How To Decorate Your Home Like The Loft In New Girl

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"Who's that girl? Who's that girl? It's Jess!" If you recognize this theme song, you've probably seen an episode or two of the hit TV show "New Girl." Jessica Day, the quirky protagonist, gets up to hilarious hijinks throughout the show's seven seasons. According to IMDb, the FOX television show follows the life of Jess, a happy-go-lucky teacher played by Zooey Deschanel.

Jess finds herself without a place to stay after her boyfriend, who she previously lived with, cheats on her. She moves into a new apartment with a group of roommates. There's the brooding Nick (played by Jake Johnson), confident to a fault Schmidt (played by Max Greenfield), the ever-competitive ex-basketball player Winston (played by Lamorne Morris), and Jess's best friend and model Cece (played by Hannah Simone). The charming loft they call home is known as Apartment 4D in downtown Los Angeles. If you are as intrigued with the location and the details that went into creating this classic TV show home, keep reading for tips and tricks on how to decorate your home like "New Girl."

Let leather sofas take center stage

If you're anything like the roommates in the "New Girl" loft, then you're definitely open to hosting a few guests from time to time. Schmidt and Nick often invite female company over to watch movie marathons on their leather sofa in the living room. According to Pallucci Furniture, the positive thing about investing in leather sofas is that they are a low-maintenance feature that can bounce back from spills from alcoholic beverages or meals. You can clean up most messes by wiping the couch down with a terry cloth.

When choosing the right leather furniture for your living space, consider that different types offer different characteristics. For example, pigmented leather is one of the most commonly used leathers on furniture (via Sofas by Saxon). It is super durable because the leather has a strong coating that resists scratches, dirt, and scuffs. Other types of leather include aniline and semi-aniline.

Add contrast to your color palette

The "New Girl" loft features an easy-breezy beige color palette. However, a few parts of the apartment stand out courtesy of the blue paint job. In this clip from the show on YouTube, you can see how the blue color dresses up the cabinet wall space in the kitchen. The blue door also commands attention, and a painted window frame contrasts with the other windows.

If you want to imitate this color contrast, consider your existing color palette and the shades of light fixtures, furniture, and other features in your home. Then, choose a contrasting color to include (via SFGate). Ensure that your choice is a cohesive addition. To get your perfect color palette, go for contrasting color combinations that have been tried and tested, such as graphite grey and bright green, which will awaken the cool existing grey tones. Or go for burgundy (a rich and solid color choice) and lilac (via House Beautiful).

Add shelves of varying lengths and sizes

Jess is a science teacher, which may or may not account for the large number of books on the shelves in the loft. There are shelves everywhere in the apartment, including tall bookshelves and shelves leaning against the back of the living room sofa. According to Best Pick Reports, adding shelves to your home decor offers you the chance to showcase your personality and flair in the best way possible. The things you place on your shelf reflect who you are, be it books or plants. 

When getting creative with the items you choose to display, opt for pieces that can't be categorized as junk (via The Spruce). A modern and trendy shelving option is floating shelves. While many people are not fans of this look, floating shelves can be practical and affordable to install (via Grace In My Space). Ensure you pick a sturdy material.

Introduce miniature sculptures

Whether you're an art expert or just a lover of quirky bits and bobs, we have some good news. To decorate your living space like the "New Girl" loft, consider implementing a few miniature metallic sculptures of any size into your living space. You can add one or group a collection together on your shelves to create an eye-catching statement.

According to HedgeApple, sculptures do not belong exclusively in museums or galleries. Your home can be your personal museum. As long as there are spots in the house that do not interrupt the flow and leisure activities, feel free to place sculptures in those areas. The type of sculpture you choose in your living space says a lot about you, and your sculpture choice tells a story (via MADS Creations). The best places to place your sculptures include the garden, the entryway, and the corners of your home that need some love and attention.

