Inside Lizzo's $26 Million Home

Lizzo is 100% that — well, you know the rest — and she bought a multi-million-dollar home in Los Angeles to match, as seen in an exclusive 2020 interview with Vogue; just one of the luxurious perks of being an international superstar. But it wasn't always fame and fortune for the powerhouse performer we know and love today, who started her journey to the top as Melissa "Lizzo" Jefferson, born in Detroit, Michigan, the singer told The New York Times. Growing up, her innate talent for all things music (and now self-love) made Lizzo anything but ordinary, as her superior eye and ear for writing, singing, and playing classical flute would, one day, thrust the artist into the worldwide music scene (per NPR).

In 2019, years after Lizzo was deemed an "underground sensation," (via the Washington Post), the bold, eccentric artist skyrocketed into the international spotlight with successful hits like "Truth Hurts," which stayed at number one on Billboard's Hot 100 for five consecutive weeks. Lizzo's slow grow to fame eventually landed the artist a killer salary — a net worth of $12 million — that easily pays for her $26 million mansion in the coveted City of Angels, a spot that speaks to the artist's unique, eccentric personality and commitment to self-love. Let's take a look.

She loves mid-century modern furniture

The star's mansion in up-and-coming Echo Park is a thoughtful homage to the open, airy West Coast and 1950s mid-century modern. Echo Park, the booming Los Angeles city Lizzo has come to unexpectedly call home, she admitted to Rolling Stone, was a mere fresh-water reservoir town in its infancy. That all changed when the Roaring '20s hit, and the community expanded into a popular hub for art and culture (via The New York Times). Today, the cozy city, tucked between star-studded Silver Lake and bustling Downtown L.A., stands as a must-see for tourists who love a unique blend of hometown history and hipster-friendly fun.

Though Lizzo's outward vibe is bright and eclectic, her heart for design lies somewhere between minimalism and maximalism, accomplished by merging neutral walls and light wood accents and shelving with funky lighting and colorful art, knick-knacks, and pillows. Her mid-century modern style comes through in orange wooden shelving, retro tufted sofas, and old record players on "Mad Men"-inspired record cabinets.

She has wooden cabinets in her kitchen -- but not like the ones in your rental

White kitchen cabinets are all the rage right now, with folks painting their oak or pine cabinets different shades of white to accommodate the trend. But Lizzo went in the opposite direction and chose wooden panel cabinets in her own L.A. home — but they're not like the ones you find in builder-grade kitchens. Instead, they match her retro aesthetic and have a slight '50s flair to them. 

These red-toned wooden cabinets are outlined in white and come in varying sizes, giving them a quilt-like appearance. She then accented them with copper accessories, including a copper range hood, knife set, and matching cutlery hanging from a rod underneath. She then offset the warm tones in the room with concrete flooring and gray marble countertops, giving it a lovely balance. 

But just because she has a designer kitchen doesn't mean she uses it! In a January 2022 TikTok, Lizzo picked on herself for spending nearly $30 million on a mansion, only to open her larger-than-life refrigerator to reveal nothing more than a single water bottle. With no explanation from the singer, and concerned for her wellbeing, Lizzo fans requested a follow-up video of her restocking the oversized fridge. And she obliged, jokingly easing viewers' empty-fridge speculations with new footage of old crab legs and leftover Wingstop a few days later. 

She loves neon signs

Neon signs aren't just for frat houses or dive bars. When used tastefully, they can add a fun touch to just about any room, including the kitchen. That's exactly what Lizzo did with her neon blue sign in her retro L.A. kitchen. The sign reads "Lizzo's," making it seem like her kitchen is a mini restaurant. This sign is also not a new purchase but something she brought to her Echo Park house from a previous abode. You can see the same neon light in her white kitchen in a 2019 Instagram photo, meaning she has had it for at least three years.

If you want to recreate a similar neon look in your own home but aren't sure how to go about it, there are a few simple tips to keep in mind. MyMove suggests using words to showcase your personality, such as "happy," "welcome," or a cheeky phrase that will get your guests chuckling. You can also use neon light to accent certain things in a room, like backlighting a painting.

The entrance of Lizzo's house is her own Walk of Fame

Since 2019, per IMDb, the California-based popstar has won a slew of enviable awards, including Grammys for best pop solo performance and traditional R&B performance and an NAACP Image Award for outstanding music video, plus more than 10 nominations in other categories. And many of these honors have their own special place at the entrance of Lizzo's lavish home.

