How To Decorate Your Home Like The Apartments In The Circle

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The fact that a reality show inserts drama and confusion into contestants' lives (through a social media app and a good guess) is wild! "The Circle" is a Netflix reality show consisting of 12 episodes with contestants who move into individual apartments to play an elaborate guessing game. The guidelines stipulate that the isolated contestants cannot leave their solitary abodes unless they are voted off or make it to the end of the season as the winner (via South China Morning Post). The TV show takes place in an apartment block in Northern England, UK (via Insider). However, despite the geographical location, a producer who spoke to Vulture explains that, "for each version — the Brazilian, the American, the French, the British version — we had to sort of design personal touches that made it feel like home for everyone who was living in there."

The Circle app is the only way contestants can communicate, and successful finalists who proceed to the next round have no way of speaking to anyone for weeks. However, this is not the worst scenario to be involved in, considering all the perks they enjoy. There's an outdoor gym, indoor games, a swimming pool, and the spectacular decor within their living spaces (via Oprah Daily). Reality TV homes are known for their unique decor and layout. Join us in exploring the trendy decor on the show to help you decorate your home like "The Circle." 

Create a secret garden

Season 4 of Netflix's "The Circle" commences on the rooftop of the show's apartment building. This spot is where the presenter breaks down what's to come in the season. It's the perfect place to begin when considering how to recreate the show's decor. The ambient garden and the background greenery feature many plants of all species and styles, from potted plants to creeping plants. They all come together to create somewhat of a secret garden aesthetic.

If you are fortunate enough to have a rooftop garden or a good outdoor space in your home and want to decorate it like "The Circle," Ugoo states that you can never go wrong when you group your plants by family. If you don't have a green thumb, try to grow the easiest houseplants. Once you've chosen the family you wish to work with, feel free to dabble in different sizes and colors of that same plant. For example, opt to group cactuses with different hues and shapes. If you do not have an outdoor space or are keen on executing a secret garden within your home, try hanging houseplants from open plan surfaces like shelves to add more life to areas such as your book display or your bathroom (via Jay Scotts). Alternatively, you can place plants on tables within colored pots to add vivacity to your space.

Paint your home a perfect pastel hue

"The Circle" apartment rooms are so dreamy that contestants may feel like they never want to step outside once they settle in. This effect comes from the perfect pastel hues on walls. According to 99Designs, due to the correlation between colors and emotions and because pastel colors are particularly cool-toned, they tend to induce a calming and relaxing effect on the viewer. This tip works perfectly for a reality game show where players are confined to their rooms for the whole game and may start to get antsy the longer they stay inside (via Metro).

In Season 4 of the acclaimed game show, the first contestant to see his apartment exclaimed, "This is nice. ... yes! ... a little pink!" and he was telling no lies. When you choose a pastel such as pink, you elicit a soft, unique, and sophisticated vibe (via Homedit). You can take it one step further by ensuring this softness is within the furnishings you include in your room. Opt for pastel sofas or accessories such as mirror frames to match your walls.

Pick out a few fluffy cushions and throws

Another soft accessory that works hand in hand with pastels, according to Sesli, is fluffy furnishings, particularly throws and cushions on a sofa. You can use them to curl up on a cold day or for everyday comfort.

Fluffy accessories are not only used to decorate the living room. They also play a primary role in the bedroom, offering texture and accented decor (via The Fashion Daily). These furnishings may not always be every homeowner's choice because they can lack durability, come with high maintenance, and be more showy than practical (via Yahoo!). If you live with kids or pets, this may be your story. However, the squish pillow from Unhide promises to strike away any impending doom or fears of future dry cleaning bills. The faux fur polyester cushion can be washed in the machine when dirty, saving time and the cost of professional cleaning.

Use containers and trays to organize and display dry food

Since the apartments in "The Circle" are on the small side, a pantry may not exist within the contestants' abodes. However, this need not be an issue because, according to SFGate, certain goods do not need to be stored away in the pantry. You can station them on your kitchen counter. Just take them out of their original boxes, and for a cohesive aesthetic, place them within transparent or glass containers.

