Don't Paint Your Living Room This Color

Creating a living room that is calming yet stimulating and organized yet relaxing may seem like a tough task, but it's well worth it. According to Moving Home Advice, the living room is where folks spend the majority of their waking time, only following the bedroom overall. To that end, one of the best ways to add charm and warmth to a living room is with paint color. If you're looking beyond the typical greige and off-whites and want to go bold with color, you can create a stunning living room that you'll never want to leave. 

Human psychology creates strong reactions to colors — greens and blues are often thought of as calming, while yellow can be a mood boosting hue (via The One Thing). Wondering if there are any colors you should avoid painting your living room? Read this guide to stop yourself from making a major mistake when it comes to creating your perfect living room. 

What psychology tells us about red paint

The punchy drama of crimson walls is extremely tempting, but it may not be the best choice for your living room. To make the best choice in paint color for your cozy space, it's important to understand typical psychological responses to this vibrant shade. According to VerywellMind, while red is often associated with love and passion, it is also tied to danger, dominance, and aggression. Additionally, studies have found red to cause elevated blood pressure and an increased heart rate — not exactly how you want to feel when you settle in for some Food Network and a cup of tea. 

With that being said, color is highly subjective, and your own life experiences will often determine your response to different hues. Whether your grandpa's favorite shirt was red, you wish strawberry season were all year-round, or you just find yourself drawn to this fiery color, it can still be a beautiful addition to your living room.