Best Kitchen Design Ideas For Your Zodiac Sign

The kitchen is often touted as "the heart of the home." There's a good reason for that. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, Americans spend an average of about 37 minutes in kitchens daily, with women spending over double the amount of time that men do on average when it comes to meal prep and clean up. For many, the time in the kitchen is even greater than 37 minutes. 

Such an important space deserves a design that suits our personality. We often focus design on pretty pictures we've seen or the latest HGTV kitchen makeover. However, if you think about it, doesn't it make sense to design around how you feel on a daily basis, your stress level, your desire to create or not create, and your need to include guests in your kitchen? What works for one personality may not work for the next. For those who find astrology fascinating and often accurate, get ready ... you might need to redesign your kitchen.

The trendsetting and organized Aries

The energetic, competitive, and organized Aries needs a kitchen with all things trendy and modern, just like the Aries themselves. They can't create in an outdated space. There are many ways to update and design a modern, trendy-looking cooking area. According to Kitchens Unlimited, there are a few ideas to really make a bold statement, and two of those are lighting and cabinets. 

Wow your guests with cabinets that are painted a light color on the top row and a darker color on the bottom, or choose sleek, minimal style cabinets in glossy white or slate black with hidden handles and pulls for an up-to-date kitchen. Lighting is a fun area to play with. Even if a room is dull, the right light fixture stands out like artwork. Choose funky lighting fixtures for your trendy kitchen. Industrial fixtures and lights in unique shapes are very popular right now.

Entertain but keep things practical for the Taurus

The practical Taurus needs space in the kitchen for entertaining, but of course, a very well-organized area. If the kitchen can't compete with your tireless attitude, it's time to update. Our kitchens are a place to hang out and catch up, but they're also truly one of the hardest working areas in our homes. 

We all want a kitchen that functions properly, but the Taurus truly needs its workspace clean, organized, and ready to create. At the same time, when hosting, plenty of space is required so they can welcome guests into the kitchen. To optimize space, Grundig recommends positioning appliances where they are most used. For example, the dishwasher should be close to the sink, the coffeemaker near the filtered water, and the mixer near the flour and sugar canisters. They also suggest you consider the flow of the kitchen while you're working in it. Just because the stove looks great in a certain area doesn't mean it leads to the best overall flow.

You've got a friend in Gemini

Our chatty Gemini friends are happiest when everyone is in the kitchen. Why would someone want to cook alone? Gemini thrives on conversation, and they need a kitchen that can change with the wind, just as they do. Minimalism is helpful for the Gemini personality because it's easy to add to it or change things around. 

Geminis tend to leap quickly from one activity, thought, or conversation to another. With a minimally designed kitchen space, changing up the style is easy when the mood strikes because there aren't a lot of details to deal with. Although the thought of minimalism is appealing to many people, it seems like an impossible task after years of collecting items in the home. Thankfully, nothing is impossible. According to Extra Storage Space, you can work toward a minimally designed kitchen if you start decluttering, choose neutral colors for the entire area, keep counters cleared off, let in as much light as possible, and get rid of the hardware on cabinets and drawers. There are lots of ways to create a minimal-style space, but those first few steps are a great start.

Cancers let their love show in the kitchen

A sensitive personality with a deep and passionate love for family and friends requires a warm and inviting kitchen. For a Cancer, the kitchen is truly the heart of the home. They are happiest in cozy kitchens that feel warm even on the coldest of days. A quick way to cozy up a kitchen space is to begin with the seating. A room with comfortable seating tells others you want them to hang around. 

According to Kitchen & Bath Classics, when deciding where to add seating, look for areas in the kitchen where people can gather, such as a table, island, or breakfast bar. If you don't have a spot like that, it's easy to create one, even if it's small. A little portable island with a couple of stools works, or extend a countertop for additional seating. 

Choose a warm palette in your kitchen with dark woods and muted or neutral colors to create a homey atmosphere. When gathering with friends or family, light some candles in the evening for the easy-going and cozy ambiance Cancer needs.

A confident kitchen for Leo

Yes, your kitchen can exude confidence, just as you do. A modern kitchen with plenty of the latest high-tech conveniences shows guests that you aren't afraid to try new things. Leos are the first ones in line to get the latest version of their favorite smartphone, and also the first ones to compete for what they want in life. The lion represents Leo, and it's quite fitting. They're confident and proud, living life with a joyful spirit. Their homes, including the kitchen, need to keep up. While some people look at items like a refrigerator with smart technology and wonder why on earth they would need such a thing, Leos see it as a way to improve their lives.

