Inside Cardi B's Luxury Atlanta Home

One of the biggest breakout stars from VH1's "Love and Hip Hop" is American rapper Cardi B, also known as Belcalis Almanzar. According to BBC, Cardi first found fame on the hit reality show after gathering a loyal following with her social media posts and stripping in New York City clubs for five years. Fast forward five years to 2022, and Cardi B is now one of the most recognized rappers in the world. The inspirational entertainer came from humble beginnings and is now a consistent face on the covers of high fashion magazines and late night TV shows.

Cardi is happily married to rapper Offset (via Insider). The couple lives in a luxurious Atlanta home with two beautiful children, Kulture and Wave, and enough space for all Cardi's beautiful belongings. As a social media influencer, Cardi kept her followers updated with her search for a house from the minute she finally decided to make the permanent move to Atlanta (via Instagram). Her extended family still lives in New York City, but with all the space and luxe features in her Atlanta home, Cardi's family can rest assured that they will be taken care of when they pop by for a visit. Let's take a closer look inside Cardi B's stunning Atlanta home.

A palatial winding staircase

According to Artistic Stairs, the combination of curved stairs and wrought iron is the perfect feature to make a unique statement in the home. Cardi B's palatial staircase with black wrought iron railing proves this true. The wrought iron perfectly ornaments the curving shape. The curved stairs look like they belong in a Disney princess movie. 

During Cardi B's home tour video, which she shared with her over 132 million followers, the "Bodak Yellow" singer enters the house and happily says, "We've been trying to find a house for two years, and we never see eye to eye" (via Instagram). Then, she shows viewers the majestic curved staircase in the entryway, leading up to the other floors in the home. With 6-inch heels, she climbs onto the stairs with her hubby to start showcasing the house. In awe of the stairs, she proclaims, "The stairs our children will climb when going to prom."

Candles in every nook and cranny

Cardi B's Atlanta luxury home was listed by Dorsey Alston for $5.8 million and designed with European style in mind. European-style homes usually boast unique charm and an open floor plan (via Floor Plans). This style perfectly describes the rapper's Atlanta abode. Cardi's pad features several European-style candles and light fixtures placed strategically in every nook and cranny. There are candles on a tabletop beside the window of the home's entryway. There are also candles sitting on holders in the center of the table, offering a regal touch to the room. Candleholders are also in the corner on a mini mantel. Lastly, a group of flameless candles forms a chandelier that hangs above the dining table.

On special occasions such as Valentine's Day, the home features even more candles (via Instagram). For example, Offset decked out the whole living room area with numerous beautiful candles to show his wife how much she means to him. Hopefully he used this Instagram-approved hack to keep your candles burning for longer.

A picture-worthy pool

Cardi is unapologetically honest about everything in her life. She joked in an Instagram post that even though she can't swim, her breast implants help her float. This statement was a cheeky joke from the "WAP" hitmaker because it's a myth that breast implants aid floatation (via Yahoo!). Cardi B was not joking about her inability to swim. On a more serious note, she told Billboard, "I can't swim because I barely went to the pool. There was only one community pool where I'm from." The rapper hails from South Bronx, an area with only three community swimming pools (via Bronx Buzz).

On the other hand, her daughter, Kulture, loves to swim. "She lives a different lifestyle than I lived. This girl gets in a pool every single day." Having an amazing swimming pool design like the one in the backyard of Cardi's Atlanta home is a perpetual gift for her daughter. She can happily enjoy her favorite pastime every day. The fashion-forward rapper ensures that she also makes good use of the pool, even if only as a backdrop for pictures.

Numerous floor-to-ceiling windows

Per Dorsey Alston's listing, the five-bedroom, seven-bathroom home sits on over five acres of greenery. The building boasts over three stories with 10-foot-high ceilings in many rooms. In one of the living spaces, there are arched ceilings overlooking the backyard, providing a dreamy view of the compound (via Fancy Pants Homes). The tall floor-to-ceiling windows in the open living room lead out to the outside area of the house. They offer an incredible view of the surrounding area and flood the home with plenty of natural light (via Home Design Lover).

