Tour Rapper Burna Boy's Nigerian Home

For many years rap has been a powerful rhythmic tool of expression. While NPR maintains that the popular music genre began in the 1970s in New York City during block parties, Four over Four says rap was actually born in West Africa and was used by storytellers to share their tales over the beat of a drum.

Rapper Burna Boy, born Damini Ebunoluwa Ogulu (per The New York Times,) was born in Nigeria and can be likened to those West African historians of yore, as he uses his music to channel stories of the past, present, and future. The "Like To Party" belter uncannily rose to fame; he released his first single in 2012 but quickly ran into issues with his label in 2015, after which he began to be snubbed by music movers and shakers in his home country (via African Glitz.)

The Fader reports that everything turned around for Burna Boy in 2018 when he received an unbelievable amount of international recognition because of an epic mix-up. The Grammy winner released an album in 2018, as did Kanye West. Kanye titled the album "Ye," and Burna titled a song from his album "Ye." Kanye fans went onto music streaming platforms to listen to the album and, of course, stumbled upon Burna's track. After fans heard the jivey track, some stayed to listen to the whole album, and they were pleasantly surprised. Fast forward to 2022, and Burna Boy has earned his stripes, both internationally and locally. The celebrity currently lives in a 13,000-square-foot estate in the metropolis of Lagos, Nigeria, and we have all the details on what lies within his not so humble abode.

He has a massive wall dedicated to all his awards

There is a saying by artist Matt Maher that goes, "In order to move forward, you have to look back." Burna Boy has not enjoyed a rosy road to success, which makes his rise to fame all the more meaningful. According to Billboard, the self-proclaimed African Giant walked away from record label Aristokrat in 2014 when his contract expired, claiming the label was trying to tank him. Not one to be deterred, he began his own label, Spaceship Records.

Music Week chronicles how far Burna has come since then; the U.K. has given him his due (he has hits with U.K.-born artists like Jorja Smith, Ed Sheeran, and Stormzy), and Beyoncé enlisted him for her "Black Is King" album. In addition to all this, his fifth studio album earned him a Grammy award in 2021. With a story like this, it's almost expected for Burna to have a massive awards wall in his home dedicated to all his accolades. It may serve as an opportunity for him to reflect on his past and get the energy to continue working on his future.

There is a plush waiting area for visitors

Once Burna Boy opened the glossy oak door to welcome the Architectural Digest team into his Lagos home, viewers were able to catch a glimpse of a contemporary space within the house. A few seconds later, the "Way Too Big" crooner says, "We're going to start with the waiting area right here. This is where you wait for me, as a visitor, when you pull up." The room is filled with interesting accents, including two fluffy pillows propped on a silver couch, a mini fountain standing in the corner, and vibrant musical paintings hanging on the wall, one of which has two saxophonists facing each other while playing their instruments.

It is important to note that you do not need to be a Grammy award-winning musician like Burna to decorate your waiting room as such. In fact, a similar painting that offers the same sax appeal can be purchased from Wayfair for $41.99. 

He has a second-floor rooftop garden

Burna Boy clearly built his house with entertaining in mind. From the multiple bars to the large swimming pools to the sunken patio lounges, he clearly plans to throw impressive parties in this ample space. This only becomes clearer when you see his rooftop garden, which is situated above the swimming pool below. The rooftop is covered in astroturf, giving the appearance of greenery. Black cocktail sofas are strewn across the space, clustered into conversation corners. Each group has its own coffee table, perfect for cocktails or small appetizer plates. 

A small alcove is also in the rooftop area, decorated with a contrasting red wire couch and side table. The roof of the alcove has lovely greenery hanging in pristine lines, with small lanterns and star pendants decorating the branches. Guests can easily move from the swimming pool or conversation pit below, up the stairs, and to the rooftop garden. 

He has multiple bars to store his liquor collection

When Burna Boy won his Grammy, he celebrated accordingly. He went with the award to a nightclub, and while in the thick of what appeared to be a fun night, a member of his team poured some champagne into the horn of the Grammy, and Burna took a victorious sip after, as per Instagram. This is not the only time we have witnessed Burna Boy being cheeky with alcoholic beverages. When he appeared on "The Daily Show with Trevor Noah," the "Monsters You Made" hitmaker teased his host by asking him for an actual alcoholic beverage as opposed to the usual coffee offered to all his guests.