Out of all your dry foods, it's imperative to keep uncooked foods like pasta and rice in an airtight container, box, or jar (via Share The Pasta). Once you pick a canister that works for you, the final step is to ensure your home imitates "The Circle" apartments to implement an organizational design. Ideally, it should add to the aesthetic of your home. For example, you can use metallic encapsulating trays or wooden place settings to store the pasta canisters (via The Spruce).

Add task lighting underneath kitchen cabinets

You can never have too many lamps, dome lights, or sconces in your home. It's also never a bad idea to add extra light fixtures such as task and accent lighting. In "The Circle," task lighting is used in the kitchen underneath cabinets, over countertops, and around the stove.

According to Lighting Tutor, under cabinet lighting is one of the most common and most popular accent lighting types executed in the kitchen. It can be a lifesaver if you are a homeowner that does not have islands in your kitchen. With the absence of the islands, your countertop (underneath your cabinets) is probably the prime space upon which you execute many culinary tasks. Integrating the right type of lighting into your home will make everyday tasks simpler. You can opt for tape lights as seen on the show or implement either puck lights or light bars (via Lumens).

Complement your rattan pieces with wooden accents

According to Better Homes & Gardens, rattan was once only thought of as a material for exterior furniture. However, in this day and age, everything has changed, and more and more individuals are finding ways to integrate rattan furniture into their interiors. To take your living space decor to a new level, mix rattan furniture with wooden pieces and accents. Use "The Circle" for inspiration and see how the show pairs a rattan chair and side table with a wood center table.

Rattan is one of today's hottest interior decor trends and is making a huge comeback (via Homes & Gardens). When choosing how to use rattan as decor, consider the texture and color theme that wood and rattan both add to a household. The heavy-duty nature of wood always complements the lightweight nature of rattan to add depth to your home and reinforce its beauty.

Swap an island for an oval or circular dining table

Another thing to keep in mind for your living space (especially if your home is on the cozier side) is arranging it for functionality and decor. If you wish to recreate the decor in "The Circle," opt for an oval dining table for you and your loved ones to dine. According to Urban Company, this option takes less space than a rectangular table.

Another aspect to notice is the absence of an island in this home. The lack of an island maketh not a dingy kitchen. Kitchens without islands are that way for several reasons. It could be that an island may cause a bottleneck in the grand scheme of things, or an island may not fit your style. An oval dining table could also double as an island by placing it next to the kitchen space (via House Beautiful).

Pair a patterned and jute rug

In the spirit of pairing two trends together, go all out by arranging a patterned antique rug with a contemporary jute rug. Rugs are an age-old home decor accessory that tie any room together. Rug Gallery states that over 5,000 years ago, nomadic tribes used animal skins to craft rugs. As time went on, the Egyptians and Mesopotamians began creating their own style of rugs and integrating them into their living spaces. After this, the rest was history.

In "The Circle" apartment, there are jute and Persian rugs in the living space. When choosing your living room rug, think about how pieces complement each other. The floor coverings feature different shapes, colors, and styles yet pair perfectly. The jute rug is a solid color, making it a safe option to pair with another rug (via StoneGable). It will not cause chaos in the room, and it plays well with the patterns on the Persian rug.

Stay trendy with a decorative glass bowl

According to Belle and June, you can never have too many glass decorative bowls in your living space. You can use them in different parts of the home for diverse purposes. If you tend to have a lot of miniature items or are constantly losing your keys, you can use a glass bowl as a catchall to keep things in one convenient place. Alternatively, if you have limited space in your pantry or are on a health kick, feel free to buy a glass fruit bowl to display on your kitchen counter. 

If fruits and keys are not your things, you can store plenty of other objects in your glass bowl (via Carla Aston DESIGNED). Consider natural objects like seashells, antique or vintage items like your coin collection, or opt for live or faux greenery. If you're working within a budget, this charming glass bowl from Wayfair offers butterfly and floral accents. Its cuteness may steal the heart of anyone who walks into your space.