Cardi B has tried holistic healing in the past on an episode of "Cardi Tries," so it's safe to assume that she uses this grand yet serene living room with stunning floor-to-ceiling views for her at-home meditation and yoga sessions (via Instagram). The bright and sunny room is perfect for acupuncture, sound baths, and other forms of self-care.

A fun-filled game room

Cardi B is a big kid at heart. Just look at the hilarious video she uploaded during the pandemic. The Instagram video shows the rapper running into a Jenga tower with some light-hearted fun. European-style homes usually have a lower floor dedicated to the kids' playroom or game room. Therefore it is not surprising that this 22,000-square-foot house also has one (via Floor Plans).

In this clip from Cardi's home tour, the realtor takes the husband and wife into an empty room which echoes whenever anyone speaks. Cardi gleefully turns to the camera and explains that the room they are looking at will be the kids' playroom. Upon turning the lights on to reveal the expansive area, Offset gleefully attempts a cartwheel on the carpet. Cardi plans out the decor for the room and talks about adding games and slides. An arcade game and a majestic pool table ensure this room has a fun and entertaining atmosphere.

A mind-blowing wine cellar

The Dorsey Alston listing mentions that "no expense was spared and no detail overlooked when building this entertainers' dream home." As a bonafide entertainer in music and movies, Cardi B's luxurious wine cellar reflects her entertaining skills as the hostess with the mostest. This stunning space can fit almost 2,000 wine bottles and is decked out with three wooden chairs and a table so guests can sit back and relax while sipping on a glass of wine or two.

Cardi B and fellow entertainer Teyana Taylor are friends, party pals, and mothers to gorgeous daughters (via AmoMama). The celebrity mothers and daughters also have playdates. In one cute photo shared by Teyana Taylor, Tey's daughter Junie plays with Cardi's electric blue hair as Cardi smiles lovingly at the toddler (via Instagram). Teyana also lives in Atlanta, so should the songstresses have plenty of opportunities for playdates. While the kids play, Cardi B can wow Teyana and have some mommy time. All she needs to do is strut down into the wine cellar of her magnificent estate.

An enviable walk in closet

As Vogue puts it, there's a strong correlation between being a star and setting style trends for the mass public, and of course, that task may come with some pressure. Cardi B, however, takes on the trendsetter title like a champ. When she's not gracing covers of magazines or hosting her in-house fashion shows, she's singing about all the fashion and jewelry she owns and loves. In her song "She Bad," she mentions high-end accessories such as "Gucci Bag, Fendi Bag, Prada Bag, and Birkin Bag" (via AZ Lyrics).

Fans finally got to see her outstanding collection of Birkins in all colors, shapes, and sizes in a post she captioned, "Pick a color" (via Instagram). The hip-hop artist is leaning against a ladder which is part of her expansive walk-in closet. The designer of the walk-in closet took advantage of the floor-to-ceiling space. Some shelves are so high they can only be accessed by climbing a ladder (via HGTV). In one of Cardi's home tour videos, we see that there are not only one but two matching closets and a little hallway connecting his and her spaces.

A fireplace to display the awards

In case Cardi B and her husband, Offset, need a reminder about how far they've come (if the 22,000-square-foot house in Atlanta's wealthy Buckland community is not proof enough), they can take a look at the fireplace in the living room. Their gleaming trophies and accolades are displayed on the mantel or hung above the fireplace (via Instagram). A fireplace adds a charming ambiance to any home, whether lit or unlit (via Heat & Glo). However, this spot is extra charming in Cardi's Atlanta mansion. The photograph of Cardi B and sister Hennessy Carolina when they were each other's dates to Cardi's first-ever Grammy Award show adds a dose of sentimental value (via Refinery29).

Apart from the central fireplace, Cardi B's lavish home features five other fireplaces. They are in strategic parts of the house, including the primary bedroom, the upper level, and the spa-like bathroom.

Sweet and sophisticated Juliet balconies

In Cardi's home tour, her realtor opens the wooden French doors to reveal exterior balconies. According to Elite Balustrade Systems, Juliet balconies have been an elegant architectural feature in European homes since the 18th century. While they are typically smaller than standard balconies, they open up a space and improve airflow. They have stood the test of time by offering functionality and a sophisticated aesthetic. This European-style house boasts both indoor and outdoor Juliet balconies.