Her most meaningful trophy? A 2019 Soul Train Music Award for album/mixtape of the year and best video of the year for her song "Juice." And yes, the trophy is inspired by the classic train logo from the national music variety show. "This was so unexpected, and it was the first time I had ever won an award at an awards show like this," Lizzo told Vogue. "So this was a very, very, very big deal. This changed my life." The 34-year-old star also displays three Grammys she won in three categories (R&B, urban, and pop) within a single year, further proving the singer's undying dedication to her multifaceted career.

The star's walls are just as body-positive as her lyrics

Anyone who's listened to a Lizzo song knows she's a feminist dedicated to pushing values of self-love and self-care, so it's no surprise that body-confidence artwork adorns her mansion walls, encouraging the forward-thinking ideals of individuality and inclusion. She has her "Cuz I Love You" 2019 album cover over her fireplace, her Vogue pictures framed over her record player, and various photographs of women throughout her rooms.

In a 2019 interview with NPR, the superstar talked in depth about her struggles with body image and confidence, a lot of which were brought on by society and the people around her. "The world stacked all of these insecurities on top of my self-confidence," Lizzo said. "I was insecure about my body, my hair, my smile." The young artist struggled for years to resolve her negative body image formed by "triggering" and "micro-aggressive" comments, which she overcame with support from her family and closest friends. Today, outside of her body-positive L.A. home, Lizzo proudly touts her natural shape and that of every other perfectly-imperfect human, as seen in her inclusive TikTok posts and new reality TV show, "Watch Out for the Big Grrrls," according to NBC.

She has a massive Valentino purse in her dining room

Lizzo is known for her fashion, but one of her most memorable outfits was the orange dress she paired with a teeny-tiny Valentino purse that went viral at the American Music Awards in 2019, as per Instagram. It turns out that the bag wasn't just a one-hit wonder, and that she wears it often. In fact, she whipped out the doll-sized purse during the home tour, telling the camera jokingly, "It has everything in it. My ChapStick, my cell phone, a whole 24-slice box of pizza." But as the home tour progressed, it became apparent that Lizzo believes in art imitating life, because her dining room's main feature was a jumbo-sized Valentino purse leaning against a wall. 

It looked like the designer purse ate one of the biscuits in "Alice in Wonderland," first becoming too small and then too big. When Vogue asked what that handbag was doing in her dining room, she cheekily answered, "That's the same bag. I just made it big with my mind."

She has a recording studio in her home

As a classically trained flautist with music theory and performance under her expert belt (as per NPR), a personal music studio was a must-have in Lizzo's dream house. The sunlit, white-walled room is a life-size display case for the artist's hard-earned platinum and gold certifications, including gold album "Cuz I Love You," and a triple platinum for her song "Truth Hurts." The open, breezy studio also houses the star's entire flute collection,

In late 2020, Lizzo invited over comedian and former TV show host David Letterman to jam on one of her many flutes, the trusty "Blue Ivy," in an episode of "My Next Guest Needs No Introduction." Accompanied by Letterman and his whistling hands, Lizzo impressively busts out a quick rendition of Jingle Bells by memory. And that's nothing compared to what the flautist can do on Sasha, her saucy, Instagram-famous Muramatsu flute that's reeled in more than 300,000 followers.

Lizzo's walk-in closet is the size of a small bedroom

Outside of music, another one of the megastar's greatest loves is fashion, and her eccentric wardrobe says it all. Lizzo's loaded closet boasts wall-to-wall shelves and clothing racks filled with designer wears, including shiny, sky-high stilettos, vibrant floral prints, a neon fanny pack, and an entire rack dedicated to high-waisted jeans, an undying trend she adamantly supports. Some of the star's favorite threads include a funky denim jacket adorned with her own face, gifted by a fan, and the jaw-dropping, neon-green Christopher John Rogers dress — which he constructed in less than 24 hours and she rocked at the 2019 GLAAD awards, as per Instagram.

The Los Angeles-based singer is a little bit of everything rolled into one glamorous, experimental package. From her powder-blue latex look to the shimmery, sheer mesh gown she wore to Cardi B's birthday party in 2021 (via Teen Vogue), Lizzo isn't afraid to keep things conservative or show some (or lots of) skin when the occasion calls.

She has a '90s bean bag chair

Bean bag chairs are having a comeback — so much so that you can find one massive one in Lizzo's Echo Park home. During her home tour, Lizzo confided in Vogue that she thought bean bags were just a Minneapolis thing, but she found this oversized beige one in Los Angeles. She called it her "Lovesac," and admitted she rarely gets out of it. And why should she? Not only does it look extremely comfortable, but it's positioned right next to the fireplace, making it a cozy nook to while away the day looking at TikToks.

