Live Separately But Together In A Virginia Home With Yurt-Like Pod Rooms For $200K

Yet another home has garnered tons of internet popularity thanks to a Zillow Gone Wild post on Instagram, although for different reasons than usual. As opposed to being posted for an oddity or negative attribute, this home was shared due to how unique and cool it is. According to the actual Zillow listing, this home is called the Rice House, but has been colloquially deemed The Huts.

This home, built in 1920, consists of four perfectly circular brick homes that connect at the back in a rectangular shape. The original owner, Ethel Rice, reportedly worked with a builder named Morris C. Miller to build the unique residence. Rice designed the house in the image of one she previously lived in while residing in Rhodesia.

The house is currently listed for just under $200,000. The oldest listing dates back to 2007, when the house was sold for $145,000. It was listed again in 2014 for the same price, with little success, before being relisted again in late May 2022. It is currently listed as pending sale.

A closer look at the eclectic residence

This one-of-a-kind Virginia home, which was apparently once deemed the most unusual house in the world by Architectural Review magazine, sits on 0.39 acres of property and includes nearly 1,300 square feet of living space, according to Zillow. The most notable feature of the property is, of course, the four circular buildings. Approaching the house, only three of them are visible. A long sidewalk leads directly to the front door at the center building, with the pavement going around the right building.

The center and left building (as well as the one behind it) are attached to one another, whereas the right building is completely detached. The listing states this is ideal as a guest bedroom or home office. All three front buildings have their own front door access, though only the center one has a red door. The residence becomes rectangular in the back and opens out onto a bright red porch deck, which overlooks a gorgeous backyard with lots of lush grass and mature trees.

Inside the round rice house huts

This unique Virginia home has a total of three bedrooms and two bathrooms, including the detached circular building. The Zillow listing also says it has a full laundry room, and that the rectangular build on sits on top of an unfinished basement.

The primary building is entered through the bright red front door, which opens up into the living room. The floors are a light wood, pairing with the off white walls. The ceiling is vaulted, opening up to the height of the cone shaped roofs. Wood trimming details both the ceiling, the baseboards, windows, and doors. There are plenty of windows, creating a bright environment, along with the hanging ceiling fan and light. The room is completed with a gorgeous brick fireplace and gold fireguard.

The rest of the round rooms look quite similar, with wood floors, off-white walls, and vaulted ceilings. The detached hut, though, has darker wood floors with white walls. The half bath is tucked away in a room only large enough for a toilet, with a sink just outside. This could also be turned into a kitchenette for a guest suite.

More of the unique Virginia home

The rectangular addition to the home includes the kitchen and a dining space (via Zillow). And while the laundry room and main bath in the home are built on a curve, the rooms themselves are square. The laundry room is small with black and white checkered tiles and white walls. The bathroom is also small, with terracotta floor tiles, white walls, a thick glass tiled shower, and a simple toilet and sink. The kitchen is rather unremarkable as well, with simple gray counters and steel appliances.

While many of the comments on the Zillow Gone Wild Instagram post are supportive of the undoubtedly unique and historical home, some commenters couldn't help but poke fun at the rather odd shape. One comment called the home "fancy potato sheds," with another asking what the price per round foot was. One commenter described it as a sweat lodge commune. Others are impressed with the low price point and unique and fun history of the yurt-like home.