Mix things up with macrame

According to My Modern Met, macramé is a 1970s fiber art involving knitting techniques to create decorative and functional crafts. In every single apartment featured on "The Circle," there is some level of greenery that adds life and vivacity to the space. For example, potted plants sit on the tables and counters, larger plants are in the corners of the rooms, and hanging plants hang within macramé plant hangers from the ceiling.

For as low as $8.99 from Amazon, you can get the look of a macramé plant hanger in your home. Even if you are not a plant person, you can feature macramé in your living space as wall decor. You do not even need to purchase a macramé craft. You can easily take matters into your own hands by creating a unique DIY design to suit your exact taste (via The Crafting Nook).

Make way for modern art

According to Artwork Archive, art adds emotion and life to a living space. It makes it feel more human when compared to machine-invented accessories. "The Circle" contestants have to stay isolated for weeks, and sometimes isolation may seem like a prison. They do not have clocks and cannot go outside to take a walk for fresh air. However, they can speak to producers in the daytime and nighttime to keep loneliness at bay. These chats probably prevent them from losing their minds (via BuzzFeed).

The art decor in the apartments can come in handy to positively impact the contestants' moods and induce a feeling of joy in times of adversity (via Italmoda). For example, the modern-style leaf painting of a leaf in the apartment keeps with the green theme of the room. It matches the contemporary aesthetic and helps remind the inhabitant of the great outdoors. 

Feed into floral wallpaper

The floral wallpaper in "The Circle" apartments is so intricate that you might want to imitate the exact style in your home. According to Garden Collage Magazine, floral wallpaper has come a long way from past designs. While it used to be tacky and old-fashioned, wallpaper is becoming a modern and trendy decorative item for adding novelty, character, and charm to any wall. Floral patterns bring the beauty of the outdoors into your home.

If you're clueless about finding the best floral wallpaper or even where to start in the process, you should consider the space in your home (via I Want Wallpaper). A home with smaller rooms like the "The Circle" will work better with a feature wall of florals, whereas larger homes allow for extensive use of wallpapers. If you do not necessarily like floral prints, you can opt for damask wallpaper to get the same effect while keeping your decor classy. There are many innovative ways to use wallpaper, including decorating a bookshelf or creating an accent wall.

Place a pouf or two in your abode

If you wish to go the extra mile in decorating your home like "The Circle" apartments, a pouf is a perfect addition to your living space. According to Modsy, poufs are multipurpose accessories that can work as low backless seats or tables for holding food, drinks, and other essentials. Poufs are often confused with ottomans since they can serve as extra seating in a room (via Real Simple). Poufs, much like ottomans, can function as a footstool for your tired feet.

The brown leather Moroccan pouf pictured above is one of the most popular poufs. It is commonly used in households because the leather fabric is non-slippery and firm enough to carry trays of food or coffee (via MyTindy). However, other people think Moroccan leather poufs are an outdated trend (via Swagger Magazine). Feel free to purchase as many poufs as your heart desires if this accessory speaks to you.

Say yes to a wicker storage bin

Whether you live in a palatial home or a minuscule apartment, clutter will happen. According to The Spruce, this is where storage space and equipment come in. Inside the cozy "The Circle" apartments, wicker storage bins keep clutter at bay.

One benefit to having a wicker bin sitting on the table is that it offers functionality. Due to its small size, the basket can move from place to place depending on which area works best in your home. One great space in your home to use wicker furniture is the laundry room or as a laundry basket for dirty clothes (via HomeQuestionsAnswered). To maintain the durability of the basket, you can place a washable bag inside before adding your clothes (via Homedit). This tip makes the basket easier to clean since you can easily toss the bag in the washing machine. Besides gathering laundry, a wicker basket can also be used in the living room to store books, magazines, newspapers, or mail. Learn Play Nexus offers a cute and convenient storage unit with wicker baskets.