It is clear that Burna Boy does not mess about with his libations, therefore, it may not really come as a shock to see that he put a lot of thought into his bar areas in his Nigerian home. According to Architectural Digest, he has wine storage embedded into his staircase, which sits right across from his dining table. And if that space isn't enough to store his beverage collection, he has an elaborate storage chest filled with bottles and glasses in his awards room and a home bar next to his open floor plan dining room.

He has a vinyl room with many mementos

A somewhat unique aspect of Burna Boy's home is the vinyl room, which has a striking gallery wall comprised of vinyl, memorabilia, and mementos. Burna Boy was born in 1991, and according to The Vinyl Revivers, this was the year that saw a heavy decline in the production of records since music had begun to enter the digital era via mp3 and mp4 formats. However, millennials who actually enjoy music, like Burna Boy, have led a resurgence in the sales of vinyl records in the 2020s after almost 30 years of records becoming nearly extinct (via The Manual).

Burna's vinyl room is his favorite spot in the house and is where he comes when he needs to get inspired. While his record collection takes up two walls of the room, the third wall is dedicated to family photos, including ones of his grandfather. According to Punch, Burna Boy's grandfather, Benson Idonije, is a veteran broadcaster and music critic. He was the first band manager of the legendary pioneer Afrobeat star, Fela Kuti. Idonije told the publication, "Fela, as a pioneer of Afrobeat, was playing the roots of the music but Burna Boy is infusing Afrobeat with other elements of music and that can make it more appealing to younger generation and various countries in the world."

A primary bedroom turned into a haven

Burna Boy's primary bedroom was created to serve as his haven, and much like any "haven owner" knows, the secret to creating a relaxing getaway is making it so comfortable you never want to leave. And judging by the plush bed and abundance of couches in the space, he did just that. 

But the space is just as much of a work of art as it is a retreat. Burna's room has a massive painting of himself (obviously, because he's a superstar!) and two unique trumpet lamps flank the bed. According to Architectural Digest, the lamps were purchased from local Nigerian artisans. He has a mini parlor at the foot of his bed, and a walk-in closet with a dedicated wall for his sneaker collection. And in terms of his bathroom, Burna is convinced that he has a time-traveling shower. When speaking to Vogue, he shared that before he showers, he's still in "yesterday," and when he comes out refreshed, he's in "today."

He has a dinner table that is perpetually set in grand style

Burna Boy has a six-person dining table that appears to be perpetually set up in grand style. With international stardom, he's rarely in his Nigerian home due to constantly traveling to different countries and continents to perform and record songs. Premium Times reports that he recently sold out a Madison Square Garden concert not too long ago, yet we can expect this lush dining table to be used frequently whenever he's in town.

That said, Burna Boy is very family-oriented, so he has plenty of people to invite over for dinner (via Naija Music Hub). He is a major executive and a part of a group record label called Spaceship Collective, founded by his mother, Bose Ogulu. Burna's sisters also hold roles within the collective; Nissi Ogulu is a recording artist, while Ronami Ogulu is a creative and branding executive for the group.

KitchenSeer maintains that if you wish to imitate Burna Boy's permanently set dining table, consider your lifestyle and personality. If you love entertaining guests, enjoy decorating, and have an impressive collection of serving ware, you should definitely consider it! It will not only help save you time when someone comes over but will also give you a new thing to decorate in your space.

The house has an impressive outdoor staircase

One outdoor indoor feature that stays present in Burna Boy's home's architecture is the staircase. His house not only has a glass staircase outside but also an impressive stairway inside near the foyer (which is not for the faint-hearted as it lacks railings). The exterior staircase consists of dark concrete steps leading up to an open-air space. While the steps match the home's exterior color palette, the whole feature also has a translucent safety case with an iron railing for support. 

While most people are used to seeing concrete steps outside, wood can also be used to achieve the same aesthetic. However, it can be tricky to build, making even the best DIY gurus shy away from it (via The Washington Post). But it's doable, as long as you prepare. The Spruce recommends beginning with a clear, level foundation, and building up an area that ensures a good slope for your stairs. Consider the metrics and the space in which you wish to build the stairs and purchase pre-cut stringers to match these measurements to save time and stress.

He owns unique face chairs

On the day of Burna Boy's Grammy win, he took two pictures and posted them on Instagram, garnering him thousands of likes and comments. While you could confuse the location for a museum, it was actually his Nigerian home's living room. He posed next to a life-size ivory horse sculpture, and it turns out that it isn't the only piece of art in his lounge area. 

