This $700K Waterfront Cottage In Maine Looks Straight Out Of A Storybook

A gorgeous and historic coastal cottage has hit Maine's real estate market with an asking price of only $699,000 (via Realtor). The small home is located on the rocky shores of Eggemoggin Reach in the small town of Brooklin, which is reported to have a population of just 677 as of 2020, per Census Reporter.

The property records for the diminutive Maine cabin show that it was first sold in November 2009 for around $478,000, and again in early 2020 for nearly $505,000. It is much pricier than neighboring houses for its size — one similarly sized nearby house sold for only $391,000, and another house more than 380 square feet larger sold for just over $650,000.

Although the cottage is undoubtedly on the smaller side, it has lots of historic charm to offer the next potential buyer. It is also located right on the coastline, offering a gorgeous and semi-secluded view of the ocean. It would also make a great vacation rental property.

A look at the serene coastal property

According to the Realtor listing, the property itself spans 1.6 acres in total. The cabin, which was built in 1942, is only a total of 980 square feet. However, with so much nature to explore, the space is more than enough for a vacation property, rental, or a year-round residence.

The house itself has gray wood shingles and simple gabled roofs, with three square sections leading out towards the coast. All of the trimming and detailing is white, and there's a small gray back deck that overlooks Eggemoggin Reach. Granite steps lead down to the shoreline, which spans more than 150 feet.

As listing photos show, there are plenty of options for decorating and enjoying the outdoor space. One photo (seen above) shows a gorgeous dinner party set up before sunset. Another shows a dog lounging and watching people paddleboard in the adjacent water.

Inside the historic Maine cabin

While the exterior of the cabin is more updated with a coastal feel, the inside is quite reminiscent of its 1940s origin. The front door enters into a living room with painted gray wood floors and raw wood planks on the walls and vaulted ceilings. There are also exposed wood cross beams. There's a stone fireplace in the center of the room, too. The windows let in plenty of natural light while the deep wood tones keep it cozy. There are multiple hanging pendants that look like antique oil lamps, further adding to the historic atmosphere.

The wooden wall behind the couch is open on both sides, with one side leading to the kitchen and the other to the informal dining room. The kitchen is very small — galley style and only three counters wide. All the essentials (stove, fridge, sink) are all included, though, and clever utilization of shelves, like that shown in the Realtor listing photos, can provide extra storage.

More of the Maine beach home

The right side of the couch in the sitting room houses a small dining/writing nook, with a long table and three chairs, and there's a window looking out into the trees surrounding the property. The formal dining room on the other side of the house is much larger, with Realtor photos showing space for at least a six-person round table. The multiple windows provide a gorgeous look out onto the Eggemoggin Reach shoreline.

The house has just two bedrooms and one bathroom, though they utilize space quite well. The master bedroom is off of the formal dining room, and also has a back door that leads right out onto the beach. The floors, walls, ceilings, and exposed beams are all a warm wood tone. This bedroom is quite large, with enough space for a double bed, desk, dresser, chair, and more. The second bedroom is much smaller, only fitting one double bed snuggly. A ladder on the side of the bed leads up to a surprisingly roomy but small loft, which fits a twin bed and side table with room for storage.