Candis And Andy Meredith's Best Upgrade Ideas For Children's Bedrooms

Upgrade to the old. Not only do home renovation television stars Candis and Andy Meredith know antique trends, but they also possess a knack for kid-friendly interior design. With the success of family-centered home reno shows like Magnolia Network's "Home Work," including The Bucket List family's "Travelling Home" series, the Merediths have attained over two million Instagram followers. Additionally, the Utah-based home restorers have gained personal experience with design ideas for kids from their blended family, which includes seven children. As they continue to refurbish their 20,000-square-foot school/home, the design duo recently explored ideas of updating one of their daughters old-world suite, which includes a playroom with a delightful staircase, per Realtor. The innovative upgrades like the wallpaper, furnishings, and décor can be seen on Season 1, Episode 3: "Little Kit's Dream Room."

Parents know what kids like, yet boys and girls may need slightly different room functions. In a different episode, "Attic for Six Boys," the couple completely transformed their spacious loft into a bedroom with a game room for the boys, including a basketball hoop, air hockey table, and ping pong table, plus private nooks hidden behind their dressers decorated with string lights. With their return to television, after a slight hiatus due to some controversy regarding the couple's work quality with customers on "Home Work," the family is moving forward, while staying true to their passion for antique renovations, per Us Weekly. Read on to learn more tips on how to enhance your children's bedrooms!

Apply hand-painted wallpaper for an authentic look

Be it celebrity interior design trends or a natural love for antiques, wallpaper is making a comeback, especially when it's hand-painted — a trend Candis and Andy Meredith are on board with (via Realtor). The origin of paper itself goes back to the ancient Egyptians via their process of writing on papyrus tissue (a plant skin); this tradition evolved in China, where they officially invented papermaking around 200 B.C.E., more particularly with a wallpaper process which involved gluing rice paper onto the walls, per Wallpaper Installer. Typically more expensive than painting a room, you can order hand-painted wallpaper in assorted designs with various abstract, floral, geometric, or nature scenes. A likely price might range from $500 to $1,000 for a panel ($2,500 a roll), or about $2.00 per square foot.

Depending on how much you want to invest, applying a splendid hand-painted wallpaper design in your children's bedroom gives it an authentic appeal for years to come. If you don't want to decorate an entire room, cover only an accent wall, which emphasizes a clear focus upon entrance. There are also various modern designs that spotlight different colors, textures, and detailed patterns, per Livette's Wallpaper.

Use paint colors that complement the style of the room

Pairing paint colors can be just as much fun as combining wine with cheeses, something Candis and Andy Meredith would likely agree with (per Realtor). First, establish the mood or motif of the room, then look to the color wheel. According to Shoreline Painting & Drywall, utilizing a color wheel will help you find inspiration and a good match among primary, secondary, and tertiary colors. Once you have a color in mind, either main or accent, play around with the wheel until you achieve an equilibrium. Another option is to choose various shades of one color through a monochromatic scheme. If you've decided on a patterned wallpaper, you might select a solid color for other parts of the room or walls that is slightly present within the design.

For their child's room, Candis and Andy chose a light green color for the walls of the adjacent playroom which contrasts well with the hand painted greenery of her bedroom wallpaper, along with its delicate pink background. Candis and Andy have also said that if including or restructuring tile in a room, keep it simple with low-key shades like white. When following a theme, the rest of the room should balance with the color and style chosen, including décor, furniture, and wall art.

Decorate with oversized art and antiques

Living in an antiquated building provides Candis and Andy Meredith with first-hand inspiration into designing the family home (via Realtor). When it comes to antiques, the rarer it is, the higher the value, although Andy has said that decorating with antiques can make your children's bedroom unique while saving money. According to the Chicago Tribune, antiques were built to last, but you may not know a piece's entire value, unless getting it examined by a professional. These days, new reproductions that are built similarly to the old can be more expensive. The Merediths used an elegant chandelier to add individual expression to their child's bedroom, including a marble mantel that provides multi-functional potential.

You can also spruce up an accent wall — another design option might be to display a large portrait or art print as the focal point. If something is large enough yet doesn't fit right somewhere else, place it in your child's bedroom, bathroom, or other play area instead. The antique-loving pair was able to redirect an 18th century era portrait that turned out to be too large for their imperial staircase but complements their child's bathroom in color, size, and style. An oversized picture, portrait or even mural, can make a mundane space extraordinary — especially of a favorite animal, character, or sports activity. According to Arizona Painting Company, besides drawing attention, painting an accent wall can make the appearance of a room larger than it really is.