Double up on mirrors

Mirrors are functional and decorative pieces within any home. In the "New Girl" loft bathroom, side by side mirrors are placed over the sinks so that two people can make use of the space at the same time. Here, the bathroom mirrors serve a primarily functional purpose. Once you have chosen the mirrors you want to hang up in your home, think about where and how to place them. The Washington Post explains that mirror placement can make or break your space. If you have a small, crowded room or a bathroom, try installing floor-to-ceiling mirrors to create an illusion of more space.

Mirrors have many uses. Besides their ability to make a room feel larger, they possess brightening powers (via The Economic Times). When you hang a mirror opposite a window with natural light or facing a lamp or other light source, it will reflect the light and bounce it around the living space to better illuminate the room. You can also place a mirror within a fancy frame, such as one with gold gilding or mosaic tiles, and hang it on your walls like art (via MasterClass).

Leave out a few lamps

Jess came into housemates Nick, Winston, and Schmidt's lives and added some light and laughter to their home. Just look at all of the light fixtures hanging out in the space. In each room, there are lamps of all shapes and sizes. If you want to take a page from their (decor) book, Olive & June encourages you to consider the height, width, and style of the lamp you wish to purchase and compare it to the space you aim to place it.

To get the perfect height for your table lamp, add the table height to the lamp height (via J.M. Beatty Furniture Store). Once you have done this, your resulting total figure should not fall under 58 inches or exceed 64 inches. In addition to this, when picking a lampshade, don't just go for the usual cream, white, or off-white tones. Feel free to embrace other colors to insert a bit of mystery and drama into your living space.

Hang up a line of coat hooks in the entryway

Imagine being one of the four housemates living in the "New Girl" loft, and everyone has someone over for Thanksgiving dinner. Without a coat room or closet to store everyone's coats, clutter is inevitable. This part is where it's nice to have a coat rack to hold anything from your guests' jackets, shawls, scarves, and bags.

According to Ideas For The Home by Kenarry, making a DIY coat rack in your home is so easy that buying a new one should not be your only option. All you need to create a wall-mounted version is to grab a piece of wood, then shine it to perfection or paint it your desired color. With the help of a screwdriver, integrate the hooks onto the wooden slab, considering the length of the slabs. Lastly, use wall studs or anchors that fit your drilled screws to mount your coat rack to the desired height (via True Value). If you do not wish to drill holes into the wall because you are renting or don't want to cause permanent damage, why not add velcro to the back of your coat rack? Peel off the red strip and enjoy a Velcro wall-mounted rack. It's just as sturdy as the ones attached to the wall with nails (via VELCRO).

Bring wooden furniture and accents into your space

At this stage, you're well into your "New Girl" decor journey, and we hope you're feeling Jessica's free-spirited vibes. Here, Jess is sitting at the table holding her feeling stick. She fails to convince roommate Nicholas (and soon-to-be boyfriend) to express his emotions.

She is seated at a wooden dining table set, which complements the loft's wooden floors. According to From the Forest, one tip to keep in mind when opting for wooden furniture is to consider the undertone of your floors. Certain hues of wooden furniture may clash with your wooden floor, while others may complement it perfectly. However, if you are not keen on taking a risk and are unsure how to proceed to achieve the perfect balance, keep in mind that choosing the same finish as your floors can look flat (via Amish Outlet Store). Mixing different finishes creates a dimensional and unique atmosphere in your home.

Install an open pantry

All the roommates in "New Girl" share a single kitchen. They spend a lot of time here making morning coffee, having snacks, or making meals. Unfortunately, there is no pantry area for stocking condiments and other items. According to Little House Lovely Home, this could make life difficult for the housemates, but it's not the end.

If your home lacks a pantry, one handy solution to keep is to integrate open shelving and cabinets into your kitchen. Check for empty space, hang a shelf onto that premium real estate, and voila! Another handy solution to ensure your kitchen stays clutter-free and organized is to make the most of your counter space. You can use storage containers and canisters that are transparent or color-coded to your kitchen's aesthetic to store dry foods and other staples (via MyDomaine). You can maximize your space while ensuring your kitchen decor looks chic and classy.