They aren't alone in that feeling. Homeowners are becoming more and more interested in the conveniences of the smart kitchen. According to Baruchi Studio, 2022 will see an increase in artificial intelligence in kitchens, including ovens preheating themselves or appliances mixing smoothies in the morning. You get the picture, Leo ... have fun with your kitchen and invest in smart design. Choose the latest colors for your smart appliances, such as black stainless steel, then add bright pops of color throughout the area to boldly stand out. 

Balance is key for Virgo

Virgos tend to get stressed due to their minds constantly thinking and trying to solve the world's problems. Designing a balanced kitchen that brings a sense of calm and an escape from the outside world is essential. The last thing a Virgo needs is a chaotic, disorganized kitchen. 

According to CliqStudios, to create balance in a room, pay attention to where your eyes naturally land when entering the area. That landing space is most likely the center point of the room. From there, you can create a symmetrical design around that spot. The symmetry gives a steady feeling. The opposite brings a sense of disorganization, and for Virgo, that causes stress and makes being in the kitchen unenjoyable. 

Place chairs and stools evenly around the table or island and add one object, such as a vase with flowers, right in the middle. Keep counters as clear as possible and try to balance what you must have on the counter by keeping taller objects on the ends and smaller items in the middle. A gentle contrast in colors is more soothing than, for example, an all-white kitchen. Keep the white but choose gray counters or sage green walls to keep things interesting yet soft.

A laid-back yet luxurious kitchen for Libra

Libras are known for their laid-back personality, but don't confuse laid-back with lack of concern for their home. A Libra is quite the opposite, and is happiest in the lap of luxury. As a Libra, don't hold back on your kitchen design. Let your love for opulence shine by creating a cooking space that sparkles and makes your morning coffee time special.

So, what do you do when you have champagne taste on a beer budget? No worries. There are pocket-friendly ways to design a kitchen of grandeur. According to Grundig, if you focus on a few important details rather than trying to change everything, you'll transform your ho-hum kitchen into something from "Million Dollar Listing" in no time. Choose the right color scheme to create a fancier space, such as beige or cream for an elegant look or dark colors for a modern kitchen. Focus on getting counters made of marble, and select impressive lighting fixtures that hang low and get noticed. Also, start building a collection of lovely glassware and display it in a glass cabinet or open shelf. Even if you only have a few interesting pieces, they add an expensive-looking touch.

Create a little mystery for Scorpio

Can you create a kitchen that has a bit of mystery to it? The Scorpio can. Their naturally mysterious personality keeps those who know them on their toes. The quickest way to create mystery in a home is to utilize dark colors. Play up your sexy personality by taking a risk in the kitchen others wouldn't dare take, such as installing black cabinets. 

Nothing is more elegant or secretive than deeply colored cabinets or walls in a room. We often view black as a modern color, and it is, but according to Lily Ann Cabinets, black looks fabulous with shaker style, minimalist style, raised panels, and rustic style cabinets. 

After creating your dark cabinets, look to the light. Imagine the atmosphere you can make in your kitchen with dark cabinets and the right lighting. Simply stunning. Choose fixtures that dim easily when you need to take the brightness down a notch. Warm, amber light or soft white best suits the Scorpio's kitchen.

An oasis for the wanderlust Sagittarius

Our Sagittarius friends are always hitting the road. They're full of wanderlust and need a comforting oasis when they get home. Their passion for life means there's never a dull moment, and since many Sags are extroverts, they need their people. The perfect kitchen for our wandering, passionate friends is a bohemian room with an open floorplan. 

Bohemian style has an earthy vibe, and Sagittariuses dig that. It's a mixture of textures, natural elements, and colors, reminiscent of world travels. Popular Bohemian colors are mustard yellow, burnt orange, blues, and pinks. Consider things like concrete counters and raw-cut wood shelving. If possible, make your kitchen open to the living space for plenty of socializing as you discuss your latest excursions. 

Neutral colored walls with painted cabinetry and woven baskets on the counters to hide things work well for the boho style. If commitment to an entirely new design isn't your thing, no worries. You don't have to rehaul your space entirely. According to The Kitchen Company, simply add a little boho into the style you already have by collecting dishes in bright colors and patterns and putting them on display, laying down an ikat-style rug, putting plants everywhere you can (try macrame hangers), and hanging a macrame creation on the wall. Think of the 1960s, peace, love, and happiness, and Bohemian style will come to you.

