three different films — "Batman," "Batman Returns," and "The Flash." The first two films — Tim Burton-directed in the 1990s — had immense box office success and are considered by many to be the best of all the Batman films. Keaton himself ditched Hollywood long ago for the big skies and open plains of Montana. 

Although he also resides in Southern California in order to complete filming obligations, 60 Minutes reports he stays at his 1,000-acre Montana property whenever he can. The ranch includes trout streams and other luxuries for any nature lover looking to get away from it all. Keaton also owned a Summerland, California, ranch that he sold in 2018 for over $8 million. Needless to say, this Batman is doing quite well for himself, hanging out near Timberland, Montana, and fishing with celeb friends like Tom Brokaw.

Christian Bale's California mansion

Christian Bale first hit the Hollywood scene when he was 13-years-old, having been discovered by Steven Spielberg, and his star rose to new heights when he played Batman in "The Dark Knight" trilogy. From 2005 to 2012, Batman was Bale's focus, and he needed some high-end California digs to reside in. Originally from the United Kingdom, Bale owns a home in Brentwood that is appraised at over $8 million. 

According to Net Worth Brothe 8,081 square foot home leans more toward a mansion than a house and includes six bedrooms and seven and a half bathrooms. The master suite includes a fireplace and sitting room. Despite this sprawling home, Bale actually tends to live below his means. He reportedly does not have a bodyguard, has driven cars that are more than 20 years old, and doesn't indulge in elaborate lifestyle luxuries as often as you might think. He lives in his Brentwood residence with his wife and one child.