While on the home tour, fans got a peek at his art collection, which is strewn across the living room. On the coffee table, there appear to be large white sculptures, both of which are of the female form, and opposite the window, we can see two masquerade mask sculptures that also function as seats. He also has a uniquely large glass tic-tac-toe set, perfect for guests to play while hanging out in his lounge.

There is a swimming pool that starts inside the house and continues outside

According to New Telegraph, Burna Boy's home was designed by architect Akose Enebeli, a visionary who, through his company, Elarc Designs, has executed stunning contemporary spaces, which he terms masterpieces for his clientele.

Enebeli explains that when designing Burna Boy's home, the rapper requested a uniquely styled swimming pool; he wanted the water feature to begin from the living room and roll out into the living room (via Architectural Digest). Enebeli not only designed, built, and collaborated with Burna Boy, but he also added a few of his own touches, such as the "African Giant" sign etched onto the tile base of the pool and a built-in pool bar. When Enebeli showed the finished product to his client, Burna was thoroughly impressed with the mansion. "He just kept saying, 'Wow, wow, you're bursting my brain,'" the designer shared.

He has a sunken lounge with 36 sofa cushions

You cannot discuss the African Giant-themed pool without making mention of the sunken lounge, which is situated right beside it. Building Burna Boy's mansion wasn't easy, but his architect Akose Enebeli enjoyed the challenge. "My relationship with Burna Boy is a very friendly one. He has a naturally good eye, so we often just chat and tease each other. Oh, also mostly argue about which creative space is more challenging — architecture or music! Working with him was interesting. I prefer to say it was challenging rather than difficult," Enebeli told New Telegraph. It was challenging because Burna wanted unique features, such as a living room that floated over an indoor pool, but his team delivered.

Another unique feature is the sunken lounge on the patio that overlooks the garden. "The view at night is spectacular. It's a great space, especially at night," he said. Homedit explains that sunken lounges are popular in backyards and great for people who want more privacy in their outdoor space since it allows you to sit closer to the ground. It also helps keep the line of the space better, since the couches and firepit don't obstruct the view of the rest of the patio.

He owns an expansive garage which houses his fire red Rolls Royce

Burna Boy truly loves his toys. According to AutoJosh, the "Wonderful" crooner owns more than a few sports cars, including a Bentley Continental GT, a Range Rover Autobiography, a Ferrari 458 Italia, and a Rolls Royce convertible. Pulse Nigeria mentions that in 2022, the Grammy Award winner added a new piece to his fleet of cars: a Lamborghini Urus.

Since he has such an impressive collection, he needs somewhere safe to store it. That's why he has an outdoor garage for the bulk of his fleet, and an indoor one where the Rolls are stored when not in use. You can often see these garages on his Instagram Stories, when he gives followers an intimate peek into his growing car collection. While you might not think "garage" when you think interior design, the vehicles inside definitely catch the eye.

He has a monochromatic kitchen

The Grammy-winning artist is worth $25 million, so you would think he had a number of chefs at his beck and call, from breakfast to dinner. However, the artist is anything but predictable. In this clip from Vogue's "24 Hours" series, he is seen pouring a simple bowl of cereal for his breakfast. Besides his meal prep skills, it is his kitchen that is noteworthy. His culinary space is a modern kitchen in a black and white aesthetic with frosted glass cabinets hiding matching plates and serving ware. He has plenty of crisp white counter space for those days he feels like experimenting in the kitchen, and a row of white kitchen stools are tucked underneath the island for when he wants to eat there instead of in the dining room.

According to Homes & Gardens, black and white kitchens are timeless and effortlessly elegant, so Burna Boy is in good company. While his kitchen has a masculine, contemporary design, you can translate the color scheme into just about any aesthetic. It's open to all sorts of black and white designs, from farmhouse to industrial to retro ones.

He has a fully equipped recording studio

During his home tour, Burna Boy leads us to a large self-portrait hanging on the wall. He smiles at the camera before sliding the portrait to the left to reveal a hidden door; he opens the door, and a fully equipped recording room comes into full view with all the tools to create a Grammy-winning album. The room is futuristic and playful, with a spaceship molded into the ceiling with neon flashing LED lights framing it. The space has a black and red theme, giving the room a more energetic — rather than calming — effect. This can come in handy, since recording an album isn't a 9 to 5 job. 

The entire room is paneled with soundproofing foam, and there are multiple black leather seats for his associates and collaborators. There is also a large flat screen TV in the room, whether to use as a second screen or for TV breaks between long sessions.