Traditional and steady for Capricorn

Capricorns are extremely goal-driven and hardworking. Their kitchen should work hard and be part of the family home for many years. Traditional isn't boring; it's practical. A Capricorn is a little worker bee, and plenty of amazing meals will be created in the right space. There's something comforting about tradition. According to Kitchen Magic, the key to designing a traditional kitchen that stands the test of time is in the details: A room should be layered in detail yet not overbearing. 

Start with a neutral color palette, such as creams and browns. From there, focus on things like crown molding and any area that can be trimmed. It's okay to choose something a bit ornate when creating a traditional-style kitchen. For cabinetry, you can't go wrong with a raised panel style in traditional colors like cherry wood, white, or gray. Keep backsplashes simple and select granite or quartz for counters, which are always elegant and in fashion. The traditional kitchen reminds us of home, no matter where we are.

Airy spaces for the air sign, Aquarius

Their optimism is contagious, but their sometimes unorthodox ways leave those who love an Aquarius wondering who they really are. If you're one of these witty and self-reliant signs, design a kitchen that's light and airy like you. You may not live by the ocean, but a beach or cottage-style kitchen will delight your positive spirit. 

Go for light colors and plenty of white. According to Coastal Dream Life, when choosing colors for your real or imaginary life full of sunshine, just close your eyes and envision what colors come to mind on a sun-filled day at the beach. Blue, yellow, beige, green, and orange are all good choices, especially in lighter tones. 

Cottage-style is all about keeping things casual and worry-free, and it's easy to achieve. Paint the walls the pale color of your choice, then paint the cabinets white. Uncover the windows if possible or choose simple, sheer curtains or just a colorful valance. Have fun with things like barstools and accent pieces. Those are the places to add texture and color.

Peaceful bliss for the sensitive Pisces

The Pisces has a tender, sensitive heart and needs a space at home that is truly a sanctuary, away from it all. They're emotionally intelligent, always there for their loved ones, and quite creative. Imagine light colors, soft and unique accents, and an easy place to be as you design the Pisces kitchen. 

The first step in creating peaceful bliss is to declutter. It seems like decluttering is the answer for many things these days. There's a good reason for that. Clutter causes stress, and we don't want that in our lives. According to Hello Lovely, it's helpful to take everything off of your counter, clean the counters, then, before putting an item back, ask yourself, "Do I really need this?" This method helps use some restraint in what you're willing to add back to your now pristine space. 

Now that your kitchen is clutter-free, paint the walls a soft, neutral color and choose cabinets in a light tone. If changing out the counters, look for quartz or granite to complement the walls and cabinets. They both have a subdued and timeless effect. Choose candles, vases of billowing flowers, texture from seat cushions, and simple window treatments such as canvas valances for an easy, calm atmosphere where you can begin and end your day.

What if your sign doesn't suit you?

As many people identify with their zodiac sign, it can be disappointing if you notice your sign doesn't match you. Don't start questioning whether you're a fraud or haven't yet found yourself. Sometimes, it's just not a good match. It may be something more as well. 

According to Well + Good, our birth sign description isn't a reflection of who we are but rather our ideal self. So even if you never travel as a Sagittarius, in a perfect world, if you could, you would. Who knows? Either way, don't be too hard on yourself if you don't feel like your zodiac sign. 

When it comes to decorating, go with what makes you feel good. It might be that you should leave your comfort zone and design a kitchen that goes well with your ideal self so that you'll finally feel at home. If not, sneak some ideas from other zodiac kitchens. We're all family.

Simple kitchen makeovers on a tight budget

You've decided on the best kitchen design to suit your personality — now what? Kitchen makeovers can get expensive, but there are ways to get much of what you want, even on a shoestring budget. According to HouseLogic, the average kitchen remodel is $68,000. Yikes. If you have that lying around, knock yourself out. If not, roll up your sleeves and get the kitchen of your dreams for a much smaller dollar amount. Your best friend for remodeling, when on a budget, is paint. 

Paint the walls yourself for about three digits (a little more if you have a large kitchen). You can make a huge difference in your kitchen by painting the cabinets too, which saves a lot of money. Cabinets are often one of the biggest expenses in kitchen remodeling; they make up about 30 to 35% of the total cost. For a brush and some paint, you can get the same results. Change out hardware or spray paint what you already have and reattach. Those three things will make your kitchen look brand new, and you'll spend very little.