If you want to include this item in your own home but want it to look grown up, there are a few helpful tips to keep in mind. First, focus on color and texture, so it seamlessly blends into the rest of the room. "Treat the beanbag much like you would a pouf in your decor, or grab a pair as that repetition will have greater impact," designer Betsy Moyer told The Spruce. You also want to integrate it into the room. "Give the bean bag a sense of purpose," designer Karina Lameraner added. "If it's off on its own in a corner, give it a small, organic-shaped rug like a cowhide, a small side table, and maybe a throw blanket or small pillow."

She has a double sided fireplace

Fireplaces are a major luxury most homebuyers look for, but Lizzo's concrete version is unique: it's double-sided! Her fireplace opens up both to the formal living room that faces the wooden bookshelf and tufted sofa, as well as the casual living room next to the kitchen, which features the bean bag chair. Not only does it allow the star to light a fire in two rooms at once, but the fireplace acts as a room divider, stylishly separating the two spaces.

According to Modus Fireplaces, two-sided fireplaces are extremely popular, especially in open floor plan houses. They're a great way to break up an area while still allowing light to filter through and keep the airy vibe of a house. Not only do they evenly heat two rooms at once, but they also act as impressive centerpieces and conversation starters since they're still relatively uncommon in most homes.

She has a small pool in her backyard

Having a swimming pool in sunny Los Angeles is a must, and Lizzo has a small one tucked away in her backyard. The back patio of her Echo Park mansion is clearly built for entertaining since it has a dining table with an umbrella, a top-of-the-line grill, and a small swimming pool big enough to host a group of friends. There's even a swan-shaped floaty bobbing along the clear water, acting as the perfect accent. The pool is surrounded by lush greenery, which includes a wall of bamboo, which acts as a natural privacy barrier.

Not only are pools great for exercise and hosting, but they also offer plenty of mental health benefits. According to U.S. Masters Swimming, that includes giving you a boost in endorphins, cognitive memory, sleep quality, and social contact. Splashing around in water does your brain a load of good!

She owns a cowhide gravity chaise lounge

Lizzo clearly loves mid-century modern furniture, so it's no surprise that she owns an iconic gravity chaise lounge in cowhide fur. Made by Kardiel, it first hit the market as a modernist chair in the 1920s, delighting decor enthusiasts with its gravity-defying frame. It was first commissioned for a Parisian villa during the Roaring Twenties, but its design was too good to keep under wraps. Since then, it has made its way into just about every serious furniture collector's arsenal, including Lizzo's.

If you want to copy Lizzo's home decor aesthetic, you can get one of these futuristic chairs yourself. It will set you back $2,500 at Kardiel – which is pricey – but it will be one of those pieces you own forever and even pass down to your family. It glides back and forth as you get in, and hugs the curves of your body with its exaggerated lounge shape. 

She loves sputnik chandeliers

If you follow Lizzo on TikTok, chances are you've caught glimpses of the stunning, starburst-inspired sputnik chandeliers that adorn her L.A. home. The contemporary lighting fixtures pair gorgeously with Lizzo's midcentury-modern coastal theme, adding an industrial flair to warm wood accents throughout the home and complementing her bold personality. They were originally inspired by the 1957 Sputnik satellite launch, per Hammerton Studio.

Falling in love with sputnik fixtures? You can find a huge assortment online at shops like Lamps Plus, or one of your favorite hardware stores, like The Home Depot. These quirky, midcentury chandeliers come in many interesting shapes and finishes, including space-inspired starburst, modern abstract, or glamorous globe. Any of these perpetually in-style fixtures can add a unique pop to your eclectic space. Simply remember to consider your overall design goals, including which bulbs will enhance your out-of-this-world lighting, and how much lighting your space demands.

Her entire house has concrete floors

Leading from her front door into an exotic poolside backyard, Lizzo's $25 million mansion features light, sleek, naturally colored concrete floors throughout — a cool, contemporary design decision that helps her colorful art and sophisticated furniture shine. It's no surprise the chic, versatile superstar chose concrete for her Los Angeles home. It's a customizable flooring solution that allows you to dress it up with colors and patterns or keep it neutral with a glossy coat. 

If you're on the fence about concrete, it may help to know it's an easy-to-maintain, sustainable flooring option (via Houzz) that allows you to add your own design flair. There are many ways to turn basic concrete into the finished floors of your dreams. Add a unique stencil pattern to match your design aesthetic, whether colorful floral prints or a more subdued, modern vibe. You can also paint concrete to achieve the exact look you want.