The home's exterior, including the off-white Juliet balconies, is durable stucco with a stone finish (via Dorsey Alston). As for the interiors, there are black-stained Juliet balconies built with similar railings to the curved staircase on the first floor. The indoor Juliet balconies allow Cardi B to enjoy a more open view of the living room. The mini indoor terraces are on the first level and extend right into the living space.

An indoor and outdoor kitchen

Are we surprised that luxury lover, Cardi B, has not one but two kitchens in her palatial home? One of her immaculate indoor kitchens features a monochromatic color palette, cozy breakfast bar, breakfast room, dark stained cabinets, a kitchen island made of magnificent marble, matching stone countertops in the sink area, and a view of the family room.

Cardi is not always a fan of cooking. In one of her social media posts, she jokingly pokes fun at herself for being hungry yet not wanting to cook, per Instagram. However, this has not stopped her from utilizing her outdoor kitchen, another stunning part of the house. Whether using the outdoor kitchen for photo backdrops or whipping up different cuisines, this exterior house feature is becoming more and more popular in modern-day homes. Installing one in your kitchen is well worth the investment since this feature adds a significant amount of value to your home (via Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens).

A four-car garage

When Cardi appeared on James Corden's Carpool Karaoke on YouTube, she revealed that she doesn't have a driving license or know how to drive. James encourages her to practice, so Cardi switches seats with him and tries driving James' car around a parking lot. While Cardi fails the driving lesson woefully, she does not take the loss to heart and stays in good spirits.

Not knowing how to drive has never stopped Cardi B from investing in sports vehicles or her husband Offset from gifting her luxurious cars (via The Sun). The good news is that her home has a garage that can fit up to four cars perfectly. Although Cardi and Offset have over four cars, they can park the others securely along the long driveway. This way, Cardi can access the cars when she needs to use them as backdrops for her enviable social media posts.

A well-stocked bar

According to Heavy, it's a true story that Cardi B's parents appreciated an alcoholic beverage brand so much that they named her younger sister Hennessy. As Cardi B (born Belcalis) grew up, she chose to follow in her parents' footsteps by assuming an alias from an alcohol brand (via Daily Mail). During an appearance on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon," she stated, "You know what, my sister's name is Hennessy, so everybody used to call me Bacardi." Cardi later shortened her name to Cardi (via YouTube).

The grammy-winning rapper is a spirit-savvy individual. It comes as no surprise that Cardi's home boasts a terrace bar stocked to the brim with bottles of different alcoholic beverages. The bar is located in the corner of the lounge parlor, making it a cozy space for guests to recline and chat when invited into the home (via HGTV). Sophisticated chandeliers and open shelving complete the look.

A traditional home office

During the home tour of her Buckhead mansion, Cardi B jokingly said on Instagram, "This is a little office with a fake library." She also quipped that "This is where the kids will be when they go to time out." The regal space boasts honey-toned wooden cabinets, shelving, and a glossy oak table. It features a relaxed aesthetic perfect for a home office. The room's traditional design also has two cozy chairs, perfect for when Cardi wants to go over her business contracts with her husband. She values his business savvy, as he's helped her save money by pointing out loopholes in deals (via XXL).

The furniture layout pairs perfectly with the available space in the room and allows natural light to flow inside. Natural light is an essential element in a home office, and your home office should maximize it during working hours (via Imagineer Remodeling). You can remove window treatments like curtains or blinds to improve productivity.

Sophisticated columns

The last aspect of Cardi's stunning Atlanta mansion that one cannot ignore is the numerous columns that stand regally within the interior and exterior. Columns lead around the back garden, framing the outdoor walkways. According to TravelDailyNews, Europeans typically prefer a more traditional look for their homes than Americans. This style showcases cultural roots and rich heritage by preserving features like original wood flooring and crown molding. Cardi's Atlanta home recalls classic European architecture with the addition of columns. These elegant details seamlessly blend with the color palette of the building.

While there are five orders of columns, and Cardi B's architects kept it consistent by using the same Ionic order columns throughout the house (via Britannica). This style typically features flutes on the shaft and an egg-and-dart design on the top cap. Cardi's exterior columns integrate into her architecture to break up the outdoor area and provide a cohesive structure.