Decorate your fridge with magnets

Many people have faced the ultimate question: To decorate or not to decorate the refrigerator. Minimalist homeowners would probably say not to since decorations can disrupt the subdued aesthetic of the living space. However, Magnet Partner urges you to embrace fridge decorations like magnets because they don't harm your fridge. Opt for magnets that work with your color palette and use them to help you stay focused and organized. For example, you can use a magnet to keep your weekly to-do lists in place. Magnets can also secure pictures of memorable moments and postcards or serve as a conversation starter if you are a collector.

After embracing the magic of magnets, take things one step further by using this feature in other parts of the home. Consider this magnetic knife rack from First4Magnets. You can mount it on the wall above your counter, thereby saving additional space in your kitchen.

Integrate wall art

With an average of four housemates in one loft, each character has to get comfortable coexisting. Each roommate expresses their individuality through the paintings they hang on the walls, explaining the different types and styles we see on the show. Whether you live on your own, with a family, or with housemates, My Tasteful Space reports that you should be open to buying various forms and styles of artwork (especially wall art) for the different rooms in your home. The art you hang up in your bedroom should differ from your bathroom and elsewhere.

Opt for organic prints and paintings in your bathroom to evoke a nature-inspired feeling (via Chairish). An example would be this leaf wall art available to buy on Etsy for less than $30. If you have a bathtub in your bathroom, consider the space above the wall as prime real estate for an abstract painting (via Abstract House). It will surely add to the ambiance of your home and decorate your bathroom like a wellness retreat.

Incorporate an island sink to save space

Schmidt enjoys a good culinary session and often fills the kitchen island with his edible creations. He makes use of the kitchen space the most. The presence of an island in a kitchen, especially one that caters to a family of four adults, enhances function. According to Singer Kitchens, it offers value and space for more than one cook. Or only Schmidt, in the case of "New Girl."

The type of island you go for depends on your preference. Whether you go for a DIY job or choose to have one installed by a pro, there should be enough space for walking around the island (via This Old House). The counter space on the island must have a balance when it comes to the proportion when compared to your entire kitchen. People seem to constantly wrestle with having an island with a sink inserted into the design, like the one situated in the loft (via Houzz).

If you prefer to face your guests while cooking and use your island as an entertainment focal point by adding bar stools, leave the sink out of the equation. The sink may turn into a messy dumping ground for plates and dirty utensils, all of which should stay away from your guests. Let's not even include plumbing issues, which may arise if the sink gets clogged (via Kitchinsider).

Place potted plants in corners

You can never have too many potted plants in your living space. According to Miracle-Gro, you can use greenery to decorate different parts of the home, bringing vibrance, beauty, and fresh air to your interiors. In the "New Girl" loft, potted plants are on tables in the living area. Want to recreate this aesthetic but don't have the time to take care of plants? Opt for low-maintenance species like snake plants, one of the easiest houseplants anyone can keep alive. This species can thrive in low-light conditions without much watering. Red Aglaonema can also grow well without lots of lighting. If you don't have the time to water every day, the plant will still grow (via House Beautiful).

If you are short on time and don't want the pressure of watering your plants, you can add faux blooms like the artificial Scindapsus Aureus from Amazon. With strong similarities to the real thing, your guests may not even be able to tell the difference.

Hang your bike on the wall

In the entryway of the "New Girl" loft, a red and black bicycle hangs on the peach-colored wall. Decoist maintains that before recreating this interior decor, you should consider the color of the wall and ensure that your bike complements it. You should check that the hue of your bike blends with your home's color palette. Ideally, it will complement the aesthetic or stand out visually to create a focal point.

Besides your mounted bike, you can also hang up other beloved equipment like your skateboard (via Riding Boards). Once mounted with the right tools, a skateboard can add flair to your home. Ensure the area where you hang it remains at room temperature to prevent wear and tear. You can even mount musical items such as guitars or saxophones on the wall for decor and storage purposes (via CafeSaxophone). Anyone who enters your space will glean a deeper look into your personality and hobbies.